Descartes, and the dynamic of separation


I blame Descartes. Well not really blame, rather point to the moment in intellectual/philosophical history that truly solidified the insanity of our current state of ration dis-integrated from spirit… He did not so much as invent this break, but rather declared clearly what to do in the face of the war that had been raging for over 12,000 years, where the original cause really lies.

Descartes lived in the 17th Century when philosophers were beginning to be respected as a separate voice from Church dominance over thoughts and ideas.  He lived in a period of the reformation when Europe was tearing itself apart with wars over religion and emerging scientific ideas.  The world was round, fully proved; and the earth was no longer at the center of the universe, fully proven.  Thus he struggled to find a way between hell and well …. Hell.

He stated “I think therefor I am.” This solidified that thought is a very powerful tool for our transformation. He developed the Cartesian coordinates that we use in math, x, y, z axis and more.  But what really solidified the modern approach to the world was stating that science and rational thought could be handled in a completely separate way/world and discipline than the religious and the spiritual,  that they lived side by side and not really touching. Thus he gave everyone the words to justify a great split in the world of awareness.  The two camps could thus grow to stand side by side without every actually resolving anything.  And slowly the wars died out in favor of other things to fight over, like nation building.

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May you live in interesting times…

This ancient Chinese curse seems so appropriate for the times we live in.   But it may be more clear today to curse, “May you live in confusing times.”  Confusion is the meme of our current world.  But looking closely at the word, it means “with” or “against” the “linking of ideas or physical items.”  We can be “con” against or contrary to these times.  It is easy to unite with all the upsetting details of our times and spend all of our energies in a con state rather than a pro state.  But the deeper meaning of the root “con” is “with” or “to stand by or next to.”  When we sit with the fusions of our times, this is, as the Chinese also remind us in the I Ching, a time of opportunity.  What we can be is pro-fusion.  We can assemble ideas and events, experiences and talents, lines and links across a myriad of disciplines and perceptual fields.  

There are so many details available to us in our modern world because we have access to so much information, truths,stories, perceptions and lines of being.  Flick a switch, press a link on your phone, search the net, everyone has access to information.  But few actually take the time to doubt.  Doubt is the hallmark of an intelligent mind.  To question is key to the long term survival.  Through questioning we discover deeper truths, ideas or solutions.  But to doubt everything is pathological… we need to doubt and thus question.   When we stop questioning and insist upon our truth as the only truth, we are dead in the water.  The mind/brain makes no more connections; we loose our nueroplasticity.  We become old, dead shells.   It was connections and leaps into the unknown or the unknowable that allowed our ancestors to survive through the times which led to these inventions we now rely on so fiercely for our truths, facts and entertainment. 

But just looking around the web of information and experience at this time is very confusing.  Anyone can promulgate a lie as truth and then set up the world to scramble after the facts.  Even if there are no facts to support assertions, there are so many who maintain faulty or fake perceptions in contradistinction to facts.  This is not just true in the area of politics which is so readily evident, but it occurs in all aspects of our lives.  Religion, science, engineering, business, in fact all specialties have this curse of the lie being accepted as the truth.  Yet in most cases, if we open to discussion (dis-cuss – against curses or to smash through the argument) , conversation (con-verse – to change ones view), and most of all listening to opposing sides, we have an opportunity to change the world as we know it together.

We both hold onto such outlandish ideas, defend them with a virulence that is amazing, and risk our lives on myths that are outdated and outmoded.  While at the same time, we convince ourselves that we are correct, and in most things we are because if we were not living with this self ideal, even if deluded, we could not get through our days.  This is why we live in con-fusing times.  Everyone argues that they have the right to their opinions and perceptions without thought or cause or concern for any other person, cause or concern.  But it is the building up of these false perceptual fields founded on a lack of facts and experience that leads us down the primrose path to our mutual assured destruction while defending our right to be completely wrong.   The right can often be the enemy of the good. 

Unanticipated concequences are key in this logic.  When the philosophers and ancients defended the right to be wrong, they were not thinking of that person, who is so consistently wrong, may have their finger on the button to destroy the whole world.  They were anticipating a world where the conversations and discussions would lead to some form of the truth, evolution and enlightenment. They did not predict a world so overwhelmed with information that we would choose not to be enlightened and rather run back to our mythologies and false religions of opinion unsupported by fact.  They could not conceive of a world more controlled by the los confunditos of insanity.   

There are unanticipated consequences hidden in everyone of our inventions.  There are unanticipated consequences for pulling up coal as resource to fuel our energy economy.  Those unanticipated consequences have led to environmental harms and thus what economists say we have entered a time of diseconomy.  Inventions or previous economies where we did not place a price on clean air then we paid in the past for the resource, but now we are paying even more as a result of the pollution and effects… and thus pollution has created more costs than the original sale of coal within those economies that created the seeds of those successes.   We are paying it backwards now.  

We can to some extent forgive our ancestors for not knowing the potential damage until the damage was already in full swing.  Many of the scientists who worked on the atomic bomb were curious and amazing minds solving an interesting problem only to find that their interest in solving the problem had far reaching unanticipated consequences.  Do we damn them for their work at uncovering that knowledge and information, the necessary solution in their times?  Nope.  But we have spent decades making sure we don’t mutually assure our destruction.  

We live in interesting times.  We now know without a shadow of a doubt what the conclusions are from a 10,000 year program of owning the earth, dominating the seeds and controlling the resources which were and are our mother-given right and gift to have as a result of being alive no longer works.  Cultures and societies throughout the world are questioning the roots of our mutual global civilization and wondering if there is not another way we can go.  Ownership of everything, the commodification of everything has led inevitably down a rabbit hole to the wholesale destruction of our world in the name of profit.  Thus we must question the answers deeply, but not haphazardly.  We must in a disciplined manner set our sites on the survival of the species as a whole and consider the tough patterns within our global culture that are killing us.  

The hardest step in this process is to no longer accept the tribal construction of our ideas.  We can no longer be defined as one nation, race or people in comparison to another.  No one will win, despite the program that claims there can be one world winner.  We will all loose.  We can only be what we are, humans living together on a tiny blue planet in the corner of the galaxy amongst billions with no hope of jumping off this rock without completely changing our physical form.  We can’t be a single religion or idea of the ultimate spirit.  The gods have allowed us to define them in enough ways and play fist and cuffs on the playground of our planet for far to long.  Mad!  Mutual Assured Destruction!  M god can beat up your god… what hubris!  We need to accept the mystery of unity behind all things which comes in many names.  Every religion, metaphysical philosophy and idea must go through a radical change and drop the self serving and controlling aspects of separation into us and them… for it is in setting up this separations that we have caught the worst virus of ownership of the earth and thus control and ultimately devolution of our civilization/world as we know it. 

What is not being said here is technology is bad.  What is not being said is that invention is bad.  What is not being said here is that how we got here is cursed.  This is not in any way shape or form an apocalyptic madness story about the end times. Its about the beginning times, its about the circling around the table times.  It is a deeper calling to something more infinitely true.  We live in a cycle or a pattern which calls us to really consider all patterns and start to choose something different.  We need to reject the idea of a single sourced beginning and an inevitable end.  These are founded on the control patterns of those who believe we can own the earth…rather than live within her.  

She, the earth, will ultimately win.  She has culled the heard before.  Extinction events are more common that any of us are willing to admit.  What allowed our very weak species to survive was the ability to adapt to extreme shifts in her pulse and to think our way around the problems we confront.  Thus we have shrunk back, sometimes significantly, only to expand again, lesson learned.  What is coming is not an end but another step in the cyclical process of evolution on this planet.  Be it a meteorite, magnetic poles flipping, a solar flair or our own hubris with global warming, we will adapt, there is no doubt.  But we need to open the doorway to the conversations and discussions so we can stand with the fusion of our times and link our arms together against the false profits, distractions and deniers of the facts.  

This begins, I hope, a series of writings about looking deep into the patters and consider other stories.  

The common commode and the rump on which we sit 

The Tower

The Tower of Self Importance

Once there was a great leader who was a bit inexperienced when he took over as supreme commander of his very successful multicultural country…..

His inexperience followed after a philosopher/intellectual leader who while being amazingly successful at maintaining the land’s essential values and ideals, was often involved in conflicts at the edge of his realm which kept him away from solving the country’s main issues at home. But he was well loved and had a reputation for standing up for the heart of his country.  The country had been involved for years in border disputes, conflicts and generally difficult challenges in its trade relationships. But it was growing and sharing its successes as it spread across the lands.  The philosopher leader maintained the best of his country’s ideals. This old leader was steady and thoughtful and rarely wasted money.

The country had a very entrenched legislative body. Their main method for being part the legislature was how successful they were at managing extreme wealth with support from donors while maintaining their own power base at each of their individual estates, which was spread throughout the country.  Trade was steaming along, people paid taxes on trade, and the elder statesmen generally supported the supreme leader’s commands.  While the legislature was entrenched, they at least got things done and represented their constituents well.  The people were cared for in general.

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The Earth is all there is

The Merkabah

The Merkabah

It has taken time, but I think that we as a species are finally waking up to the reality of the situation we have created. We have with our science, which means knowledge, figured out that it will be impossible for us to leap off of this blue green ball in any significant way for many generations.  And even if we could we would have to change genetically or adapt to long periods of space environments which would change us genetically.  Or even harder, we would have to take a fully functioning earth environment with us as we are products of our planet’s evolution.  So we are left with the existential awareness that this is it. The earth is all there is short of these long range adaptations and technological developments.

Second to this awareness is the growing awareness that the carbon age is coming to an end.  If we are honest, we know that the root of any age is seated in the type of energy that is used to sustain the systems which we have created.  The carbon age has been going for millennia since we discovered fire and kept the predators at bay with this warmth through the night.  Yes, I am summing up the last many years of human habitation, more than even written or mythological memory can account for in one fell swoop of an age.  All, and I mean all, development of human kind can be related back to the energy production source of releasing carbons through burning.

But added to that is the swaths of conflict and conquest, again all carbon driven. Even now we are consuming coal and oil, carbon resources, to power our evolving awareness.  We might have started with wood, but now we are onto some scary and depleting resources of the carbon age.  The effects of which are being made more and more obvious every day with global warming, sea levels rising, radically changing weather patterns and the global restriction of another necessary resource for life: water.

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New Release!!

Becoming Awareness

So much of our lives is a conversation.  Conversations in awareness… warriors of freedom are lucky to have even one person who they can share not only the ideas but the life of a warrior of freedom.

My predominant way of communicating with the world is the art.  Rarely do I find words and can write them and share them, mostly here.  Female Warrior as many know, is an amazing wordsmith… she has just completed her first book.  Check it out here:

Becoming Awareness Book Release!

The cover may be familiar to many… I am pleased to be a part of this release.  Warriors of freedom may not need much, but its great when we support each others work… so please get your copy, enjoy the words, and consider the conversation!!!

Chakra System and the New Seer

The Beyond

The Beyond

Probably one of the most difficult current trends in symbolic art and spirituality is the vast number of modern spiritualities that refer to the Chakras.  There are 7, and they relate to areas of the body which hold emotional energy, memory, trauma and of course healing and vision.  This is actually a current modern interpretation.   There are very specific descriptions of what they look like.  Go to any spiritually minded bookstore or gift shop, and you will see them hanging as individual units or as banners around the store.  Everyone knows they are rainbow structured, and sacred geometry is within each diagram and description of their forms.  If we study them, we find out the spiritual, healing, emotional and physical significance of each chakra.  There are gods and goddesses associated with each of them and if not gods, spiritual divine energies.  We are possessed by the spiritual materialism of these derivate forms and functions.

This is, for me as a Toltec artist, ripe for recapitulation.  The very fact that it is a pattern and a structure that was laid down before I ever got here, makes me demand to recapitulate the whole downloaded program.  Thus have I spent years meditating and connecting to this system of symbols, sounds and patterns.  What I found out is that like all religions, philosophies and cultural spiritual traditions, this one has been co-opted, simplified and is working very hard to distract the original intent and lineage to which the ancient seers created them to be.

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Random acts of awareness and the senseless random reality

Mechanics of a Shamanic Journey

Mechanics of a Shamanic Journey

Warriors of awareness are a devilish group. We dare to look, perceive and understand awareness in all its forms and formulas.  This is knowledge and goes way beyond words.  We learn to practice and our practice includes: honing our awareness, mastering the creative, building fortitude, being grateful, detachment as the observer, energetic maneuvers, and most important mastery of our selves…  And with practice comes the confidence we walk a good path with heart.  It’s beautiful, it’s filled with so much necessary value.  In fact it is these values which ring the bell and send into the universe resounding intent, Intent, INTENT….

The universe is a wonder. It is awesome.  At the subatomic level it looks chaotic and random, which in many ways it is.  So easily maneuvered into structure and pattern, this wonder soup which under-veils our world is highly impacted by thoughts, words and deeds.  Neat!  Quantum physicists are proving what seers have known for millennia.  At the other end of the spectrum, the super large, the universe is an extremely cold and sterile place with pockets of hot points so infernal that elements are being created every moment.  The sum total of all the physical, light, hot aspects of the universe is about 3%… the rest is dark matter and energy or the glue that holds the whole shebang together.

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