Nagual Man, Nagual Woman… self important readings

The Nagual Man

The Nagual Man

In correlation with the previous post on the nagual and tonal, one of my favorite quotes comes from the Heart Sutra. “Form is emptiness; emptiness is form.” Emptiness does not mean nothing, it means absence of structure and solidity. We need this to create that (form)… And vice versa. There is no actual duality in the totality of the universe. It is a constantly changing, constant pattern making system. Order emerges (form) and it becomes self-regulating through a constant link with the nagual. This is probably one of my favorite ways to speak of the relationship between the nagual and the tonal.

But there is a distinct confusion that arises in the works of Casteneda with respect to the Nagual. In this instance, Don Juan uses the term for an individual who, having connected totally with more than just the tonal and can shift their assemblage points, they reach a point where they can shift other assemblage points as well. They are in essence constantly connected to the nagual. Therefore the term, Nagual in honor of a person thus evolved.

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Swimming in the Nagual

String Theory, or the essential structure

String Theory, or the essential structure

The deep sea of awareness, the boundless, that which surrounds, the space between, these and more are attributed to this Nahuatl word about the world that is not tonal. Its origins are deeply connected to the practice of shape shifting in a shamanic sense where ones nagual was the animal one became in the dream time. The ancients were masters of projecting their awareness into the “other world” and flying, hunting, or seeking the necessities for the tribe. If the tonal is the bright vibrational energies of all we know, the nagual is that which surrounds the tonal and more.

Where the tonal is easy to define, because it is the essence of the defined, the nagual has become in this tradition a most elusive word. At times it is used to denote a place beyond. At times it is used to denote a person. At times it is used to denote energy. At times it is used to denote the indefineable. In all cases it has an air of mystery. Its elusiveness seems beyond grasp, quicksand in the dreaming of our nighttime places.

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The Most Sacred Thing

Road Man Print Ready

The Road Man

Humans have become obsessed with objects. For good reason, their ancestors migrated suddenly away from this plane of existence. Thus leaving those that were behind distressed beyond their imaginings. Those humans had become so good at shifting to other worlds that this world was no longer necessary to stabilize their perceptions. Thus those left behind began to create objects and items to fixate the assemblage points here.

At first these focal points allowed the trained eye to see beyond and within. This benefited their abilities to maintain connection through dreaming to what their forefathers had taught and learned. These channels also maintained connections to history and to each other across vast distances. One could think of it as a spiritual/mental Internet. But with time, and continued power struggles from the predator, the object became more important than the energy it held.

Dreaming took on a morbid obsession with creating. What we saw within the dream, we demanded to create in reality. Great cities and structures to say nothing of alters and focal points were created. We elevated the past stories to the level of gods. Where the ancients understood the mystery and the unknown without words honoring the mother as the creator of life, these twisted seers became obsessed with technologies of spirit and specific manifestations of the unknown, not the unknown.

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And the Takers have it

The Bear Spiral

The Bear Spiral

If I were to boil down all of the issues I see in the world today it would come down to the taker mentality. This is a pervasive and total infection in the human band of awareness. Though I have written about this before, it bears repeating.

Initially introduced to this in a work by Daniel Quinn, Ishmael, along with My Ishmael and The Story of B… Daniel managed to nail down an historical theme which underlays the whole of civilization.   The taker mentality is the mentality of ownership. It is the, “this is mine and not yours” energy which sits within our being. While initially human bands gave up their roaming ways and chose to farm in a single area because it produced more garneted food, the problem became one of environmental adjustments and imbedded mythologies around control of the seeds of production.

Scarcity is the key to all economic systems. You can’t charge for air, cause you can’t control it. Initially we could not charge for water, but now we can because it must be cleansed and transported. But the first scarce thing we could charge for was food. The seeds of production created farming. Hunting was given up for animal husbandry, or control of the animals. As we learned and grew our mythology we completely forgot any other way to live. Lost in the mire of imagination along the lineages of the mad the hunter-gatherers were cursed for their lack of culture and civilization.

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Apocalypto – 2012

Belief is the most important thing to recapitulate.  These are deeply held ideas and perceptions, which lie at the root of our ability to see the universe for what it is.  Often beliefs are inherited constructs or are founded upon emotional experiences causing us to react unconsciously rather than see the world.  Beliefs lie within the realm of the fixation of the assemblage point and are founded on repetition, repetition often of the same story or pattern of stories.  We tell ourselves, “If it worked once, twice, three time, it should work again and again and again.”  And thus beliefs cause us to create little rituals confirming our world as we want it to be not as it really is.

The universe is more interesting than this.  It is filled with unfathomable mystery, which to the ordinary man is incomprehensible due to his constant need to reconfirm his beliefs about the world he wants to control.  This of course is folly to the warrior of freedom and knowledge and a trap of attention.  The earliest stories that we hear and grasp onto set in stone our beliefs.  And in fact the pattern of these early stories could all be repeated in a single night, yet we surround ourselves with them daily and weekly as though we had never experienced them before.

Look closely at the current media on TV or the movies.  What we see and experience day in and day out is the same story.  Often some perceived good is battling some perceived evil and good wins.  It does not change but for the colors and patterns of the people who come with such a story.  Joseph Campbell notes the pattern in Hero with a Thousand Faces.  Clearly he analyzes The Story and all its parts and how this is The Myth of our times.  All religions are based on this very myth repeated over and over and over ad nauseam.  Thus we are blind to the universe because this is a limiting human myth.

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A Letter to my fellow humans

Dear Humans,

When I first read your books, your sacred texts of belief, I had no response.  In fact it confused me as to why you wanted me to read them in the first place.  But then again, we are in some way entangled energetically and my love for you and our life experiences together as humans are rooted in the entanglement that we shared.  What I see in these writings now is a lack of connection over a number of years.  And a lot of context is missing from our connection.  The words that you share in your textbooks are beautiful, they are human experience and they are the path that you are on.  I see your struggle with the shadow, an essential part of being human.

I want to share my journey with you because we have shared so much, but fear the words would be taken as a rejection of you.  You may think that what I say is a secret or hidden truth.  This is not a rejection of you or your path.  Far be it for me to tell anyone that the agreements that they have made with the universe are wrong.  They are not wrong…. But I risk to share, for my journey has been in and through this universe traveling the bands of awareness.  I am first and foremost an artist, a seer of life, a sorcerer.  A toltec warrior who has dared to leave the village, the center of the town, the agreements which were inherited and pushed upon me with a voracity of the foreign mind and installed for me to acquiesse to the dominant paradigm.  This was and is not enough for me… because it is fraught with not-enoughness, the best definition of evil.  I see in your words as a push to know the old paradigm at its best, yes at its best it is a brilliant possibility of humans connected in a network of light and joy sharing in the ecstasy of the singularity, we are all one.  That cannot be denied as a beautiful vision.  A vision for humanity which vibrates with the collective drive and essence for the light.

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Water is the most sacred of the elements on this planet.  It is for certain the key to all life on earth.  Where water is precious, the people act and treat each other with a preciousness that can only be found in the deepest well of our beings.  Where it is abundant it is assumed with all the possession of a beast to be consumed in vast quantities of unconsciousness.  Where it is scarce it is fought over and possessed as a value greater than life.  Seeking balance requires seeking an understanding of water as a most precious of elemental life.

In the forest where rain dominates and mold is abundant, the people often cling to each other and feed off of each other.  Where it is a commodity and controlled, people use every ounce of there energy to divide that water into packets of monetary sums.  The entire legal system could be said to be founded not on the ownership of land, but on the resource of water.  Areas of desert, drive one to become a warrior to survive with less.  Areas of jungle there is less appreciation of what we have.

When we look at the founding principles of the greater movements on the earth, consider the roll of water.  Desert religions are violent.  Jungle religions are healing.  One cannot consider that either is better, just extremes of the other.

The people need to find balance.  When they share water, they are sharing a basic knowing of how precious each is.  We need to return to a point when the people lived in balance with water, and then this balance will return us to a balance between each other.  We need to renew our visions of life and the workings of our days to a fundamental truth about water.  Until then, there will be no planetary healing for the mold of man…. The mold will be exactly that, a disintegrating force living off the rot of each other.  Cut to the core, we could, if we are willing to truly change, have more than enough of everything.  Until then, there will be inequities in the system, and abuse at the edges.

Water and all of its power is what the prophesies of indigenous people is all about.  Seek a balance with water.