Mandala of the World

Mandala of the World

We do not need a new president to rally our hearts in false promises and hopes. We do not need more politicians to grandstand on each side of the issues. We do not need a new religious leader, guru or savior to tell us what has already been said. We do not need a new movement, party or organization promising a new tomorrow. We do not need new technologies that can make our days different. We do not need new thoughts, philosophies or systems of knowledge to satisfy our ration. We do not need a new star in the heavens to guide our way. We do not need a new justice system or regulator force to keep the status quo.

We need peacemakers. We need them in every aspect and walk of life. We need them in our hearts and minds. We need to stop the conflict, the overpowering need to be right, defended and on top. We need to listen to the peace within the depths and take action to stand up against the violence of our words and deeds with non-violent action. We need peacemakers in our towns, our cities our country sides in every corner of the world. We need the peacemakers to awaken and stand against all extremes that would bring us low. We need them in the secret organizations and all public places. We need the peacemakers to awaken now.

No election, movement, drama, conflict, battle, church or temple is necessary for the peacemakers. They are next to us, in us and all around us at all times. Peacemakers create the possibilities of real promise. Peacemakers commit to the fundamental right of human freedom and awareness in the world. Peacemakers walk away, leave and shun the conflicts for they will consume themselves by their own weight and energy.

We need peacemakers…. We need you, me, all of us to wake up to real peace.

Raven Steals Fire, Ink on hand made Paper original, Framed.

Raven Steals Fire, Ink on hand made Paper original, Framed.

If the definition of intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing or conflicting ideas in one’s head without making a decision or losing it, then the definition of fluidity to a warrior of awareness should be the ability to hold two positions of the assemblage point at one time without going completely mad.

Of course everything is perception and we know as warriors of awareness that reality is truly constructed on our perceptual framework. In other words the energy drives the manifestation of reality. Yet there is a healthy argument that the universe has a basic structure, albeit fluid and flexible, which is stable and maintains certain rules. (Even Chaos theory supports this.)

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thCAVF8G49Where does the earth end? Is the ground the limit? A ball of iron, nickel, oxygen, hydrogen and a ton of other stuff all compact into a stable ball twirling around a furnace in the sky. Scientists are often asked at what point does the atmosphere end? That question depends on how you define the atmosphere. What we get depends on what we are looking for. If you really look at it correctly, we don’t live on the earth as though there is some bizarre separation between us and her. The flaw in that language creates a flaw in our relationship with her. We live in the earth, for the atmosphere which goes out five definable layers is over 248 miles thick!   And even those definitions are just a matter of pressure point differentials and density issues.

So perception creates actions. When we think we live on the earth and not in her, we think ourselves unique and separate from her. We allocate everything else, all other animals, to that amorphous thing called “nature” and creating such a definition creates that “other”, which is a mystery we can thus ignore in our daily lives. When our actions, our choices are founded on this, it discounts our co-creative participation in the flow of that which is earth. We are fundamentally a part of her and she is fundamentally part of us.

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Mountain Meditation, Ink on paper original, framed

Mountain Meditation, Ink on paper original, framed

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We sit quietly at the edge of the nothing.  And stare deeply into the nothing.  In awe we notice the utter simplicity and beauty of every moment.  We cry a deep a noble cry within this beauty.  It moves us to words, it moves us to silence, it moves us to paint, it moves us to do something.  Nothing seems so awesome in the face of the intent of the universe then to constantly create, co-create and spiral from and to infinity.

As warriors of awareness this edge point is where we live, on the verge, in the moment ready to leap into….  We gather strength where the average person cowers in terror at the awesomeness and wonder.  We gather a love of all that far surpasses the trivialities of vain glorious desires.  We gather momentum to turn around and return to the village where things seem so destined for self destruction.

The artist of awareness must stumble, must fall, must endure hardships in the face of infinity.  This strengthens our resolve.  This does not harden our edge points, but rather softens them to a state of plasmic fluidity to burn with the essence of life.  We have with this energy choices beyond the norm.  We have the courage to face the dying of the light.  We have the energy because we hold on to nothing but infinity and the freedom to choose something new, something better.

It has been the warriors who make changes to first attention, with thoughts, images, words and deeds.  Warriors that don’t capitulate to the dominant matrix mind.  Warriors that throw everything they have at the world, for it is just this one life that is worth living in infinite freedom and beauty.  Take the words of Howard Zinn.

Who cannot in the face of such words not want to be an activist?  Who would not care to round up the revolution in the face of all that is?  Who would not lay down ones life for the chance to make a difference in this world?  Especially after being in the desert, in the forest, on the edge ready to leap into the abyss.

We struggle so hard to recapitulate, to gather our energies for the definitive journey.  Yet while we are resting, we can also make a difference.  And we can shift this band of awareness into something….. awesome!

EnneagramChartOnlyA warrior seeks out knowledge, even information, to understand the mold of man. Yet warriors cannot get trapped by the fixation that systems of knowledge and information present us with. Rather we treat these structures as insight into the mold of man and they represent a possibility to recapitulate at a deep level. We talk about recapitulation and stories or lines can be recapitulated all the time, but there are a few amazing systems which offer the warrior access to a structure and method of recapitulating that can be extremely helpful when we start the process.

When I noted that death, the awareness of our contract with death, hits us, there is a strange and powerful response. First of all the self becomes aware of the self in a reflective process of knowing that it knows it will lose form eventually. This self reflective hall of mirrors is sometimes called the mind at its beginning. But more interestingly it is self importance at its critical emergence or emergency. This hall of mirrors is frightening to the spark of pure intent that we are within. If we take a few minutes and practice taking responsibility for our death then link with silence, there is a seed, a moment that we can all recall when the story of our lives began – the existential moment of terror. Often it is buried under years of stories, default behaviors and denials which cover the source of our original moment of self awareness.

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Death is the Only Adviser

Vortex Meditation SM

Carlos Casteneda was asked if there was a quick way/practice to freedom. His answer was that a warrior struggles every day and endures, but if he could sum up everything that Don Juan said in one practice, it would be saying every day of every hour to ourselves, “I take responsibility for my death.” Even just a brief period of meditation practice can loosen up energies that can be better used for anything.

We are creative beings of pure energy, but life is expensive. Everything, and I do mean everything, costs in energy. We don’t get out alive. But so often we play a shell game with death. We enjoy and escape into all sorts of things, never knowing nor acknowledging the simple aspects of that cost. When we take responsibility for our death, we are facing forward into whatever is is.

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The earth has within its band of awareness locations of intense energy. Like our own bodies, there are places where she is sensitive, where she produces greater heat or where she has peace and calm. She is as active and changing as our own selves. We are a reflection of these mechanics of energy for our physical form emerged in relation to her.

As part of a recent walk, we hiked up to what looked like a great place to view a vast red valley. we found a location nestled between two red rock outcroppings offered us a respite from our week. We sat just beneath an ancient line of white that marked the boundary between an ancient ocean’s surface, the rocks above being ancient islands, and the edge of the valley being the shore.

Sitting in silence the position of our assemblage points returned to silence in alignment with the earth. Across the valley points we had visited before were illuminated with vibrating energy. This could easily be seen in a restful stance. In essence dreaming into this place allowed us to “see” connections between places. Lines of power connected various places.

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