The Predator Re-Visited

The Predator

The Predator

Frank Herbert in God Emperor Dune noted that the predator, the process of consume or be consumed, started with one celled beings within the primordial ooze of the long distant past.  All of that history is captured within our cellular awareness if we chose to look.  The very act of creating something and surviving requires energy.  Energy either comes from beyond (sun) or comes from the environment (consumption).  All energy is conserved, aka not lost just moves around.  The predatory instinct was built into the survival scheme of the genetic code.  Evolution grows and develops by adapting to environmental change and threat.  As the predator becomes stronger the prey must adapt and vice versa.  They are inexorably linked to each other.

Even plants are predators.  They set up relationships and create chemicals to create optimal growth for their own kind.  They may get the lion share of their energy from photosynthesis, yet they also optimize their environment for greater growth.  Animals do this as well.  Cooperation is as critical to survival, in fact more so, than kill or be killed.  The predator/prey relationship ranges throughout the natural world and universe.

Humans evolved in relationship with predators that shaped us as we shaped ourselves with cooperation.  Hand in hand this allowed us greater access to energy which grew our capacity for storage of more energy and more awareness and perceptions.  There came a point when humans crossed the line (no date can ever be found for this) and we became alpha predator.  This predator had no visible predator.  We had evolved the means to no longer fear the constant threat of those with which we shared our environment.  For a brief time, in terms of evolution, we had it made… a golden age so to speak of energy developing awareness and leaping forward with knowledge.  Expansion was the name of the game into every environmental place on this planet.  But something turned.  A fellow warrior of freedom noted that we became so energetically active in terms of dreaming that we were like a bon fire in the universe.  Enter the predator which Carlos and many others note.

I share the following brilliant video to illuminate the current state of that predator…. The Lie We Live.

This foreign installation of programming is so imbedded in us.  Its roots are in the growth of the land controlled farms, the sky god dominion over the grain and earth, the mystery of economic terror we swallow every day.  The roots are in us right now… for the predator may have come from deep within the cosmos, it now comes from deep within ourselves for it goes hand in hand with our soldiering on for survival without real thought to the affects.

But we need the predator as Frank Herbert notes.  We birthed it in governments dedicated to the pharohonic model which combined with religious Salvationism created the perfect cool aide that we drink every day.  If it were not for this form of the predator, there would be another.  We are becoming stronger as a result of it.  We are becoming aware of something deep within our energetic matrix… that we can evolve beyond this state.  We can become….

Warrior’s of freedom are taking up the discipline of defeating this predator.  They know the conflict started in the primordial ooze is within our own beings now.  We are refining the techniques to rid ourselves of that fear based war-like being that consumes or is consumed.  We are shifting our energy towards energetic freedom so we can shift to other bands of awareness.  We are defeating the predator.  It is rising up and redoubling its forces as we do so.  It knows we are in the last throws of this matrix mind and it is scared for the loss of food we have become.

Look deep into the source within.  Warriors are planting the anti-virus of real freedom and awareness to leap into something amazing.  We are beginning to venture out and within to places no one has gone before.     We are dreaming a new dream and stalking a new position of our assemblage points.  It’s brilliant to watch as the predator realizes that it will be ejected back into the depths of the cosmos from wence it came.

That warrior I spoke of above shared an interesting story.  As we venture out, in, deeper into awareness we will discover more predators.  It is a part of being aware.  These beings of greater awareness are they themselves becoming even more aware.  The challenges are there to improve us… or as Neitzsche said, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

One thought on “The Predator Re-Visited

  1. (.. hi ..) A comment….. I don’t think the predator has relevance -at least inherent- in the universe or the cosmic plateau. Even when I see the sky at night through my human eyes, I don’t get that :/ perception. If it has relevance to Earth I ‘feel’ in a way it has no chance,.. Maybe that’s me .

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