Prophecy and the Shadowy Eye

Constellation of the Whale SMIt is very easy to look around and participate in the prophesies of doom. Why not? The earth is a disaster, which was brought on by human machinations, global warming, constant drilling, fracking… the list goes on. Almost every faith, religion, system, mythology all has stories of the end times.   Why such obsessions in the human band? Simple, we have experienced it before. It’s in our bones. It’s in our memories. We are born, live and die, so too must the whole shebang. And yet, humans survived some pretty nasty stuff.

If we take a closer look, what we feed is what we get. If we keep feeding doom, we get gloom and doom. Amazingly brain scientists have proven that when we constantly repeat these patterns, our neuro-plasticity becomes stable and we can no longer help but see the world through shit colored glasses. Depression feeds itself in a downward spiral.

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The Necessity of the Predator…. But…

UnknownThe problem with the human tribe in these times is the lack of a physical predator. We evolved because of the predators around us. This constant threat to our existence demanded cooperation in the extreme. We evolved complex social structures and communication in response to the predators so as to advance our genetic inheritance and our awareness. But something shifted dramatically when we became the alpha predator, a beast with no predator (except disease which we could not see for millennia).

Thus the human matrix began to create for itself, for it is genetically encoded in our bodies, a predator of another kind, type and structure. We became open to a deeply subtle predator that attacks within the position of our assemblage points, the default mode of perceiving the universe.

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Post Apocalypic Let Down

Golden Mean - Ink on Paper

Golden Mean – Ink on Paper

God, Intent, Tao, Energy, or whatever we choose to call it is not the idea of God.  Don’t underestimate this distinction.  Our concepts have outstretched and overwhelmed our direct experience of it.  The ancients did not have a concept of the great mysteries of life.  They knew it directly and because of their silence in the face of mystery in which they lived all the time.  They created many wonders and observed the world around them with awe.

Modern man inherits a host of concepts from the stories and ideas past down in culture and schooling.  Who remembers that initial feeling when the door closes and the world behind the door disappears.  Slowly, by opening and closing the door, we test this to make sure that that world is still there.  The child laughs in wonder as they test, hypothesize and come to know that the world behind the door is still there… the brain creates solidity to the mystery of life.

But soon we get caught up in the idea of things existing beyond our perception without ever opening the doorways.  We accept the program of assumptions and stories as though they are real.  Then the concept is more important than the reality, which exists in the world.  Warriors know that everything depends on perception.  But when all perceptions must filter through our concepts, which limit perception, we become trapped by the very concepts we hold dear.

Such is the constant case with scientific exploration.  Who has actually seen an atom?  What does it look like?  Initially, these buggers where conceived of as solid balls that are the fundamental building blocks of nature.  Then someone burst that concept and found out that they are made up of energy, then deeper, they are made up of quantum.  We hold a concept of quantum, but very few of us actually know quanta, right?

The ancients held so much in their minds.  Not just words, but pictures, relationships grounded in direct experience of the world.  Building stone on stone, they created vast monoliths in which they experienced yearly the alignments of the stars, planets and seasons with these monuments.  The direct experience of this mystery was a yearly celebration and tied to planting cycles, which were a necessity of life.

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Apocalypto – 2012

Belief is the most important thing to recapitulate.  These are deeply held ideas and perceptions, which lie at the root of our ability to see the universe for what it is.  Often beliefs are inherited constructs or are founded upon emotional experiences causing us to react unconsciously rather than see the world.  Beliefs lie within the realm of the fixation of the assemblage point and are founded on repetition, repetition often of the same story or pattern of stories.  We tell ourselves, “If it worked once, twice, three time, it should work again and again and again.”  And thus beliefs cause us to create little rituals confirming our world as we want it to be not as it really is.

The universe is more interesting than this.  It is filled with unfathomable mystery, which to the ordinary man is incomprehensible due to his constant need to reconfirm his beliefs about the world he wants to control.  This of course is folly to the warrior of freedom and knowledge and a trap of attention.  The earliest stories that we hear and grasp onto set in stone our beliefs.  And in fact the pattern of these early stories could all be repeated in a single night, yet we surround ourselves with them daily and weekly as though we had never experienced them before.

Look closely at the current media on TV or the movies.  What we see and experience day in and day out is the same story.  Often some perceived good is battling some perceived evil and good wins.  It does not change but for the colors and patterns of the people who come with such a story.  Joseph Campbell notes the pattern in Hero with a Thousand Faces.  Clearly he analyzes The Story and all its parts and how this is The Myth of our times.  All religions are based on this very myth repeated over and over and over ad nauseam.  Thus we are blind to the universe because this is a limiting human myth.

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A Letter to my fellow humans

Dear Humans,

When I first read your books, your sacred texts of belief, I had no response.  In fact it confused me as to why you wanted me to read them in the first place.  But then again, we are in some way entangled energetically and my love for you and our life experiences together as humans are rooted in the entanglement that we shared.  What I see in these writings now is a lack of connection over a number of years.  And a lot of context is missing from our connection.  The words that you share in your textbooks are beautiful, they are human experience and they are the path that you are on.  I see your struggle with the shadow, an essential part of being human.

I want to share my journey with you because we have shared so much, but fear the words would be taken as a rejection of you.  You may think that what I say is a secret or hidden truth.  This is not a rejection of you or your path.  Far be it for me to tell anyone that the agreements that they have made with the universe are wrong.  They are not wrong…. But I risk to share, for my journey has been in and through this universe traveling the bands of awareness.  I am first and foremost an artist, a seer of life, a sorcerer.  A toltec warrior who has dared to leave the village, the center of the town, the agreements which were inherited and pushed upon me with a voracity of the foreign mind and installed for me to acquiesse to the dominant paradigm.  This was and is not enough for me… because it is fraught with not-enoughness, the best definition of evil.  I see in your words as a push to know the old paradigm at its best, yes at its best it is a brilliant possibility of humans connected in a network of light and joy sharing in the ecstasy of the singularity, we are all one.  That cannot be denied as a beautiful vision.  A vision for humanity which vibrates with the collective drive and essence for the light.

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Water is the most sacred of the elements on this planet.  It is for certain the key to all life on earth.  Where water is precious, the people act and treat each other with a preciousness that can only be found in the deepest well of our beings.  Where it is abundant it is assumed with all the possession of a beast to be consumed in vast quantities of unconsciousness.  Where it is scarce it is fought over and possessed as a value greater than life.  Seeking balance requires seeking an understanding of water as a most precious of elemental life.

In the forest where rain dominates and mold is abundant, the people often cling to each other and feed off of each other.  Where it is a commodity and controlled, people use every ounce of there energy to divide that water into packets of monetary sums.  The entire legal system could be said to be founded not on the ownership of land, but on the resource of water.  Areas of desert, drive one to become a warrior to survive with less.  Areas of jungle there is less appreciation of what we have.

When we look at the founding principles of the greater movements on the earth, consider the roll of water.  Desert religions are violent.  Jungle religions are healing.  One cannot consider that either is better, just extremes of the other.

The people need to find balance.  When they share water, they are sharing a basic knowing of how precious each is.  We need to return to a point when the people lived in balance with water, and then this balance will return us to a balance between each other.  We need to renew our visions of life and the workings of our days to a fundamental truth about water.  Until then, there will be no planetary healing for the mold of man…. The mold will be exactly that, a disintegrating force living off the rot of each other.  Cut to the core, we could, if we are willing to truly change, have more than enough of everything.  Until then, there will be inequities in the system, and abuse at the edges.

Water and all of its power is what the prophesies of indigenous people is all about.  Seek a balance with water.

Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.  Marrianne Williamson

For some time I have reflected upon the book Nueromancer by William Gibson.  The story is of the internet and those that create this global network.  Within the internet are two being, so to speak, that are becoming self-aware.  On one side is the entire databanks with all the information about every human story and drama.  This includes but is not limited to the machinations of governments, secrets and the banking reality but it goes into everyone’s private lives too.  On the other hand there is a self-aware program which, like a virus, is the shadow side of all things within the internet.  Between these two entities there is all of human life.  Things happen, the story moves and is interesting, but ultimately it is when the shadow entity and the data entity of internet merge that this being assists the planet and all of humanity to communicate beyond the limits of our solar system.  There are other planets out there.  Humans as a whole create this entity to stretch to where they cannot go physically.

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