Insane Apes!

ApesCaesarOne must have a sense of humor simply to breath in this life. Awareness, like all randomly occurring things in our universe, is diverse and varied. In fact it is its diversity and variety that makes the universe a great place to explore… or maybe this universe among the multi-verses out there… one can only wonder in awe at it all.

This band of awareness is so silly. We grew memories to assist in our survival amongst the natural predators… we can recall how to hunt, how to become animals, how to do all sorts of things. And rather than tie this into instinct, we tie it into stories which have the flexibility to change with the times and adapt to lineal changes. Aren’t we neat! Yet that very memory becomes our most tireless tyrant. It dogs our heels with flashbacks and automatic reactions to situations sometimes even before they occur.

This gift of memory means we can sit for hours and contemplate (worry) over a story, especially our own story, until we freak out or starve to death. This memory can draw us into deep melancholia (the sign of brilliance in our age) or can send us into fits of repetitions. And what about those damned ear-worms?   This gift can be and is the playground of the predator. Don’t underestimate our creation’s ability to change its creator!

What is even more interesting is memory is always changing with time. Even the best of us recall only what we need to through the filter and lens of our current state of awareness. It has been proven that people can develop memories of an event that never even happened, just because they are in the sphere of influence of another. This is affectionately called entanglement. In other words we become entangled in the energy of others and suddenly we inherit their memories (programming) that is not even our own even without the story being voiced. Wow we are all a part of the cult of memories.

funny_pic_baby_looking_into_mirrorOne of the greatest entanglements we have is with our selves. The greatest story ever told always starts with the first person “I” and from there wanders through reflections in other people’s minds and combines with magical realism, which exalts the main character of this passion play. Meanwhile, surrounding the me, me, me, I, I, I could be a crouching tiger or a hidden dragon. Ops gobbled up again. But that’s okay because we have the story of reincarnation to take care of that as well…. And it goes on and on.

The hard part about the entanglement we have with memory is it is completely insane. In a world where an additional chromosome would make insane humans, our additional one makes us insane apes. We have access to so much yet often we become little walking memory obsessions. There is the one who must paint, the ones who must do sports, the ones who must text, and the ones who must ____ (fill in the blank)…. We all have it… even the spiritual warriors, for we are far from immune to the obsession and the repetitions we have come to enjoy in our daily lives.

CC_Ministry_silly_walks_jpg459x461But seriously folks, lets laugh at it all. Let’s look square at the obvious obsessions we walk around with in our heads, our memories and patterns, and let’s laugh because………. we are silly beings.  We are insane because we know we are going to die. How do we know? Memory. How do we continue to survive after that overwhelming knowledge, obsessive compulsive stories and behaviors to distract us from the inevitable? Recapitulate it all!!!…. And we still have to do something right!!! Laugh at the absolute hilarity of our wonderful obsessions. This is the way to release the beast from the cage and disentangle our constant need to be needed, or our drive to be center stage.

It’s funny, no really it is…… insane apes we all are….  completely Silly!

One thought on “Insane Apes!

  1. A sense of humor….

    To have one, we must know how to lie. This fact is ancient. It has been known for generations and generations. The mind is full of mostly social cues. We use words to define our world, and as a result we use words to make fun of our world. Thus we lie. We learn to lie. And we must understand lying to actually develop a sense of humor.

    Aristotle noted that if it is funny it must also be true. The more interesting aspect is anything that is really funny has some truth within it… even the lies. For we make things bigger, exaggerate or even do a pratt fall because it is funny. Funny reminds us how insane it all really is. So when we are rolling on the floor in hysterics, remember there is a lie in there…. But there is also a truth.

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