EPSON MFP image“It’s because we simply cheated ourselves all the way down the line.  We thought our lives, by analogy, was a journey, a pilgrimage, which had a serious purpose by the end.  The point was to get to that end, success or whatever, or maybe heaven after you are dead. But we missed the point the whole way along.  It was a musical thing and we were supposed to sing or dance, while the music was being played.”  OTT – One day I wish to have this kind of time.

A warrior’s humility is not the humility of the average man.  Got it, but does that make us in any way special.  Hell know!… In fact it makes us the same as the average man.  One of the traps of any path, any way, anything we practice is that we think we are getting the right answer, the right way and the world makes more sense to us than any other human in the world.  (We sometimes forget that the insane apes are us!)  In fact there is nothing special about the warrior of freedom’s path in comparison to any other path whatsoever.

We progress through the four battles of life, we build up personal power, we align with intent and so often we forget that everything is aligned with intent and has power to say nothing of freedom.  Every person, plant and animal has the same freedom that we do within the realm of the position of their assemblage points.  To walk a path of freedom is not in anyway superior or special to any one else, rather it is a dance of knowledge and awareness of the panoply of creation and how amazing the universe is in creating awareness in all its variations.

Even the predator is nothing special in comparison to our walk.  So many of us walk a pathway to become something special.  Sometimes we miss that special moment that we became unique.  Every human is unique and different because every human assembles their connections within the brain differently, the memories they hold and the infinite experiences that are possible in the world.  The music is always playing.

The music is the music of the spheres of awareness, the pulse of the earth, the range of emotions and the mind in all that variation.  We can dance and sing to music, which is nothing special.  When we go to a concert and are all dancing to music that we all agree on and are into, the dance is harmonious and people are moving together and uniquely on the great floor of the dancehall.  When we are out in the world, in a city or on the road, sometimes we are hearing different music.  We become aware of those whose dance is not in harmony with us.  We must dance around or avoid them for all sorts of reasons.  It is listening to the music that allows us to flow.  But even what we hear and how we choose to dance is nothing special.

One of the places a warrior of freedom seeks out is a place where the rational music is silent and the music of the universe is humming.  We can sit in silence, we can align with intent or the earth or the universe.  We begin to hear more because there are a fewer songs going rather than a bunch of discordant songs and listeners.  Here we learn to flow, to dance, to spin and to know freedom at its root…. Because “it was a musical thing..” and we are in awe of all the music….

A warrior’s humility: nothing special, nothing famous, ever changing, constant movement… power is as power moves.


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