thCAVF8G49Where does the earth end? Is the ground the limit? A ball of iron, nickel, oxygen, hydrogen and a ton of other stuff all compact into a stable ball twirling around a furnace in the sky. Scientists are often asked at what point does the atmosphere end? That question depends on how you define the atmosphere. What we get depends on what we are looking for. If you really look at it correctly, we don’t live on the earth as though there is some bizarre separation between us and her. The flaw in that language creates a flaw in our relationship with her. We live in the earth, for the atmosphere which goes out five definable layers is over 248 miles thick!   And even those definitions are just a matter of pressure point differentials and density issues.

So perception creates actions. When we think we live on the earth and not in her, we think ourselves unique and separate from her. We allocate everything else, all other animals, to that amorphous thing called “nature” and creating such a definition creates that “other”, which is a mystery we can thus ignore in our daily lives. When our actions, our choices are founded on this, it discounts our co-creative participation in the flow of that which is earth. We are fundamentally a part of her and she is fundamentally part of us.

Let’s take our bodies. We are not us as we think we are. Our bodies are only for the briefest of time totally human in DNA and cellular construction. That moment actually fades pre-birth. Before we come into this world we are an amalgam of human DNA, bacteria and viruses which aid in our development. At birth 90% of us is human, 10% is the other stuff that helps the human maintain life… and we receive our most important bacteria and viruses from our immediate family. Thanks mom and dad!

Now you would think that as we grow we gain so much more and become more human, but the biology of this is something completely different. We actually become more foreign material. By the time we are 25, the tables have switched. 90% of our boy is foreign and only 10% is human. The most human of our being is actually the brain which spends most of its energy making sure that nothing foreign gets in and invades it… yes 97% human up there!

Thus we are actually communal beings. We have many beings within us working together in symbiosis to create a life that can hold any kind of awareness. When you think about it, our brain material (the seat of our beingness or self-reflected awareness of being) should be in constant gratitude to the myriad of creatures that allow it to walk around in planet earth.

Now as to our edges. Where do they begin and end? Is our skin the edge of our being, some would say yes. But the skin breaths and exhales and reaches out into its environment all the time. We have no limit to what we can sense at that skin level. So our edges are rather blurry. Like the atmosphere our energy actually senses out beyond our skin. When we touch/feel another person we share electrical impulses between us. If you walk into a room, you can sense everyone there. And we have many more senses than just the big five we were misled to believe we have.   Humans are a community of communities all sharing in a common band of awareness on multiple levels of perceptual frameworks intersecting all the time. There are no real edges, there is no real separation. We can see with our ears, hear with our hands, smell with our tongues and so many more things like sense direction, orientation, balance, the list goes on and on… Any separation is self-created delusions of the manic mind to keep out the “other.”

So … When we treat the earth as something separate from ourselves, to be dominated, we miss the actuality of being in relationship with her. Being always in her. We miss that she and all the viruses, bacteria, molds, fungus, animals, plants and insects all co-create this band in her which sustains life. There is no separation except what we choose to create with our self-denial.

There is no self, there are no boundaries, there is no separation. If we begin with this assumption, there is a whole world that opens up to our perceptual field that is truly infinite and glorious. We are the sun, we are the moon, we are the stars and planets, we are the universe itself in every part and particle within and without of this thing we call life.




2 thoughts on “Boundaries

  1. Great sharing … love this…have heard this same teaching in a slightly different way from Algonquin, Peruvian and Lakota Elders … Mitakuye Oyasin !
    Thank you and blessings ~

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