The Earth is all there is

The Merkabah

The Merkabah

It has taken time, but I think that we as a species are finally waking up to the reality of the situation we have created. We have with our science, which means knowledge, figured out that it will be impossible for us to leap off of this blue green ball in any significant way for many generations.  And even if we could we would have to change genetically or adapt to long periods of space environments which would change us genetically.  Or even harder, we would have to take a fully functioning earth environment with us as we are products of our planet’s evolution.  So we are left with the existential awareness that this is it. The earth is all there is short of these long range adaptations and technological developments.

Second to this awareness is the growing awareness that the carbon age is coming to an end.  If we are honest, we know that the root of any age is seated in the type of energy that is used to sustain the systems which we have created.  The carbon age has been going for millennia since we discovered fire and kept the predators at bay with this warmth through the night.  Yes, I am summing up the last many years of human habitation, more than even written or mythological memory can account for in one fell swoop of an age.  All, and I mean all, development of human kind can be related back to the energy production source of releasing carbons through burning.

But added to that is the swaths of conflict and conquest, again all carbon driven. Even now we are consuming coal and oil, carbon resources, to power our evolving awareness.  We might have started with wood, but now we are onto some scary and depleting resources of the carbon age.  The effects of which are being made more and more obvious every day with global warming, sea levels rising, radically changing weather patterns and the global restriction of another necessary resource for life: water.

The complexity to which we have become slaves is even more important issue for awareness. The very creation of systems so complex and structures so convoluted that it takes a host of workers just to maintain them is the third energetic consumption which is pushing us to the tipping point.  We have in essence become the plague feeding on a system of unsustainable energy to justify the position of our world has found itself in.  We are feeding on short term resources with unsustainable power methods.

If we look at history, every civilization has ended due to the overconsumption of local resources, complexity of social power structures and the slow but steady consumption of the many by the few. These three elements brought civilization collapse to Mohenjo Daro, Egypt, all the Chinese dynasties, Greece, Rome (in all its subsequent forms), the Dutch, Spanish and English Empires and now the current first world nations which have extended this predatory form of governmental and economic system throughout the world.  We are thus on the verge of collapse while despirately holding onto ideals which are at best 18th century political constructs founded on carbon consumption.  Yes that’s a mouthful.

So what should the warrior of freedom do? What should the average person stuck in the matrix do?  What should we all start to do in the face of such a potentially lethal global collapse?

First, don’t panic. We, the average human, are more powerful than any of those who think they have power over us.  We need to be aware that when every dominant system collapsed what replaced it was a more plebian, democratic and simple system which led to new growth and innovation.  Not all was lost!  If we can keep the nukes out of the air, as a species we are headed for some rather innovative times.  Our energy consumption will change to solar, or biofuels that are renewable.  There is no choice.   There is in any major change like this going to be suffering and death.  The way to avoid this is to be ahead of it.

I know that the essential map to the future has not been drawn. But the key to the map has been seeded.  Hosts of people all over the planet are going back to the earth, sitting on her, recognizing the baseline necessity of our bio-system which is critical for our fundamental survival.  Our spirituality must reject all religions that leave out the earth as the center of our energetic matrix.  We must reject the sky ward thought that we will be saved from above.  We must return to the earth, ground our reasoning in the fact that we are here to stay and we must work together with earth, or we are doomed as a species holding awareness.  The time is now.

For those of us who have sat on the earth and listened to her pulse, we need to share this message which changes the fundamental reasoning about being alive. We must share this with the world.  For those that have not sat on her and heard the waves of creation from her heart, you must go.  You must question all energy consumption and complexities to which you are fixated.  Release them all.  Let it go.  Become a partner in being stewards of the earth.  For there are only two choices, the way of the earth or death.

When we can see this as a globe, solar will no longer be aligned with an outmoded sky god worship of salvation and become the reality of new energy infusing a system which is sustainable. Our indigenous elders warned us that the new age would come when the sun touches the earth.  That is the best definition of global warming which is impacting the water resources of our planet.  Ultimately if we do not switch to a new energy resource, we will kill the oceans and then ourselves.

So go now to the ocean, to the deserts, to the mountains, to the forests. Sit and listen… you will hear it, and it will change you…

For more, please read – Becoming Awareness, Earth, Energy, Evolution found at This is the best resource to start the journey and go out to sit on the Earth becoming the change we want to see in the world.


One thought on “The Earth is all there is

  1. Right you are. Any competent ethnologist for the world bank or any of the other pimps know that the laws of thermodynamics are real and you may stick the fork in now. We have been blessed as the current regime of criminals are doomed. Those few who survive will learn what it is to be human again. Perhaps assemblage points will move and we can hear the Earth again. Maybe the spirit will return to man again. Thanks

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