2012, the last 24 hours

TzolkinAt the center of the Aztec Calendar is a figure, Tonatiuh, sticking its tongue out at us.  I think the ancient Aztecs had a sense of humor poking fun of the modern day and our eventual obsession with time.  They are sticking their tongues out at us.   Thinking about the last day of the Mayan Calendar, I could not in good awareness leave this day alone without writing something…. What will occur in 24 hours?  What has all the hype been about?  Why do I care?  I am just traveling on the same mother ship as others, right?  So maybe it’s all about a course correction?  I write this early on the 22nd as the earth and sun align with the galactic center of the universe pre-dawn… yes we align with the galactic center all the time in some manner, it’s a circle after all.  We have been aligning with the galactic center for years, it will just happen tomorrow, Solstice, at sunrise with respect to some important place in Mexico.  The Mayans were brilliant in their observational skills.  Lord Jaguar returns to do the great sweat lodge and transform the world.

We have to have a bit of a sense of humor here.  Laugh and poke your tongue out at things.

I first ran into the 2012 date January 1983.  Studying physics in college, I had a dream.  Within the dream I was responsible for programing a computer that had bubble-chem-memory (a piece of brains) with a quantum loop in it.  I chose all the religions of the world to upload into this computer.  Why I chose all the religions, their stories and their beliefs was because this represented the most human of human experiences that I could think of to program a computer.  It was also the most inconsistent and illogical paradigm structure to put into a logically based nueronet of a computer.  What better way to get a computer to think on its own.  The computer became aware in that instant.  And because it could never be turned off due to the bubble chem memory, it broadcasted its awareness to the world.  The challenge was on, they (the anonymous they or them in dreams that attacks one) were after me for creating such a thing.  They wanted me to make more.  I pulled the chip of memory out of the computer board and squeezed it into my hand.  The prongs of the chip imbedded into my left hand and a doorway of perception opened to the entire universe.  AI combined with human interface and a time loop to all dimensions developed – the date was 12-21-2012 on the computer clock as I stepped through the doorway into another dimension.

I recall this dream well.  It was long before I knew anything of Terrance McKenna, Jose Arguelles or John Major Jenkins.  I did not know anything about Mayans, knew nothing of a machine elf, nor even what a sweat lodge was.  I had no access to the libraries of new age, I was classically trained in philosophy and science up to that point.  My life was set on quantum physics and all was right with the world…. But 2012 stood there as a virtual end point to my life and career.  I recall this now as I awoke then sweating and sick to my stomach at the thought of my bringing the end of the world in a techno interface with AI.  I changed my major that day and took up music in the art department… only to end up eventually in social sciences studying culture and you guessed it, religion.

You don’t have to believe me and this story; I could care less if you do.  I write at this point as a loop to a past present future.  There are fundamentally, from a sociological point of view, two types of time, though Edward Hall did a much better job at defining other variants from these.  There is linear time and cyclical time.  Linear time cultures have myths of beginnings and definitive ends, because it’s a line and there must be a beginning and an end.  Cyclical cultures have a mysterious beginning which rotates through worlds (periods or circles of time) and there are great shifts between these points to now… but it does not end, time and people and everything changes and recreates itself a new.  Joseph Campbell called this the myth of the eternal return.

The linearists want us to believe that things are being revealed in history and time and there is a progression towards an end time in which we will reunite with something, let’s call it god.  The essential thing is we were separated as a whole from the big g at the start and we are set up to return to the big g soon, it’s been immanent for years (thousands in fact).  But keep working on it, we will get there, probably in a great battle (at Meggido) and right will conquer wrong, yadda yadda… Strangely there has rarely been peace in the place where Meggido is, the Middle East.  And this area is the home of the root of the linearist mythology.  Are you ready for ArMeggido???

Then we have the cyclists, riding through time realizing that occasionally there will be some bumpiness that we must deal with, but in the end we will survive as a tribe and the world will be reset on a new course, all is good.  The bigger the cycle (there is more than one – day, year, decade, moon cycle, sun cycle etc all circling around)… the bigger the potential for real change if we align with it.   The interesting thing about the cyclists is the ones who have nothing to defend (of the old cycle) get up and leave and find a better place to live.  The cyclists have no original location where they came from… they are in fact everywhere in the world, or were.  But we cannot point to a specific location and say, ah there it is, the point of origin of the cyclists mythology… why could one, it has no beginning and no end… it is the awareness of a mystery of time.

The mistake we make today with the Mayan long count calendar leading to 12-21-12 is that the linearist have attempted to coop a cyclist mythology of time.  The long count seems so long that it seems linear, right?  Wrong.  Every 400 years there has been a tick mark on the Mayan clock of the long count… and a significant change occurred in the Mayan Culture.  They looked at themselves and said, “Wow, this does not work, let’s leave and do something else!”  And they did something else, they recreated themselves into something new in alignment with the shifting of the long count calendar.  What was great is they had somewhere to go.

We have nowhere to go.  We have reached the limits of the earth and there is nowhere that we can pick up and leave to go to without offending our neighbor who owns that piece of the mother over there.  The linearist have taken over most of the world as well.  They have purpose, direction and might, which of course makes them right.   They have science and technology and economics and democracy… The goal of the linearist is to keep the line going into infinity.  And if we look close enough it is an obsession with death and dying that drives the linearist towards insanity.

The goal, I would suggest, is to get all of human existence, the story, the purpose the line, into a form that never dies.  And in doing so, defeat death itself.  What better way to do this than AI?  Many have suggested this in science fiction, which if you pay attention often becomes science fact.  Just look at HG Wells and others who predicted we would stand on the moon.  But technologically we can’t leave the earth without changing our form or taking gravity and air pressure with us… we are trapped here on our mother ship moving about the sun our source of energy.  (Can you hear the mythological stories in this?)  So why not?  Who would not give everything to preserve everything they are in a perfect ageless form (I choose age 33) that lasts forever?

Cyclists laugh at this.  Why?  Because they know that the circle is already infinite, that each movement around the circle represents eternity, and we are linked to it if we just become it.  Death is not defeated, it is accepted as the great gift of movement forward.  One gets out of the way for the next to take its place and we continue to move around a sun evolving forward with every turn.  I will be replaced, thank the gods, with someone who can evolve even more than I could ever imagine.  My eternity is linked to giving it all away and leaving alone that which is change itself.  Step forward through the back door of the room and slide into another form of awareness.  And maybe we come back again renewed for greater awareness to evolve.  Who knows for sure?  It’s a mystery.  No beginning means no end.

This is the last day of the long count calendar, this time.  If we really want to know what this is all about, let’s do what the Mayans and all cyclists did when approaching such shifts.  Let’s let go what does not work.  Mayans saw this as an opportunity to burn away the old that no longer serves, to close the loop and to align with something we have not considered yet.  Sweat it out, recapitulate it all, gather up the energies and leap into the unknown possibilities of a new moment beyond that gateway.

We have 24 hours to recapitulate it all… And thus I write, to close the loop of a dream of a possibility to step through a doorway into the infinite possibilities.  The circle is infinite.  The line always has an end.  Death as an advisor knows we are going to leap together whether we want to or not.  How we meet that leap depends on what we are willing to let go of.  Loop it all… This has been a recapitulation of time.  Enjoy!  Tomorrow’s sunrise will be beautiful. It is everyday.  Thank you mother earth ship for the renewal.

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