The Earth has plans

Ride the Wave - 22x30 ink on paper original, framed.

Ride the Wave – 22×30 ink on paper original, framed.

Despite every other issue under the sun that one can get all worked up about, the one issue that we seem to never directly connect to all root causes and conditions is population. This is truly the white elephant living in our midst that we refuse to acknowledge. The course of logic around the issue has mostly dealt with food and feeding an ever growing population. This is how we got GMOs in the first place, the inventive and technological success/necessity of our age to have enough food. You can blame Monsanto, but it is our need that Monsanto provided and our inability to look population growth square in the face that is the real cause. Demand and desire drive everything in this world… not supply except when we reach the ultimate limits. So too, factory farming, drought, petroleum demands… I would venture to say that if we look deeply at any/all social issues that we currently face, it is the global denial surrounding population growth that is at the deepest root of it all.

But she is amazing, this earth that is hosting our awareness. She, and I use the feminine because of the history of woman caring for generations of children, is fecund with life in all forms. Whenever one life is out of balance with all the others, something fundamental shifts. Algae that consume all the resources of a pond with no predator, covering it completely, eventually die off and fall to the bottom leaving no easily recognizable evidence of their existence. Scale this up to the global and if we choose to look, we are algae with no physical predator. The only things we have are inevitable limits which we will or have already reached.

If you think the geo-political-social-scientific arguments around global warming are confusing and outrageous, just think what would happen if we actually brought population to the forefront of the discussion surrounding consumption and global (im)balances.   This is why, as Malthus and numerous other writers have noted that humans will choose war, conflict and conservative religion over starvation, disease and lack of resources. Power on babies!!! The least common denominator is the bully from the playground. He wins every time. We wonder why males have dominated culture in the last 5000 years – population, population, population….

As warriors of awareness, we are gathering our energies. We are gathering our energies to make the final maneuver. We are gathering to leap into the abyss with gratitude for all She has granted us in this life. We are gathering as our ancient ancestors did many times along the hundreds of lineal lines whose depths reach back to the primordial ooze. We are gathering again for a leap of some kind into an unknown of some type. For a while, the destroyer will have its reign. And quietly we will shift to other bands of awareness. We have done it before, we can do it again. But the root reason is population. And nothing can stop what the Earth has planned for us.


2 thoughts on “The Earth has plans

  1. Roll on, my brother, roll on… One of my favorite paintings of yours of all time. And I agree with your post – people have an instinctive desire to see themselves reproduced in miniature, for whatever reason(s).

  2. 30 YA the Earth, in one of my moments of silence, told me that she will take it (industrial society) back. We and the takers will find the abyss with different results. She will be kind to those who love her and their condition will always be plentiful Thanks for your informed words. The messenger-waiting in wonder…

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