Evolution and the Warrior’s Way

Anatomy of a Vortex

Anatomy of a Vortex

Ideas from evolution theory are beneficial for the Toltec warrior to consider.  This is by no means a definitive look at evolution nor is this a scientific approach, rather a thought provoking reflection on the fundamental ways that the earth works to sustain life and create awareness.

There are several ideas that dominate evolution.  The first, and often most popular thus greatly misunderstood is the predator-prey interrelationship.  This is mistaken for the survival of the fittest. But has deeper and broader impacts than just that, and is not the dominant drive of real evolution.  Second is cooperation, both social and biological interconnectedness.  This far greater drive in evolution brings about greater survival and development of form and awareness.  Third are random variations.  These provide for niches of adaptation to change.  And finally there is the pulse of the earth itself including but not limited to climactic changes, disasters and even seasons.

The necessity of the predator

One could say that the entire universe is founded on this construct.  From the first hints of life in the primordial soup of the oceans, bacteria and single celled organisms had two drives, consume or be consumed and reproduce or end the ones genetic inheritance.  Through this drive, the prey has constantly adapted and strengthened.  But so has the predators.  And often it was confusing which is which.  For the warrior of freedom, we have interpreted this in two ways, become free of that which consumes our energy to devote it to something else (strength), and second that we must adapt better strategies for passing on our lineage with time.  More on this in another article…

Cooperation creates networks

As awareness evolved, even within each complex organism there developed cooperation and unique variation.  As cells became more and more specialized they worked together and bonded together for the survival of themselves and the whole organism.  The heart cell cannot live without the lung cell, and skin without the bones.  And each adaption in its own way is aware if at no other level than doing its job benefits the whole.  We are in many ways a colony being.  Have we considered what our parts are saying separate from the whole, are we listening within?  As Toltecs this is an interesting area of self-discovery.

The same is true on the macro level.  Animals have adapted techniques for surviving in groups, which benefits the whole more than the individual.  This is not universally true for there are animals that never see parents and the entire program of the being aware must be passed genetically for they will reproduce alone, which is an adaptation for that kind of awareness in that biological species.  But more often than not in larger animals it is the group, which aids in the survival of the whole.  Whether dominated by the masculine or the feminine side of procreation, the whole is moved forward.  And we are discovering more and more how many animals pass knowledge to their offspring for survival.  This is called being pre-born.  Aka the species does not have enough innate knowledge to survive on its own.  And the larger the mass the harder it is for the offspring to gain all its necessities in-utero.  We are the most pre-born animal on the planet.  Our children cannot survive without us for a great number of years.  What are we doing to our children?

Random fills in the need

The earth is a vast self-creating random generator of biological forms and adaptations.  If there is an excess of energy anywhere in the whole, some part will develop to consume it.  Thus randomly generated variations fill in the need.  The dead animal is not just consumed by the predator.  A host of other beings are there to consume the excess and return the animal to its least common factors.  Fungi and bacteria, insects and worms, as well as multiple predators share in the feast when an animal dies.  And it is fast.  There is no waste in this system, because if there were, then the earth would create a random variation to consume it.

Second, random variation brings forth random potentials for other lines of awareness and biological creation.  It is the rare animal that has 6 digits.  This was excessive, unnecessary.  And four is rare too.  Yet this does occur and if there were a supporting factor to the necessity of 6 or 4, there would be more of this around.  An opposable thumb became a necessity through random variation among primates.  This for being in trees, allowed for greater survival of the lineage than on ground.  It surprises us that this simple adaptation for living in trees became necessary later for gathering food and creating tools, up to and including the massive amount of stuff we have as a species, screw drivers to computers.

Awareness loves the random.  And even within our own being, it can be the random thought or idea that lead to fill some need, creation or development.  Within the brain this has been called lateral thinking, to try and define what is going on.  The sum total of a problem which can not be solved is set aside and another part of the brain takes charge, say to play the violin, and something random emerges in this focal point which is relate to another concept or idea.  Inspiration… E=mc2 came about in just such a way.  Then it took years to build a language bridge to that lateral move.  So we cannot as Toltecs ignore the random.  For us we often call this, omens or the knock of the spirit,  an overwhelming urge to look at things differently and freshly.  This is actually a biological and evolutionary drive within awareness.  It is a necessity.

The pulse of the earth

The earth has a song.  Her… I use the feminine because this is a root drive of creating from within, masculine is the random variation which brought diversity, second on an evolutionary scale… her song has a daily pulse, even a minute to minute vibration.  As Toltecs we become silent to hear this.  And within this wave, pulse, song is energy available for creation at all times.  The seasons are another pulse song, the long count of heat and cold yet another and the even longer of continents moving and shaping the land.  Weather is a song.  Much of this song is dominated by the interaction to a higher source of energy, a song pulsing from the sun, pure energy feeding her drive to create.  When we listen we can see adaptations to these pulses, these songs.  Knowing them brings deeper awareness.

The other pulse, a longer pulse is in the shift of weather from cold to hot, from the axis shifting and the poles flipping.  Humans are a direct result hard wired to adapt to these environmental changes.  We quickly take on darker skin or lighter, hair and no hair over long shifts in these changes.  Thus we are in many ways very weak, yet very adaptable to changes over time.  We have done what works and survived.  At one point an ice age moved across the earth so fast… 100 years is a blip in time… and we were reduced to only a handful of populations.  Yet we adapted and found, through random variations, trial and error, a way to survive and pass along our genetic inheritance.


When taken in combination, these four aspects drove awareness and biological necessity towards who and what we are today.  We thrive on change, adaptation, randomness, cooperation and the predator-prey relationship.  Our DNA, 4 chemicals and 20 proteins, have developed a unique way to hold self-awareness, a reflector of life, in form.  But we also have forgotten so much.

We forgot that in cooperation, we need, not only each other, but the bees, the birds, the plants, the animals which live with us.  DNA is the same in its fundamental structure though different in its variations in all live on the earth.  In many ways, DNA is the root of our awareness and being, and by “our” this means all of life.  We will not survive in form without all.

We forgot some fundamental laws of life.  Randomness is more important than sameness.  Our culture is driven towards sameness.  The stories we have told in religion, society, economics and history are often too obsessed with the singularity and not enough with diversity.  Diversity brings greater survival, greater songs to be sung.  We may miss a necessary variation that could bring deeper awareness and thus survival.

We forgot, in our limited way, about food, about seeds, about cooperation with other animals.  We learned in the short run … 10,000 years … to control our source of food.  And this random variation has become the dominant mono-logical story, which is now threatening to kill us.  We forgot rule number one in cooperation… don’t threaten another awareness food source.  Don’t wipe out what we don’t understand, it may be a necessity for the whole.

We forgot that that all predators need prey.  And at times, prey’s adaptation changes the predator.  It adapts based on the drive for deeper and broader awareness and survival of awareness.  And that brings another forgetting…we forgot that we are not the only awareness on this earth.  At one time we learned awareness from paying attention to our fellow travelers on this earth ship.  Now we dominate.  We have limited our view to the predator’s view.  This is causing us myopic debilitation.

We forgot that life is itself fulfilling.  We have placed too much emphasis on something beyond life rather than life itself.  And life is intricately bound up with death… we forgot we can’t change that song.  We can only participate within it and pass along a lineage of awareness as we become more knowledgeable.

What we became is the alpha predator, aka no other physical predator to help us grow and adapt.  And as alpha we believe that we can manipulate and control every aspect of life on this planet.  And we can, but to what cost… and what affects is our tool making abilities now making us aware of.  What does the alpha predator do when it can now dominate all as prey?  It must find some way to evolve, for the predator needs a predator to evolve or the prey must change to allow for greater variations to step in.  Thus we have involuted the predator.  The predator that preys on us is the mind itself.  Our beliefs and stories have become the predator and we prey on each other to the point of extinction, while we dominate all else as prey.  It’s the drive of the earth.  We need to become more aware of the predatory nature and the preys ability to adapt.

Long before the earth was struck by a meteor and the last of the dinosaurs were wiped out due to a rapid shift in the weather, almost all dinosaurs larger than a buffalo had gone extinct.  The alpha predators died off from their own consumptive weight and burden on the whole.  The experiment of awareness in that form was cut down in its tracks.  The mammals became the next potential experiment of life because they were weaker and more adaptive to change.  They could survive in the in between places that the reptiles could not, in cold and hot, in holes, in dark jungles and under ground.

So humans have a choice.  With all the information available we can look deeply at the details, hold broadly the system knowledge and search laterally for a new vision that incorporates these laws and awareness… to pass along our DNA lineage to greater potentials.  Or we will collapse, slowly and rapidly from our own stupidity.  The earth is our mother, we cannot leave her without fundamentally changing our physical form.  There is no escape, but there is cooperation, randomness, the predator and the pulse of the earth, which can feed greater possibilities. This is what the Toltec sees every moment.  This is why Toltecs are ultimately co-creators with awareness with everything.  Creator creating creation.  Deepening and broadening our bands of awareness through shifting our assemblage points…..


3 thoughts on “Evolution and the Warrior’s Way

  1. “second that we must adapt better strategies for passing on our lineage with time. More on this in another article…”

    Very interested in this, especially in the case of the 21st century world, the changing idea of community, and the speed with which we can share and pass on information.

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