About Me

Dedicating my life and energies to the Toltec path, I have found great joy in creating at all times.  Toltecatl is an ancient Nahuatl word for artisan or ancient builder.  It was used in reference to ancient people who predate the Aztec in Central Mexico.  The term has also been linked to shamanistic techniques and practices around freedom.  As a spiritual warrior my life has become rich with perception and awareness.  Studying in the Toltec path opened my heart to many pathways around the world.  The art and writing have roots in Asian philosophy, Native American teachings and a rich walk through the western US and Mexico.  Tales of power are my favorites and I like to share these through my writing but also in the artwork that I do.

Presently I am developing my artwork and selling across the United States.  My unique artists books are found in collections as well as can be purchased from Back of Beyond Books/Arches Book Company in Moab Utah and Zen Mountain Gallery in Jerome AZ.  The paintings are hanging in local stores as well as available through my website.  Many come in giclee print versions as well as originals.  While a picture might inspire a thousands words, internet images cannot reproduce the impact of many of these works when seen in person.  They are rich with color, texture and often glow with the intent behind the work when seen in person.

Ceremony and holding ceremonial space is critical for the advancement of my artwork and path.  Many of my pieces are directly from ceremonial experiences.  Many are related to the Toltec path that I walk.  I often share ceremony with others and then create art as a representation of that which was experienced.   Contact me for further information if interested in this type of work.

Visit my website for the art!



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