What Does Love Got to Do With It?

The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point

Warning:  this post will most likely anger, annoy and bug the snot out of people who proclaim to walk a path with heart, a warrior’s path, if they have not shifted their assemblage points beyond the human band of awareness towards silence and seeing. 

Everything, yes, everything is perception.  This is because it is funneled through the assemblage point, which organizes the knowable world into the known.  For the seer, we see the assemblage point as a bright band of luminescent fibers, which sits on an infinite sea of fibers within what is known as the shell of our being.  These fibers vibrate and glow.  Throughout life as we become more aware of our perceptions and aspects of the universe we clamp down on this vibrating force.  This stabilizes the assemblage point and our conscious awareness of the world we think we know.

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The Art of the Should

Plasma One

Plasma One

Seasonal affective disorder… an interesting pathology related to the lack of sun and vitamin d in ones diet often brought about by the darker times of the year.  Picked up by the mainstream media and now tossed into the mix with the holidays, it is another pathetic attempt to justify how much we are trapped by the perceptions of others.  Add to this the insanity of being politically correct. “Marry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” or “Quansa” or whatever and a host of shoulds surround a time of year that is one of the best.

The art of the should is all about fixating the assemblage point.  In fact it is the ultimate art.  It starts at a young age and grows into a terrible passion as we progress through life.  The should is the teacher’s and parent’s tool to get the child to act the same as them.  Often with no justifiable reason, shoulds are layered one on top of the other with no real reason or energetic meaning except that is the way things are.

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Post Apocalypic Let Down

Golden Mean - Ink on Paper

Golden Mean – Ink on Paper

God, Intent, Tao, Energy, or whatever we choose to call it is not the idea of God.  Don’t underestimate this distinction.  Our concepts have outstretched and overwhelmed our direct experience of it.  The ancients did not have a concept of the great mysteries of life.  They knew it directly and because of their silence in the face of mystery in which they lived all the time.  They created many wonders and observed the world around them with awe.

Modern man inherits a host of concepts from the stories and ideas past down in culture and schooling.  Who remembers that initial feeling when the door closes and the world behind the door disappears.  Slowly, by opening and closing the door, we test this to make sure that that world is still there.  The child laughs in wonder as they test, hypothesize and come to know that the world behind the door is still there… the brain creates solidity to the mystery of life.

But soon we get caught up in the idea of things existing beyond our perception without ever opening the doorways.  We accept the program of assumptions and stories as though they are real.  Then the concept is more important than the reality, which exists in the world.  Warriors know that everything depends on perception.  But when all perceptions must filter through our concepts, which limit perception, we become trapped by the very concepts we hold dear.

Such is the constant case with scientific exploration.  Who has actually seen an atom?  What does it look like?  Initially, these buggers where conceived of as solid balls that are the fundamental building blocks of nature.  Then someone burst that concept and found out that they are made up of energy, then deeper, they are made up of quantum.  We hold a concept of quantum, but very few of us actually know quanta, right?

The ancients held so much in their minds.  Not just words, but pictures, relationships grounded in direct experience of the world.  Building stone on stone, they created vast monoliths in which they experienced yearly the alignments of the stars, planets and seasons with these monuments.  The direct experience of this mystery was a yearly celebration and tied to planting cycles, which were a necessity of life.

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A Toltec Artist Awe at Life

There is a compelling need at this moment in time to clarify and share with all my friends what it means to be a Toltec…. Walk it in your own way…. This is all I ask, that everyone become themselves in the face of the greatest and grandest mystery of all, life.  

This is a truly magical life.  The magic comes in the form of constant energy pulsing through every part of creation.  The magic can be seen and witnessed everywhere.  The magic is the magic which I chose to call the “nagual.”  “Nagi” means spirit, “nagual” means spirit animal or double… We as humans can have two constantly different experiences of any moment.  Those two experiences are in flux like water moving through the stream and around the boulders as it flows.  The other side of the magic for me is the music of the physical sphere which hums and vibrates with the radiance of this beautiful world in which we live.  The dance is always between these two and to flow in and out of every moment in awe and wonder at life itself. 

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Psychosis or Abstract Flight of Awareness?

Adapted from the article; Further Reflections on Psychotic Knowledge by Shunyamurti

A shift in our perceptual field of awareness, once linking with intent becomes the new standard practice, will by itself bring an end to the word-filled distractions that are delusive in nature. When we operate from an energetic consciousness with the discipline of the spiritual warrior fully activated, we can dream together and better chose together the avenues of awareness that are available. Each singular consciousness being an equal point source of the infinite mystery, then the insanity of the predator will be resolved and ejected from our being. The current state with layers of hyper-focused self absorption, which is the mold of man’s obsession with the fear of death and demand for an infinite life, will become a shell of a fading past in balance with the awesome awareness of the infinite and our ability to travel with it. This age of predatory paranoia will end as it should.

What becomes clear to the spiritual warrior is that there is not end point in the development of consciousness and awareness only a territory beyond what is called knowledge, the nagual. It is a territory beyond language, beyond the duality of our self importance and self imposed limits, beyond the illusion of control into the realization that the entire cosmos is a dream which is assembled by INTENT, or the Infinite mystery of being. If we turn things around and start with this proposition rather than end there as a goal, we can open ourselves to the true linking which comes in creation, a linking which is true love for no reason at all. All pathways are thus in agreement, that this linkage, love, intent, is what keeps things together and connects us to the infinite. When we recognize the folly of self importance and the emptiness of our self absorption there is only the fullness of the indescribable force of mystery, the awe, which is always manifesting every now in constant unfolding intent. Love or the madness of self absorption, we must choose both individually and fully as the human race. If not we are doomed to the same extinction of other dead end lines of consciousness.

Fixation of the Warrior’s Assemblage Point

One of the great attractors for me and many to the concepts and pathway of the spiritual warrior as illuminated by Carlos Casteneda and his tribe is the ability for us to think and act outside the box.  We were raised with a strict sense of the right answers, myths, and paradigms… we were raised to accept authority and question little.  Through our lives we have been surrounded by a number of crumbling paradigms.  We have seen the end of the authoritarianism of the past, we have watched the erosion of the earth with consumption, we have come to question science’s answers because of the results which have harmed the earth.  We have questioned the assumptions, the agreements that for many generations has been held and passed along unquestioningly.

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Path with Heart

A lot is made of this idea a “path with heart.”  Each person has perceptual fields around this idea… but what does this really mean in terms of action, practice in life?  For some it is to be kind and nice to others, but this false heart would go against the ruthless honesty of the spiritual warrior.  We have to be careful not to compromise our path with heart in favor of being kind or nice.  The essence of it is that as spiritual warriors we are not dominated and ruled by the mind, the ration.  Yet our world if full of rational explanations, logic and proof that if we just think about it we will come to the solution… ration.  And the dark side of this is if we figure it out, then we should do it.  We have walked down that path for a good many years with reckless abandon.  The dominion of the ration has its benefits, but it lacks a certain greater perspective and that greater perspective can be found within every person – the path with heart.  

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