The Warrior’s Progress through Time

Riding the Wave

Riding the Wave

The warrior’s way is not something that comes naturally today with modern culture. Mother Culture downloads a program into its children that is filled with assumptions of unworthiness and submission to a system that “has always been”, but in reality it has not. It may feel like the only way to live, but the warrior learns that there is more.

Defining the stages through which the warrior grows and becomes more aware, it is the energy trapped in each stage that determines the stage. We do not just move in a straight line through the stages, rather it is like a spiral. As we circle around and recapitulate, we move upwards pulling our energy to a centralizing force and moving it up to greater perception and awareness. This model is, like all models, flawed. But it gives one insight into broad strokes or periods of life. And it helps us understand the relative stages that people are at and evolving to. Can one be at stage 7 and also at stage 1… yes… depends on the energy. The more we recapitulate, the more we remove our energy from the old stories and progress to higher/deeper levels of awareness.

The overview:
1. Victim
2. Survivor
3. Fighter
4. Warrior
5. Spiritual Warrior
6. Toltec Warrior
7. Seer

The Victim is a person who is programed to submit to the matrix of common culture and is pushed down by that culture or circumstances. Many victims do not even know they are submitting to it. They allow themselves to be used by others or the world for the purposes that they have not chosen actively. In essence they submit to a contract they were often unaware that they committed to. The victim’s world is managed by the predatory nature of the universe around them and the sources of energy are always lacking or beyond their control.

The Survivor is a victim of sorts. This is a person who has had a significant emotional event or events, which pops them out of their immediate culture for a time and makes them aware that there is something more. The survivor faces death and lives. This provides them with energy because it becomes tied to the adrenaline rush that amounts to thinking they have defeated the little death again. But there is not enough personal power to actually free them of the process, which keeps them in the victim cycle. The survivor will often refuse to recapitulate, though the significant emotional event does have recapitulative affects. The survivor will often attempt to repeat the pattern of having a dramatic event to prove that first there is more energy available to them, and second that they can survive and do survive the break with consensual reality to see something greater.

The Fighter is a person who having had one, two or many breaks in consensual reality will dedicate their lives to some cause greater than themselves or some way to make things better. They will turn the self-fight onto an external cause and then they are willing to put their lives on the line because the cause is better than personal death itself. Death turns into the advisor as the fighter faces what they no longer need in their lives and eliminates this or changes a pattern. Fighters take up causes. They become experts at the elements and logic and ration of the cause and in many ways they recapitulate the patterns around these causes.  They fight for change in the world.  But the ultimate agenda of the fighter is to save someone or something, win the war or battle or manage an agenda that seems right to do so, while ignoring themselves.  In essence they are still victims to the systems they are fighting.  They will blindly go into the fight for all the right reasons. And yet they are losing because it takes volumes of personal energy to maintain the battle.  They are facing the predatory nature of the universe and making it different.  They become good at the predatory structure of the universe.  Many causes and battles need many fighters to consume who will lay down their lives for a cause greater than themselves.  They are victims to the cause.

The Warrior recapitulates as a fundamental practice. And in recapitulating, often the predatory pattern out there in the world.  With this the the warrior comes to recognize that the real battle is within the self. The warrior acknowledges and accepts that there must be fundamental values worthy of dying for not just causes and dramas. The warrior’s ultimate battle with the self grants them access to all sorts of energy as they eliminate the victim mentality from their being. The warrior conquers the self and goes on to battle the issues in life with greater detachment and efficiency. The warrior finds clarity beyond the battle over death as the advisor and faces death within and without on a delicate balance of value clarification. It is these values that the warrior comes to believe in and ultimately know are greater than the limited perspective of the warrior alone.

The Spiritual Warrior opens doorways within and without and comes to know that there is more to life than even the battles of life itself. The spiritual warrior knows that that there are many worlds, perceptions, myths, belief systems and frameworks that the human can function within and through. The spiritual warrior is clear about significant values and makes moral choices not just for the self, but recognizing that all choices set up a pattern within the world, which reflects the choices that they are making. This greater perception and perspective allows the spiritual warrior to do feats beyond the limits of individual perception. And the spiritual warrior gathers personal power through constantly practicing the art of stalking with a mind of recapitulating all that occurs so they are free to confront any battle in their lives for a greater reason than even themselves.  The spiritual warrior knows that they know and understands the patterns within patterns that all people chose to put their faith into.

The Toltec Warrior evolves from the spiritual warrior and beyond the pattern of faith. The Toltec Warrior is a creator. This is a person who has recapitulated up to and including all moments as they are unfolding. The universe is as it is to the Toltec warrior. The universe is a place of random and chaotic events which organize themselves based on our choices and perceptions of the world as it is. The Toltec warrior knows that the ultimate way the universe is created is through freedom.  In freedom awareness self organizes and maintains the world in which we live. The Toltec warrior dances lightly in that creation and co-creates with the universe and all people that they meet. It is through gathering power, personal and non-personal that the connections to the predatory nature of the universe become severed and allows the Toltec to walk beyond all battles to the ultimate battle for freedom. The Toltec warrior begins to see the universe as an awesome wonder in which they are a mote, a part and particle of the whole, the great web of being in which they dance.

The Seer burns with awareness every moment. They gather as they create, they recapitulate as they go, they know all of reality is a matter of perception and they become experts at shifting their perception. The seer’s vision is one of purest silence. From silence the seer is able to see the patterns, which are self-creating, co-creating, and evolving all the time. They are very detached. This allows the seer to constantly move along lines of awareness through shifting their own perceptual abilities and awareness. They link to creation itself, to the intent behind creation. They move along these lines as they come to explore the fundamental structure of the universe itself. The seer is a creator of the dance behind the dance of the awareness behind the awareness thus they dance with infinity.

Each of these stages are evolved through a life of practice. It matters not what practice one does, but rather that the practice is aligned with recapitulating our energy, restructuring the use of that energy along values and lines of freedom and then making better choices from a place of impeccability or integrity aka the wholeness of a life fully lived. No one person is always in one stage. As a spiral, we often revisit earlier stages to glean more from those stages and integrate more free energy into the system for greater awareness and perspective. Thus do not label people as a matter of pigeon holing them and thus dismissing them, rather see that people struggle through these stages and will act based on the amount of energy that is in each stage. The more we recapitulate, the more we can lift the energy up, deepen our perceptions and broaden our awareness to truly venture along the avenues of awareness into infinity itself.

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