Art and Creativity

One of the hardest things about being an artist is that our own work, as we do it, cannot be seen by us as the observer. We are immersed in the flow of energy onto the page or into the work. All we often see is the imperfections until and including the moment we release the work into the world. The best artists, let this go with reckless abandon and leave the work alone to go out into the world. Only at this point of completion can we look back upon the work as it is to the world for it is no longer our self. The birth complete, like a child grown to maturity, we have to kick them out of our house to live free and independent of any meaning or intent that we had for the work. This living process can best be accomplished when we are connected to the earth, a source of amazing energy and power of creation in which we all live. If we listen, the creation will be as it should, a reflection of her divine interaction with the cosmos… a dance of awareness unleashed in the now.


Codex Del Sol

Recently finished a book called Codex del Sol.  The journey of this magnitude was pretty amazing.  Initially the idea was spawned by the change in the clocks to the winter mode.  Always a difficult time because it starts to be darker earlier, my interests were to keep pace with the sun.  Like remembering the long warm days, the work is founded on yellow, warm earth reds and browns.  Initially the graphic content was playing with pyramids and circles which moved across the eclyptic.  Continue reading