Dreams of the Apocalypse


The field where we ran to was full of people of all ages. Suddenly, everyone circled around and began to gather and hold hands. We all called to the directions, center, earth, east, south, west, and north and above…. Fingers of fire were descending from above like tongues of a great beast. The ground in every direction exploded as these tendrils annihilated the areas where they touched. As a group we linked intent and shifted to another dimension, the only tears where those of joy and wonder at sharing the beautiful planet we had been on.

Dreams are amazing places where we can explore many things. Recently, apocalypse has been a theme of my dreams. This is archetypal. Ever since we considered telling a story of creation’s beginning, we have been telling of its end. Often the weight of our decisions brings us down. Some imbalance demands a resetting of the clock. Many ancient cultures have myths associated with the cycles of time, a need for renewal. In many cultures we are currently in the 4th world. If we look closely at these myths and cycles of transformation, we can see eternal regeneration and generation of awareness through time.

In some myths there was a time when we spoke to and with animals, or at one time there were giants, or at one time the creators, angels, or the watchers walked among us. In many cases, in fact all I can consider, there was a destruction, flood, migration, emergence from a cave etc into a new world where we begin again with a better understanding of what we need to do better.

But Armageddon today is a myth of much greater proportions than we can ever imagine. An imbalance has already occurred. For many this imbalance is a moral one. For others this imbalance is with the earth itself. But in almost every case this imbalance brings a war, a destruction which is founded on the actions of the human race itself. We are currently being challenged by our choices.

For anyone born post 1945, this archetype of destruction is often connected to nuclear destruction. I cannot think of a time in my youth, once I became aware of the bomb, that I was not afraid. And that fear runs within the subconscious and conscious minds of every human on the planet. It also stands as the wall beyond which is unthinkable horror. We have for 70 years managed to avoid this Armageddon.   And I believe in the resolve of our leaders to not head down this path. But the rogue group and the insane religious underdog could make different choices which could affect all of us.

We must also consider the sum total of the affects which our technologies and consumptions have had on the earth, our health and our future. We are living in borrowed times. It is easy to get lost in the conspiracy of consumption. But the foundation of the problem is population. And not to get too critical, but it is not the third world economies that are the total problem. 1st worlders consume 6 to 10 times what the average person in some of the more populated areas does, making the 1st world the real problem. Added to the fact that the 3rd world defines success as having what the 1st world does thus the problem is a global one. Our old national boundaries, religious ideals, and tribal contexts no longer apply in our modern world… even though those systems and concepts are still in play everywhere.

We can’t ignore this archetype, the dreams of destruction planted in our human awareness along with all the other programming that we get from birth. We must in some manner look it square in the face and do something different. But that something can’t be resignation, nor can it be to feed a battle which inevitably feeds the source of the nightmare. It must be an act of pure creation, creating different choices in the moment. We can no longer the battle between light and dark, Zoroaster’s dream is a broken myth of purest madness. We can no longer feed the myth of a savior coming to take us away on his spaceship called heaven.  The modern religions are too focused on an afterlife.  These myths feed destruction of the human band of awareness with intense resolve.

We must chose to feed something so amazing which has been there all the time right in front of us, the beauty of the earth, the wonder of our children, and the ability for humans to face annihilation and chose something different. We have been on the brink before… this is where those myths of past worlds come from. We hunted to exhaustion resources in our hunter gather world. We have been on the brink during ice ages. We have teetered on the edge many times in many countries where ancient cities were abandoned. We have looked into the darkness through plague and war. We have seen it all. What we have not seen into is the damnation of our own population growth and resource consumption.   We can turn the tide…. But we will have to look now; soon… the inevitable is upon us.

What stories we will tell from this inevitability will depend on how well we can treat each other in transition to a new world. Let us feed the best of ourselves. Let us clean up our world… let us believe and know that we are better than our past… one which we can so easily recapitulate and reconnect to the real source; the earth, the sun, the natural balanced place we have on this planet….

We were granted awareness as a gift for survival, an adaptation to free ourselves from the predator. It is time we turn that awareness onto the ultimate predator of this planet’s history… ourselves… and feed a different thing. When we do we will see something much more than tongues of fire…. Let’s dream different dreams!


2 thoughts on “Dreams of the Apocalypse

  1. I was shown this dream years ago and your assessment is spot on. We as creators of awareness can intend that this change will be an enlightenment. I pray that a new cycle lies on the other side of the catastrophe. I was born for it and no longer afraid. Thank you. The messenger-dancing the promise of power

  2. “You don’t ask what a dance means, you enjoy it. You don’t ask what the world means, you enjoy it. You don’t ask what you mean, you enjoy yourself; or at least, so you do when you are up to snuff.

    “But to enjoy the world requires something more than mere good health and good spirits; for this world, as we all now surely know, is horrendous. ‘All life,’ said the Buddha, ‘is sorrowful’; and so, indeed, it is. Life consuming life: that is the essence of its being, which is forever a becoming. ‘The world,’ said the Buddha, ‘is an ever-burning fire.’ And so it is. And that is what one has to affirm, with a yea! a dance! a knowing, solemn, stately dance of the mystic bliss beyond pain that is at the heart of every mythic rite.”

    Joseph Campbell, Myths to Live By

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