The Earth has plans

Ride the Wave - 22x30 ink on paper original, framed.

Ride the Wave – 22×30 ink on paper original, framed.

Despite every other issue under the sun that one can get all worked up about, the one issue that we seem to never directly connect to all root causes and conditions is population. This is truly the white elephant living in our midst that we refuse to acknowledge. The course of logic around the issue has mostly dealt with food and feeding an ever growing population. This is how we got GMOs in the first place, the inventive and technological success/necessity of our age to have enough food. You can blame Monsanto, but it is our need that Monsanto provided and our inability to look population growth square in the face that is the real cause. Demand and desire drive everything in this world… not supply except when we reach the ultimate limits. So too, factory farming, drought, petroleum demands… I would venture to say that if we look deeply at any/all social issues that we currently face, it is the global denial surrounding population growth that is at the deepest root of it all.

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Up in Smoke, a Puff of Electrons and Art

Contemplating Circles: "To touch the abstract all we need is silence."

Contemplating Circles: “To touch the abstract all we need is silence.”

Artist, especially those of us dedicated to freedom, stand strong in the wind of criticism of our creativity. We create because we are driven to create. Nothing should or can stop us from being the creators we are. Complaints are shouted into the wind of current culture and are useless and banal. Yet understanding the state of art today is essential to the commitment we have to creation and to freedom itself.

We live in a post apocalyptic world of immediate gratification. Using this term carefully, it indicates the advance of the predator into every part of our lives. Our current culture does not so much create as it barfs out entertainments and distractions. When once a work of art was created and appreciated for years, the topic of conversation and enduring ideals, works are too often created today with speed and flash that echoes off the back of our visual cortex and is gone as soon as we look at it. Sometimes we are left with a nagging urge to understand the work, but it fades into the background of the media blur that we are constantly being assaulted.

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Dreams of the Apocalypse


The field where we ran to was full of people of all ages. Suddenly, everyone circled around and began to gather and hold hands. We all called to the directions, center, earth, east, south, west, and north and above…. Fingers of fire were descending from above like tongues of a great beast. The ground in every direction exploded as these tendrils annihilated the areas where they touched. As a group we linked intent and shifted to another dimension, the only tears where those of joy and wonder at sharing the beautiful planet we had been on.

Dreams are amazing places where we can explore many things. Recently, apocalypse has been a theme of my dreams. This is archetypal. Ever since we considered telling a story of creation’s beginning, we have been telling of its end. Often the weight of our decisions brings us down. Some imbalance demands a resetting of the clock. Many ancient cultures have myths associated with the cycles of time, a need for renewal. In many cultures we are currently in the 4th world. If we look closely at these myths and cycles of transformation, we can see eternal regeneration and generation of awareness through time.

In some myths there was a time when we spoke to and with animals, or at one time there were giants, or at one time the creators, angels, or the watchers walked among us. In many cases, in fact all I can consider, there was a destruction, flood, migration, emergence from a cave etc into a new world where we begin again with a better understanding of what we need to do better.

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Insane Apes!

ApesCaesarOne must have a sense of humor simply to breath in this life. Awareness, like all randomly occurring things in our universe, is diverse and varied. In fact it is its diversity and variety that makes the universe a great place to explore… or maybe this universe among the multi-verses out there… one can only wonder in awe at it all.

This band of awareness is so silly. We grew memories to assist in our survival amongst the natural predators… we can recall how to hunt, how to become animals, how to do all sorts of things. And rather than tie this into instinct, we tie it into stories which have the flexibility to change with the times and adapt to lineal changes. Aren’t we neat! Yet that very memory becomes our most tireless tyrant. It dogs our heels with flashbacks and automatic reactions to situations sometimes even before they occur.

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Lodge of Freedom

Mystery of Seven

Mystery of Seven

For almost 23 years, this warrior of freedom has walked a practice that is called lodge. While warriors of freedom, Toltecs if you will (though not limited to that), are people who recapitulate all ritual, religion and patterns, this practice has become an amazing key to freedom. Staying away from the topic for as long as this blog has been in existence was a conscious choice. There is nothing about lodge that can save anyone from anything. This is a critical distinction. The only practice that can and does lead to deeper understanding and freedom is recapitulation. But it is time to share the idea with warriors of freedom around the globe.

Lodge has become a beautiful obsession, a shared wonder, and an awesome practice. Lodge is a space within which silence is cultivated. Lodge is a space where recapitulation can be done with increased focus. Lodge is a space where warriors can celebrate who and what they are and the path we share together. Lodge is a space where we throw down the gauntlet at the predator and say, NO! Lodge is a space where we can heal, knowing healing comes from within our own being. Lodge is a space of creation and creativity for creators. Lodge is a space of darkness that swirls with energy and light that focuses our intention. Lodge is a space where we become INTENT.

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Erasing Personal History

Here is the extreme challenge of all warriors. For as we grow, as we know, we create patterns. Patterns are there to help our lives become simpler. The brain uses less energy when it creates easier pathways to manage information, knowledge and history. But likewise, the simpler, the more assumptions and the easier it is to be trapped by the very patterns which we have become accustomed to living.

Human relationships are the biggest pattern producing system within our brains. The neocortex and most of the upper brain is dedicated to sensate information gathered over long periods of time. Memories and patterns become fixated and this influences the central brain where feeling is generated. The hard part is, what if those patterns are no longer viable? What if our very patterns are keeping us addicted to emotions which are in and of themselves debilitating.

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“Everything is medicine….”

Healing Bear

Healing Bear

My benefactor, elder of his tradition, said this to me on numerous occasions.   The record of his lineage was passed from generation to generation through groups of individuals that passed knowledge by word of mouth. Only in the last hundred years did this knowledge become corrupted by the influence of writing and the incursion of foreign takers. He maintained that if the people, any people, could understand this simple statement, much could be healed… between people, between us and the earth, but mostly within our own beings.

He noted that when we define anything with a negative connotation we then set ourselves up to be toxified and brought down. This did not mean that everything is in harmony with our highest good, far from that. There are medicines that are downright nasty for us and should be avoided, but they have their purpose in the grand scheme of the earth.  He feared that we might have released too many of those medicines for the long term survival of our species. And he was always reminding me of the earth’s place in the center of all medicine because she is the source of all life and energy which creates medicine and hosts our spiritual journey with her.

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