Family and the Art of Recapitulation

mother-child-1938-paul-klee_watercolorWhat warrior of freedom does not run into the difficulties associated with family.  As Don Juan noted, we reject the contract that our parents are raising us to be food for the predator.  This contract made eons ago is passed down through a host of patterns and default behaviors called culture.  The job of family and our parents is to raise us to survive in that culture, that limited controlled perception of reality.  The hidden agenda is to fixate our assemblage points on patterns that are comfortable, rituals that are celebrated, and values that distract us from freedom.  The main foundation of most parental agenda is to raise children to take on their pattern (narcissism at its finest – reproduce our self importance in our children) and pass it along to successive generations.  It is a sustainer’s mentality.

Warriors of freedom are indebted to the world for this life is a perfect scenario for us to practice and become free.  To do so we align with freedom, intent and the creative impulse of the universe to constantly challenge the pattern for newer and deeper means for awareness to express itself.  This creator’s mentality is always at odds with the sustainer’s mentality and nowhere is this more evident than in the stories and patterns, which were hard wired into our brains at a young age by our natal experiences.

Thus the warrior erases personal history.  This means going after the energy, which is trapped in us from a young age through patterning and repetition.  We can move through recapitulation by following energetic lines of patterns to their roots.  We can recapitulate by focusing on parents default behaviors that we have picked up.  We can recapitulate by seeing our own behavior as inherited experiences.  But we can never blame, that is the victim mentality and the realm of the predator.  Our familial culture has no awareness of these patterns.  If we become strong, then when we gather enough energy, the warrior can stand in the face of family detached and at ease.  This is the point where recapitulation and the predator throws it all in our face.  Our natal patterns are comfortable.  It’s enticing to return to the womb of our mother culture.  Once we have removed or disconnected the patterns from ourselves, it is in relationship with those individuals that offers the deepest recapitulation possible… to not get trapped in the comfortable patterns that are ever present in those who do not recapitulate them.

What warrior cannot point to times in their lives when pain and fear tied to specific emotions was pushed on us from our parents and family.  It is pain and suffering that brings greater awareness, but often the hidden agenda is to follow the pack and do what has always been done.   The easy path becomes stabilized by the rewards, which foster less awareness.  So the painful experiences, which were to expand our awareness actually collapses it into ritual and ceremonial behaviors that help us feel comfortable, loved and accepted.  (See the Enneagram for one of the best ways to see these patterns for recapitulation.)

The warrior of freedom aligns with love for no reason at all.  This is not the love of family and many of our natal friendships.  Love, even when called unconditional, is actually highly conditional in its natal formula.  We want that approval nugget because we learn at an early age that this is the way to get extra energy.  (Check out the book, Drama of the Gifted Child) The warrior un-writes this knowing that energy is everywhere available and not conditional because that is the real flow of creation and the universe.

Love for no reason flies in the face of erasing personal history.  We really want our natal families to know we have taken a path of freedom.  But that wanting is part of the pattern that we inherited from them.  The warrior sees the folly of trying to convince someone addicted to the patterns of the family that there is another valley beyond the comfortable one they live in.

The warrior of freedom maintains love for no reason at all for family, but with freedom as the guiding energy behind all things, communications and exchanges.  If this does not work the warrior walks alone.  Either way we erase personal history because the personal is devastatingly and energetically patterned to feed the predatory nature of humans and the world.   We are left with overwhelming gratitude for a life given and a possibility to walk in a creative manner with freedom.  This is the ultimate pill the predatory pattern cannot possibly swallow, our gratitude for life.  The gratitude is mixed with forgiveness.  Forgiveness does not mean falling victim again, they wanted us to be victims of the patterns, rather it is the un-writing of the idea that we can even be hurt at all unless we choose.   We stay vigilant in the face of these comfortable patterns of being asleep.

Death is the great advisor for this.  To leave the natal is to feel death at our heels at all times.  The pattern tells us we will die if we go over the mountains, leave the village, choose freedom.  Death nips at our feet to destabilize the extra energy we are getting from recapitulating our deepest contract with family, the contract that we must pass on this ancient pattern and relationship with death before we take our flight to freedom.  Illness can haunt the warrior as we loose human form, a form and perception, which was stabilized by job of the family – to become food for the predator.  “Accept the contract with death”, it demands.  But we know, we sense, and we see that there is a different way.

It is not easy to un-write the natal patterns.  In many ways is the ultimate battle within and with our families.  But ultimately it is a battle that can only be won by setting down the sword and never playing into the game/contract/rituals/pains/suffering/fear that we inherited from a false lineage.  Our lineage as warriors is intent.  Our action is to walk the earth as energetically free as we can.  Our gratitude is our freedom.  And thus the age-old contract/pattern is destroyed.  We can never return home after leaving the village in this manner.  But we can always love for no reason at all.


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