Power Spots and the Warrior of Awareness

The earth has within its band of awareness locations of intense energy. Like our own bodies, there are places where she is sensitive, where she produces greater heat or where she has peace and calm. She is as active and changing as our own selves. We are a reflection of these mechanics of energy for our physical form emerged in relation to her.

As part of a recent walk, we hiked up to what looked like a great place to view a vast red valley. we found a location nestled between two red rock outcroppings offered us a respite from our week. We sat just beneath an ancient line of white that marked the boundary between an ancient ocean’s surface, the rocks above being ancient islands, and the edge of the valley being the shore.

Sitting in silence the position of our assemblage points returned to silence in alignment with the earth. Across the valley points we had visited before were illuminated with vibrating energy. This could easily be seen in a restful stance. In essence dreaming into this place allowed us to “see” connections between places. Lines of power connected various places.

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Toltec Artist’s Paintings

As many know, my work with the ideas of the toltec warrior are often expressed in paintings and images seen throughout this blog.  Here is a comprehensive overview of many works created in the last three years.  These works are in galleries and or in my collection and for sale.  Yes even warriors of freedom must make money somehow.  Many of these images are available in print form.

If you are interested, please contact me to inquire about pricing, size, further pictures or prints of these works.  Since several are represented in galleries… they are out there for the world to see.

Appreciate all the interest in the work, the words and the way of the warrior.  Contact me at ravencircle1@gmail.com for further information.

intent, Intent, INTENT

Black Enso

Black Enso

Darkness surrounds us, steam leaps up from the rocks.  A deep sound underneath all sounds emerges from the voices there assembled.  And within this erupts words, “intent, Intent, INTENT.”  We need nothing else as we are bathed in silence and surrounded with beauty. 

Carlos Casteneda asked Don Juan how to align with intent.  Don Juan said that it takes no ceremony, nothing special, no prayer or method but standing square and saying, “intent, Intent, INTENT.”   When we say this we are not working with intent, INTENT is working with us.

The ancients were always aligned with intent because the position of their assemblage points, the dominant place of their perception was in silence.  They listened to everything that was occurring around us.  Modern man has descended into a place of talking… a place of ration where the explanation comes first to construct a universe out of conceptual frameworks.  When the universe does not work in accord with the conceptual framework, we ignore it, deny its existence at a fundamental level and in reality never experience the universe as it is because the voices and concepts, stories heaped up over time get in the way of silence.

The longer silence becomes a part of our practice, the more the warrior becomes aligned with intent.  Not that he is intending it or willing it to be aligned but rather that that which separates him from the source is no longer there and the source is what it is, ever present.  Words don’t really do it justice.

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Art and Creativity

One of the hardest things about being an artist is that our own work, as we do it, cannot be seen by us as the observer. We are immersed in the flow of energy onto the page or into the work. All we often see is the imperfections until and including the moment we release the work into the world. The best artists, let this go with reckless abandon and leave the work alone to go out into the world. Only at this point of completion can we look back upon the work as it is to the world for it is no longer our self. The birth complete, like a child grown to maturity, we have to kick them out of our house to live free and independent of any meaning or intent that we had for the work. This living process can best be accomplished when we are connected to the earth, a source of amazing energy and power of creation in which we all live. If we listen, the creation will be as it should, a reflection of her divine interaction with the cosmos… a dance of awareness unleashed in the now.

The Singularity and the Multiplicity

In the beginning the singularity was there and lonely.  The singularity was lost and in hope of something more… And thus the multiplicity was created in a great explosion from the singularity.  For many generations the singularity was unknown.  And that great unknown allowed it to work behind all things.  But eventually the singularity became known and worshiped.  Yet could not be seen anywhere.  The multiplicity was everywhere evident.  But to those who worshiped the singularity, for they knew intuitively that it was there, they lost sight of the multiplicity.  And the multiplicity became not enough.  These believers drove themselves mad in search of the answers, the truth, the evidence of the singularity.  As they did, things in the multiplicity of the universe became more and more delicate and unbalanced.  The drive towards the one, began to harm the many.  The many cried out, but was not heard.  So the multiplicity, which knew exactly where the singularity was at all times, decided to shed light upon the truth.  And there came people who studied with their science and created a way to measure where it was.  The multiplicity became very happy, as they got closer and closer to the wonder of creation… and there it was behind all things everywhere… the singularity was hidden behind all the variations of the multiplicity… a center that is everywhere whose circumference is nowhere. 

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Cultural Creatives – thinking outside the box

A student of mine came to me and asked, “Why is it that people do not know they are artists?”  And it became obvious that the description of artist is limited in most people’s minds to the ability to draw.  “I am no artist, I can’t even draw a straight line.”  “PS neither can I, I use a ruler!”   We have become so focused on titles as a representation of what and who we are.  An accountant adds numbers in columns and balances sheets.  A janitor picks up garbage and cleans bathrooms.  We don’t see beyond the title… Artist is not a title, it’s a way of life.  I would go so far as to say the word “human = artist.” 

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Cultural Sensitivity or Human Dynamism?

A constant debate runs through my thoughts on a regular basis… are we human or are we tribal beings… Let me explain.  So many conversations, art and communications are loaded with terms which are from all over the place.  For instance, everyone knows the yin and yang.  It is a recognizable symbol and is pretty much accepted all over the globe for its meaning.  When we say it, we know what this means.  Yet we don’t think automatically about China, the origination of the term or if we are offending the Chinese by using this term.  It is a human idea. 

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