Apocalypto – 2012

Belief is the most important thing to recapitulate.  These are deeply held ideas and perceptions, which lie at the root of our ability to see the universe for what it is.  Often beliefs are inherited constructs or are founded upon emotional experiences causing us to react unconsciously rather than see the world.  Beliefs lie within the realm of the fixation of the assemblage point and are founded on repetition, repetition often of the same story or pattern of stories.  We tell ourselves, “If it worked once, twice, three time, it should work again and again and again.”  And thus beliefs cause us to create little rituals confirming our world as we want it to be not as it really is.

The universe is more interesting than this.  It is filled with unfathomable mystery, which to the ordinary man is incomprehensible due to his constant need to reconfirm his beliefs about the world he wants to control.  This of course is folly to the warrior of freedom and knowledge and a trap of attention.  The earliest stories that we hear and grasp onto set in stone our beliefs.  And in fact the pattern of these early stories could all be repeated in a single night, yet we surround ourselves with them daily and weekly as though we had never experienced them before.

Look closely at the current media on TV or the movies.  What we see and experience day in and day out is the same story.  Often some perceived good is battling some perceived evil and good wins.  It does not change but for the colors and patterns of the people who come with such a story.  Joseph Campbell notes the pattern in Hero with a Thousand Faces.  Clearly he analyzes The Story and all its parts and how this is The Myth of our times.  All religions are based on this very myth repeated over and over and over ad nauseam.  Thus we are blind to the universe because this is a limiting human myth.

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2012 and all that stuff

I love a great conspiracy theory… in fact I lived for and through them.  I was raised questioning the Kennedy assassination, the lies of Watergate, the downfall of the Church to sexual abuse and cover ups, Monica and the dress, and a host of other amazing things like crop circles.  Yet nothing comes close to the frenzy around 2012.  December 21st, the point when we align with the dark rift of the galaxy on solstice… even though we have been aligning with it for generations, just not in a grand cross and with such an auspicious moment as sunrise on the mythological date related to the rebirth of the sun… hummmmm…..

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Circles or Lines, it’s a Matter of Evolution

 “Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ into the future.” Fly like an Eagle, Steve Miller Band   Ain’t that the truth!  And there is little we can do about it.  Or is there?  There is an obsession we humans have with time.  Are we wasting it, are we making the most out of it?  Are we moving towards some inevitable point like time wave zero or are we moving around in circles repeating all the things that ever happened before?  These are the mysteries, these are the wonders of our ability to remember and thus project… It all comes down to circles and lines.

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2012 Kulkan, Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent

Precursor to this article; The Jaguar and the Eagle, and The Human Animal Guide

We grow not in levels or stages but in breadth and depth.  We evolve and emerge ever constantly from one cave to another greater one, from one vast beautiful process into the next and the next and the next ad infinatum.  As we do so we have mega-myths which guide our steps and point the way.  Yet at the same time the myth, inherited, can be the very trap we must overcome to merge with greater breadth of awareness and depth of being.  Kulkan, the Plumed Serpent is just such a mega myth.  Yet the myth has been twisted around to serve those that would subject our awareness to their power plays.

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