“It’s Full of Stars”

Lodge Powers

Lodge Powers

One of my favorite scenes from 2001 Space Odyssey was when David Bowman confronted by the monolith says this statement in awe and wonder. Who can’t relate to this at some level, at some point? Standing in the middle of the red desert of Canyonlands at night looking up is the quintessential awesome experience of a lifetime. A place noted for the ability to see an infinity of stars by the naked eye. One cannot but feel small. But beyond this crushing awareness of how amazing it is, we sit in the middle of vast wonder over universe whose size we can actually describe but never truly encapsulate in awareness. We are only left with awe, wonder, and amazement.

Look within ourselves as bodies; fills one with awe. One can take an imaginary journey to the microcosmic level and visit vistas within our bodies. We are colony beings with processes that are going all the time. We are harmonious colonies of bacteria, viruses and organs adapted over millions of years to process energies to maintain a structure of nerves that for some amazing reason is self-aware, knows that it knows. This colony being is moving through an awareness of time and space… Science has reached outward and inward advancing awareness, knowledge and territories discovering multitudes of universes. We are literally a multitude of universes. Again, awesome!

The older we grow on our earth walk, mature with these bodies, the more we slow to take in knowledge and information that goes beyond the petty details we used to care about years before. Some of this is due to the simple fact that our biology no longer seeks reproduction and replication in some selfish duplication of our being. Some of this is due to the more present awareness that we have little time left. As warriors of awareness, we mature beyond fear, clarity and a drive for power – vain glories all! We know the ultimate battle of old age makes us confront infinity on daily.

Silence surrounds the warrior’s practice more and more. I spend more and more hours watching nature and science shows on the social control box in the living room. With deeper and deeper recapitulation, the politics and conflicts of the average human band of awareness seems so silly. Knowing that the light hitting our planet today was created in our sun long before the current predator of politics dominated human games keeps me sunning my awareness with fresh air and good food.

It becomes more important to me that we humans wake up to the co-creative struggle we are in partnership with the earth. We are directing the evolution of everything on this planet. And this pales in comparison to who will win the next election. Rising seas, drought, fires, water purity, over population in other words the real causes of the real difficulties for the human band interest me more than anything. What inheritance are we giving the children of the planet?

We must act. We must look deep and see that it’s full of stars! It, the overwhelming awareness of awareness is full of stars. Everything was made in the stars. Everything was created within the vast compressions and explosions of forces which are awesome. Thus our thoughts must change, our focus must move back and forth to awe. We must return to our real selves and act. Action is the only cure. We must shed this bizarre naiveté that we can do nothing, we are powerless. We must become responsible…

There are subatomic particles and energetic forces that we can right now bend and move to truly heal ourselves and our planet. We are in the center of the greatest battle in history. We are in the battle of knowledge, which is now so vast and available that we can no longer deny… we are the creators of this band of awareness. We are starseed and wunderkinds. Why not chose something new, something different, something awesome! “It’s full of stars!”




thCAVF8G49Where does the earth end? Is the ground the limit? A ball of iron, nickel, oxygen, hydrogen and a ton of other stuff all compact into a stable ball twirling around a furnace in the sky. Scientists are often asked at what point does the atmosphere end? That question depends on how you define the atmosphere. What we get depends on what we are looking for. If you really look at it correctly, we don’t live on the earth as though there is some bizarre separation between us and her. The flaw in that language creates a flaw in our relationship with her. We live in the earth, for the atmosphere which goes out five definable layers is over 248 miles thick!   And even those definitions are just a matter of pressure point differentials and density issues.

So perception creates actions. When we think we live on the earth and not in her, we think ourselves unique and separate from her. We allocate everything else, all other animals, to that amorphous thing called “nature” and creating such a definition creates that “other”, which is a mystery we can thus ignore in our daily lives. When our actions, our choices are founded on this, it discounts our co-creative participation in the flow of that which is earth. We are fundamentally a part of her and she is fundamentally part of us.

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EPSON MFP image“It’s because we simply cheated ourselves all the way down the line.  We thought our lives, by analogy, was a journey, a pilgrimage, which had a serious purpose by the end.  The point was to get to that end, success or whatever, or maybe heaven after you are dead. But we missed the point the whole way along.  It was a musical thing and we were supposed to sing or dance, while the music was being played.”  OTT – One day I wish to have this kind of time.

A warrior’s humility is not the humility of the average man.  Got it, but does that make us in any way special.  Hell know!… In fact it makes us the same as the average man.  One of the traps of any path, any way, anything we practice is that we think we are getting the right answer, the right way and the world makes more sense to us than any other human in the world.  (We sometimes forget that the insane apes are us!)  In fact there is nothing special about the warrior of freedom’s path in comparison to any other path whatsoever.

We progress through the four battles of life, we build up personal power, we align with intent and so often we forget that everything is aligned with intent and has power to say nothing of freedom.  Every person, plant and animal has the same freedom that we do within the realm of the position of their assemblage points.  To walk a path of freedom is not in anyway superior or special to any one else, rather it is a dance of knowledge and awareness of the panoply of creation and how amazing the universe is in creating awareness in all its variations.

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We Dreamers

Thinkers, Doers, and Seers.

Creating time to make the world.

Passing between

And knowing that, though truth be a goal

it is only bound to a reality.

Passing beyond a reality of here and now

And truth or fiction have no necessity.

Visualize a peak and climb to its top to

Jump into life.

Energies of here focus

one through to the beyond.


Confused, see the inter-relatedness of life.

But to see we pay the price of the Doer,

Doing a life’s work, like a dream unfolding

And when we return with spirit’s vision

It requires thinking to put it all



Break the chord, See, Be, Do, what is a Life?

Lost in vision, we stop to know.

Thinking straight, we see the curves

Which come round again.


The Vision is expensive.

Energy flows.



We are dreamers,

thinkers, doers, and seers.


Silence enfolds us now.