What the Predator Wants, a Warrior’s Tale

If you ever get to see sheep being herded in a slaughterhouse, the image is perfect for what the predator wants.  Sheep work together and communicate with each other almost psychically.  They gather together in the pen and will often huddle close when being moved to slaughter.  We separate them into individuals from the pack and push them one at the time towards death.  They are alone, unseen and unheard in their final moments.  We learned this from wolves that attack a pack of sheep. They are one of the first animals humans learned to control, but this lesson 10,000 years ago was directly from the predator, the foreign mind, the installed logic of loneliness and fear.  The lie of born alone, live alone, die alone is the false matrix of our culture.

Humans have done just the same to each other on this planet.  To force compliance to a reality that is described as “the way things are”.  No one is responsible; everyone is a victim.  But it is we who have created cultures that separate the individuals from the healthy tribe and force them to submit to the faceless nameless legion of control.  Nowhere could this be more evident than in the institutions of banking and government.   There are no humans in these institutions.  There are unthinking processors of procedures and policies that are elevated to the level of the gods to which all must submit.

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In what has to be one of the best movies of our time technologically, spiritually and emotionally, Avatar definitely hits the mark. We were rocketed on a journey through a world that was different enough from our own to engage our sense of wonder and attention as well as similar to our own for anyone who spends time truly connecting with mother Gaia on all levels. The play of lights in a primal forest of Pandora was food for the soul, a reminder of who we really are.  Avatar connects one with the true intention of life, to be in balance, to walk with awareness, to fly with freedom and to love with abandon.

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