My Artwork

Here is a taste of my Artwork.  Most of my portfolio can be found at:

The Bridge

This is a ceremonial peice from sweat lodge.  The Spirit in the center is the water pourer and he/she sits on the bridge between the worlds: spirit world in blue with animals and earth wheel with sacred mountaints.  Framed 24×48 original painting ink on paper.

Moon Dog

This work was created after the 12-21-10 alignment and Full Moon Eclypse.  That evening we shared sweat with good friends and gazed at the glowing moon for hours.

Master of The Will

This is an intaglio print with inking after the print was done.  The frame as well is hand made to match the piece.


This work is dedicated to shamanic work in ceremony.

Raven’s Vision

Raven’s Vision, recent work of 2012.

Crack in the World

This is a return to classical Acrylic Painting on canvas.  And represents a real place where we would go to feel the pulse of the earth’s emanations.

Song of the Wind

Song of the Wind is a print and an original painting on paper that came as I listened to the wind whistling around my home.


6 thoughts on “My Artwork

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  2. Don, can your art be purchased via internet and shipped to Italy …. if yes, please contact me with details!!!! Thanks in advance for your impeccable response !!!! 🙂

    • Thanks for your interest. I would like to connect with you, but your email is not a good one, returned undeliverable. Please contact me at the e-mail at Thanks,

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