Plant Allies – a Pathway to Shifting the Assemblage Point

This blog has avoided sacred plant medicines for a very good reason.  They are a trap, like so many pathways of knowledge, they give with the right hand and slap you with the left.  But recently there was an opportunity to watch a ceremony of just such work and it propelled these words.

Carlos Casteneda noted in Conversations with a Nagual that if you are going to do a sacred plant medicine, better have a Don Juan there to make sure that you are not falling into the pitfalls of self importance.  The ruthlessness of the guide or road man or medicine man is essential to ones practice.  There is a good reason that Carlos later turned and denied that this path was a stable one for the warrior of freedom.

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What is the Real Goal of Entheogens?

This dance of use and misuse has played itself out over the last number of generations.  On one side there is the calling, deep calling, to have ecstatic experiences which connect us to something greater than our limited self… or ego.  On the other side is the complete loss of ego such that there is nothing left to return to and all the fears and dangers that go with that potential escape into insanity.  Thus we sit on the rope bridge of being over a canyon of problematic issues around entheogenic use and abuse.

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