Lineal Awareness and Knowledge

This came through on the galactic alignment date of the full moon, solstice, sun, moon, earth alignment. 

The seers of this age are in alignment with a deep and connected sense of freedom.  We have been asking ourselves why freedom has become the most important value and goal of our time.  To understand this, we are looking back along lineages or pathways of knowledge which have existed for thousands of years.  Anyone working with a benefactor, which is defined as a person of a lineage, knows that it is important to look back through time to these lineages.  As for me, the lineage that my benefactor is a part of has its roots from a time when we as humans almost disappeared from this planet all together. That awareness alone has guided this lineage along all the years since.  For him it was rooted in the Lodge… and expressed in our the intent we call prayer.   There were three main phases to the passing of the lineage which is currently shifting and changing towards freedom as a goal. 

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The ultimate ground of being

For several posts I have written and extolled the difficulties that I find with religion.  And in fact it is lost on most people who claim a love of freedom and awareness that religion is all about not being conscious, aware or free.  Rather it is about being a part of the controlling matrix which dominates our world with one single purpose, to get us through life with as little conscious awareness of the real spirit of life and certainly to move us onward towards some unknown afterlife.  This distraction has brought out a host of responses which are often set within the context of each person’s feelings about religion which was down loaded into them at a young age.  On top of this, those that claim they are science oriented or philosophy or any number of other paradigmatic structures claims they are not religious and are free having the truth.  Wow, it is hard to see that all paradigms are just that inwardly focused, limit the conversation to the territory they are comfortable with, and self sustaining through arguing or influencing each person with their claim to the truth.  Humm, this would be a religion in my mind. 

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Religion and the circle of abuse


Reading the God Virus by Darrel Ray has brought me into a new level of understanding, and concern for our state of being as humans.  Ray uses the viral metaphor to enumerate what religions do to keep and maintain the ideas energies of a religion going.  The equation is simple it is a circle of behavior and abuse and thus it is an addiction.  It fixates our perception in a manner controlled by the virus and the super vectors (a vector is a medium of transferring the virus, for malaria it is a mosquito, for religion and god it is the priests and ministers)… The virus cycles and cross connects all over our culture.  I will focus on Christianity, but the application is everywhere the same in all religions where submission to the god is required. 

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What is the Real Goal of Entheogens?

This dance of use and misuse has played itself out over the last number of generations.  On one side there is the calling, deep calling, to have ecstatic experiences which connect us to something greater than our limited self… or ego.  On the other side is the complete loss of ego such that there is nothing left to return to and all the fears and dangers that go with that potential escape into insanity.  Thus we sit on the rope bridge of being over a canyon of problematic issues around entheogenic use and abuse.

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Toltec Artist

I stepped out into not just a new day as the old one had promised but a night full of stars and a mountain aglow with lines of energy never seen before by my eyes.  The old one asked in the prayers for the mother to open to us who celebrated this sacred lodge ceremony.  Calling the spirits to the ceremony, lights had flashed, thunder had crashed outside and the rains had come and gone just as the old one had predicted.  The songs sung that night were unique and new, and while I understood nothing of this language, I understood it’s love and intent.  They were songs of creation, songs of the beating heart of the mother openning to all who could hear.  The ones outside were in tears as the old one sang for they knew these were rare songs sung last at the passing of the old one’s mate.  And yet that spirit was with us throughout that night.  Two old ones had called to us from across the plains… deep in the desert… we heard them and came wandering to this sacred mountain.  Little did we know as we stepped out into the brilliance of the stars that we had met the ones who were waiting.  Little did we know that our benefactors had revealed themselves so completely and freely.  The night was light up with the glow of awareness that the moon brings in her relationship with the earth.  The mountain spoke to us and we wandered off to the prayer hill to be with her, to be held in her pregnant hands, pregnant with spirit always birthing.  The plants glowed with awareness and being as if a symphony of light and sound was bursting forth from them in that moment.  This is what we are aware of all the time.  This is what we ignore all the time.  We think we know… And yet we do know.  We see all this beauty all the time.  We need only remove the dust from our eyes, honor the past, look forward to the future, hold each other in highest regard, and practice freedom and awareness everyday. 

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