Barely Human


The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point

When we see the mold of man, the common assemblage point of humanity, we see a structure that looks like a complex onion, though don’t get caught in the allusion. Layers upon layers built up over a lifetime. Stabilizing beliefs, concepts, ideas and opinions. Most of these are not actually ones we choose but are chosen for us to fit in with this band of awareness known as life. But the universe is so much more interesting. And the fixation of our perceptions through layers of repetition, constrain our ability to actually see the universe for what it is…. Energy manifesting form. Knowledge, information, awareness criss-crossed with lines of vibrating strings and warping fields.

It is a brilliant system, this convoluted onion. It has sub circles and structures within and through its form that glow with great intensity. Often the sub structures are in direct conflict with other sub-structures, the whole more distractingly beautiful than the flawed pieces. We have, as beings of awareness, come to accept the inherent conflict between the parts, like religion versus science or sanctity of life with the death penalty. We have become so good at compartmentalizing these fixations that few human truly understand the deep stabilizing conflicts within the structure. And most subtle, humans have chosen to stand fixedly staring at the world through these conflicting structures and maintained a self-absorbed belief of our centrality in the schemata of things. There is no other like us that we have found… ain’t it grand!

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What Does Love Got to Do With It?

The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point

Warning:  this post will most likely anger, annoy and bug the snot out of people who proclaim to walk a path with heart, a warrior’s path, if they have not shifted their assemblage points beyond the human band of awareness towards silence and seeing. 

Everything, yes, everything is perception.  This is because it is funneled through the assemblage point, which organizes the knowable world into the known.  For the seer, we see the assemblage point as a bright band of luminescent fibers, which sits on an infinite sea of fibers within what is known as the shell of our being.  These fibers vibrate and glow.  Throughout life as we become more aware of our perceptions and aspects of the universe we clamp down on this vibrating force.  This stabilizes the assemblage point and our conscious awareness of the world we think we know.

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EPSON MFP image“It’s because we simply cheated ourselves all the way down the line.  We thought our lives, by analogy, was a journey, a pilgrimage, which had a serious purpose by the end.  The point was to get to that end, success or whatever, or maybe heaven after you are dead. But we missed the point the whole way along.  It was a musical thing and we were supposed to sing or dance, while the music was being played.”  OTT – One day I wish to have this kind of time.

A warrior’s humility is not the humility of the average man.  Got it, but does that make us in any way special.  Hell know!… In fact it makes us the same as the average man.  One of the traps of any path, any way, anything we practice is that we think we are getting the right answer, the right way and the world makes more sense to us than any other human in the world.  (We sometimes forget that the insane apes are us!)  In fact there is nothing special about the warrior of freedom’s path in comparison to any other path whatsoever.

We progress through the four battles of life, we build up personal power, we align with intent and so often we forget that everything is aligned with intent and has power to say nothing of freedom.  Every person, plant and animal has the same freedom that we do within the realm of the position of their assemblage points.  To walk a path of freedom is not in anyway superior or special to any one else, rather it is a dance of knowledge and awareness of the panoply of creation and how amazing the universe is in creating awareness in all its variations.

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We Dreamers

Thinkers, Doers, and Seers.

Creating time to make the world.

Passing between

And knowing that, though truth be a goal

it is only bound to a reality.

Passing beyond a reality of here and now

And truth or fiction have no necessity.

Visualize a peak and climb to its top to

Jump into life.

Energies of here focus

one through to the beyond.


Confused, see the inter-relatedness of life.

But to see we pay the price of the Doer,

Doing a life’s work, like a dream unfolding

And when we return with spirit’s vision

It requires thinking to put it all



Break the chord, See, Be, Do, what is a Life?

Lost in vision, we stop to know.

Thinking straight, we see the curves

Which come round again.


The Vision is expensive.

Energy flows.



We are dreamers,

thinkers, doers, and seers.


Silence enfolds us now.

What the Predator Wants, a Warrior’s Tale

If you ever get to see sheep being herded in a slaughterhouse, the image is perfect for what the predator wants.  Sheep work together and communicate with each other almost psychically.  They gather together in the pen and will often huddle close when being moved to slaughter.  We separate them into individuals from the pack and push them one at the time towards death.  They are alone, unseen and unheard in their final moments.  We learned this from wolves that attack a pack of sheep. They are one of the first animals humans learned to control, but this lesson 10,000 years ago was directly from the predator, the foreign mind, the installed logic of loneliness and fear.  The lie of born alone, live alone, die alone is the false matrix of our culture.

Humans have done just the same to each other on this planet.  To force compliance to a reality that is described as “the way things are”.  No one is responsible; everyone is a victim.  But it is we who have created cultures that separate the individuals from the healthy tribe and force them to submit to the faceless nameless legion of control.  Nowhere could this be more evident than in the institutions of banking and government.   There are no humans in these institutions.  There are unthinking processors of procedures and policies that are elevated to the level of the gods to which all must submit.

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The Ultimate Maneuver

The universe, and for that matter all universes, is filled with unfathomable mystery.  We are bound by the perceptions and conditions we choose every day, often unconsciously.  This Gordion knot of being is something we have tried for years, centuries, to unravel only to discover there is more to unravel.  It is the warrior’s mission, duty, and delight to unravel those mysteries.  We value freedom as a central core but cannot define nor even grasp what freedom is.  That is the greatest paradox.  To seek freedom, to desire it in all its manifest forms is to watch it constantly slip through our fingers.  For it is grasping and clawing and fighting for freedom that inevitably become the net we get tangled in every day.  We are just free.

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The Power of Silence and the Motion of the Universe

Standing on the edge of the ocean shore, watching the tide come in, is one of the most profound places to come to know the power of silence.  The waves crash on the shore in a predictable pattern.  Stand there and count the pulse… 1 forward, 1 back, 2 forward, 1 back, 3 forward, 2 back… and so on until the water rises and takes over more and more of the shore.  It takes patience to stand and just be present to the patterns changing.  The moon being full, the shore being long, this act of silence does not mean that it is quiet.

Sounds rage as foam crashes created by the rocks below the surf.  There is between the waves moments of less sound, yet under it all is a constant hum of the earth pulsing her beauty creating new moments.  It was in these places between earth and sea, in tidal pools, that form emerged and crawled out from the depths.  It is at this edge between that a creature reached out to the land.  It was here that some returned to the depths to play.

When we think of silence as warriors, we get caught at first in the idea that it is quiet.  But the universe is not a quiet place.  There is not anywhere that sound does not pulses, waves, intersects and moves.  In fact life, all life, is a constant wave pattern intersecting with all other intersected waves to allow awareness to be held in form.

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