Birth - Ink on paper

Birth – Ink on paper

We are nothing as warriors of freedom if we are not in our power. But what is power? What does this mean? Where does it come from/go?

Power is not control. This is a common misperception of power. Power cannot make things happen, we do not gather up power and then use it. Power is not like a battery where we are charged up and then release at some later date. That is control. When we gather up and try to save our power, we are actually shutting it down and losing all control. We are stopping up the river, so to speak and thus have no access to power. A dam is a great analogy for power. But real dams do not stop the flow, they direct the flow and in directing it they intensify the power that can be drawn from the dam. And if that power is not used, not moving along the lines and consumed as intended, then it moves on and away. There is no past to power, there is no future to power, power just is.

One of our favorite saying is, power is as power moves. Motion, movement, constant flow is the only way power works (even from a scientific point of view!)… so when we say power is as power moves it means we are the conduit through which power moves. But where does power come from? It comes from all around us, mostly the sun. The sun is an intense field of energy which changes all the time. Through that change power moves out from that position of the sun’s assemblage point and blasts through our solar system granting the earth power. The earth has power too. It has a charged core and mantle that is heated by the sun which pulses (yes actually pulses like a heartbeat) energy through its systems. Also the moon through rotation around the earth pulses and thus the earth-moon creates power in the oceans and tides and weather. Power is thus distributed throughout our system as pure energy all the time.

The earth is efficient. Where there is no motion, there is death. Where there is death, there are other life forms that live off of that death and transform death back into life, power which is in constant motion. Just like silence is not quiet, power is not static nor stable. So we must learn as warriors of freedom to recognize where power is not moving through us and energize those areas to motion to get them back into the flow with power.

As we grow, we pile up layer upon layer of static repetitions. This in some ways allows us to use less power/energy to do things. You would not want to relearn how to walk every time you attempted it, so the pattern their becomes efficient and simplified so you can walk with less energy. But this is not where the trouble begins. The trouble begins when we create dams where there is no flow. A real dam always flows, a bad dam does not. For us dams are created in areas within our being that we have not recapitulated. These cause disease, both mental and physical. We can actually hold onto these dammed up energies for a lifetime. But eventually they are broken down and must flow into new life.

There was a man who held onto the fears and angers of his childhood with reckless abandon. He dammed the flow of energy and could not love (love is the flow of power)…. In the end his heart was clogged and he became racked with disease. His heart died, and thus the damn was broken and the release of energy was immediate and quick. This is exactly what the predator wants from us. To become damned up, fearful and bound energy.

When a normal person (warrior) dies who has been in the flow of energy, all damns completely recapitulated, their energy flows in a unique way. The power that had been flowing through the system, opens gently and a great subtle light is released. This light is full of power because it can ride on the same power that it had been throughout life. The body has nothing left to it and it is returned to the earth from whence form arose. But it returns as a gentle leaf blowing in the breeze. The predator cannot see this kind of death. The old ones called this burning with the fire within. But it is not a raging fire, not a random pulsation. It is a subtle maneuver. We release the inventory and stories and shadow of life to the earth where the predator has no power.

For the average person, who has done nothing but hold onto the patterns, is a loaded dam energy and there is a different kind of death. This death is vibrant and chaotic. This death has multiple colors to the seer. And this kind of death is racked with a flame that attracts the predator. The predator has only a brief period of time to consume this energy. First it becomes aware of that energy and speeds in faster than ordinary death. It does so to increase the fear and folly of our lives. People who die this way claim that they see their lives pass before their eyes. Of course, nothing is recapitulated, thus the recapitulation is done all at once in the moment of death… and thus the energy is consumed as it is recapitulated by….the predator. The earth cannot help in situations like this because the earth pulsates at a different vibration and has systems for breaking down normal death into its component parts. The earth moves slowly and steadily to return the components to their right place. And in working this way boosts those that die in freedom to another level of awareness. But lacking flow with real power, she can do nothing for those trapped by the predator.

It is a hard thing to watch someone die. They move to the pulse of their own patterns and if the work has not included an understanding of real power, then they are lost in the mire of death rather than the freedom death brings. Power is as power moves. We all have a chance to move within power, to align with it, to be a conduit. We all have a chance to build dams and increase our power resources if we remain in the flow. And we all have a chance to release the dams so we can return to the natural flow that is there.

As a warrior of freedom, we are in our power when we are in the flow. We see the movement of power and the resources we have to move power throughout our bodies, beings and lives. There is no disease but a loss of human form – a building up of dams, or the formulations we have created which are too dammed up. We have many resources to release and destroy those bad dams and create better functioning systems. But the key is to remain in the flow… to be constantly moving and allowing power to move through us always returning to the source, the universe where it circles around again and re-energizes our dance.

Power is as power moves…


Evolution and the Warrior’s Way

Anatomy of a Vortex

Anatomy of a Vortex

Ideas from evolution theory are beneficial for the Toltec warrior to consider.  This is by no means a definitive look at evolution nor is this a scientific approach, rather a thought provoking reflection on the fundamental ways that the earth works to sustain life and create awareness.

There are several ideas that dominate evolution.  The first, and often most popular thus greatly misunderstood is the predator-prey interrelationship.  This is mistaken for the survival of the fittest. But has deeper and broader impacts than just that, and is not the dominant drive of real evolution.  Second is cooperation, both social and biological interconnectedness.  This far greater drive in evolution brings about greater survival and development of form and awareness.  Third are random variations.  These provide for niches of adaptation to change.  And finally there is the pulse of the earth itself including but not limited to climactic changes, disasters and even seasons.

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The Warrior’s Progress through Time

Riding the Wave

Riding the Wave

The warrior’s way is not something that comes naturally today with modern culture. Mother Culture downloads a program into its children that is filled with assumptions of unworthiness and submission to a system that “has always been”, but in reality it has not. It may feel like the only way to live, but the warrior learns that there is more.

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Family and the Art of Recapitulation

mother-child-1938-paul-klee_watercolorWhat warrior of freedom does not run into the difficulties associated with family.  As Don Juan noted, we reject the contract that our parents are raising us to be food for the predator.  This contract made eons ago is passed down through a host of patterns and default behaviors called culture.  The job of family and our parents is to raise us to survive in that culture, that limited controlled perception of reality.  The hidden agenda is to fixate our assemblage points on patterns that are comfortable, rituals that are celebrated, and values that distract us from freedom.  The main foundation of most parental agenda is to raise children to take on their pattern (narcissism at its finest – reproduce our self importance in our children) and pass it along to successive generations.  It is a sustainer’s mentality.

Warriors of freedom are indebted to the world for this life is a perfect scenario for us to practice and become free.  To do so we align with freedom, intent and the creative impulse of the universe to constantly challenge the pattern for newer and deeper means for awareness to express itself.  This creator’s mentality is always at odds with the sustainer’s mentality and nowhere is this more evident than in the stories and patterns, which were hard wired into our brains at a young age by our natal experiences.

Thus the warrior erases personal history.  This means going after the energy, which is trapped in us from a young age through patterning and repetition.  We can move through recapitulation by following energetic lines of patterns to their roots.  We can recapitulate by focusing on parents default behaviors that we have picked up.  We can recapitulate by seeing our own behavior as inherited experiences.  But we can never blame, that is the victim mentality and the realm of the predator.  Our familial culture has no awareness of these patterns.  If we become strong, then when we gather enough energy, the warrior can stand in the face of family detached and at ease.  This is the point where recapitulation and the predator throws it all in our face.  Our natal patterns are comfortable.  It’s enticing to return to the womb of our mother culture.  Once we have removed or disconnected the patterns from ourselves, it is in relationship with those individuals that offers the deepest recapitulation possible… to not get trapped in the comfortable patterns that are ever present in those who do not recapitulate them.

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2012, the last 24 hours

TzolkinAt the center of the Aztec Calendar is a figure, Tonatiuh, sticking its tongue out at us.  I think the ancient Aztecs had a sense of humor poking fun of the modern day and our eventual obsession with time.  They are sticking their tongues out at us.   Thinking about the last day of the Mayan Calendar, I could not in good awareness leave this day alone without writing something…. What will occur in 24 hours?  What has all the hype been about?  Why do I care?  I am just traveling on the same mother ship as others, right?  So maybe it’s all about a course correction?  I write this early on the 22nd as the earth and sun align with the galactic center of the universe pre-dawn… yes we align with the galactic center all the time in some manner, it’s a circle after all.  We have been aligning with the galactic center for years, it will just happen tomorrow, Solstice, at sunrise with respect to some important place in Mexico.  The Mayans were brilliant in their observational skills.  Lord Jaguar returns to do the great sweat lodge and transform the world.

We have to have a bit of a sense of humor here.  Laugh and poke your tongue out at things.

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Tools for Recapitulation

Female Warrior, a great writer for warriors of freedom, always notes, “Recapitulate! And when you are done with that, recapitulate some more.”  Her blog on recapitulation, http://thetoltecpath.wordpress.com/2010/02/19/freedom-through-recapitulation/#more-760 , is an excellent introduction to why we recapitulate as warriors of freedom.   

The Toltec practice is hinged on a several areas of discipline that we practice all the time.   Recapitulation, practicing silence, detachment, dreaming and stalking are a few of the baseline techniques for the path.  Recapitulation is at the core of that path.  Even recently while walking through a park, my talking made my other half state, you probably need to recapitulate that now that you have talked it to death.  So it is not just the talking cure that leads to recapitulation, we must activate the energy wasted on our repetitive stories to return to the truth of our being. 

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A Letter to my fellow humans

Dear Humans,

When I first read your books, your sacred texts of belief, I had no response.  In fact it confused me as to why you wanted me to read them in the first place.  But then again, we are in some way entangled energetically and my love for you and our life experiences together as humans are rooted in the entanglement that we shared.  What I see in these writings now is a lack of connection over a number of years.  And a lot of context is missing from our connection.  The words that you share in your textbooks are beautiful, they are human experience and they are the path that you are on.  I see your struggle with the shadow, an essential part of being human.

I want to share my journey with you because we have shared so much, but fear the words would be taken as a rejection of you.  You may think that what I say is a secret or hidden truth.  This is not a rejection of you or your path.  Far be it for me to tell anyone that the agreements that they have made with the universe are wrong.  They are not wrong…. But I risk to share, for my journey has been in and through this universe traveling the bands of awareness.  I am first and foremost an artist, a seer of life, a sorcerer.  A toltec warrior who has dared to leave the village, the center of the town, the agreements which were inherited and pushed upon me with a voracity of the foreign mind and installed for me to acquiesse to the dominant paradigm.  This was and is not enough for me… because it is fraught with not-enoughness, the best definition of evil.  I see in your words as a push to know the old paradigm at its best, yes at its best it is a brilliant possibility of humans connected in a network of light and joy sharing in the ecstasy of the singularity, we are all one.  That cannot be denied as a beautiful vision.  A vision for humanity which vibrates with the collective drive and essence for the light.

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