Lodge of Freedom

Mystery of Seven

Mystery of Seven

For almost 23 years, this warrior of freedom has walked a practice that is called lodge. While warriors of freedom, Toltecs if you will (though not limited to that), are people who recapitulate all ritual, religion and patterns, this practice has become an amazing key to freedom. Staying away from the topic for as long as this blog has been in existence was a conscious choice. There is nothing about lodge that can save anyone from anything. This is a critical distinction. The only practice that can and does lead to deeper understanding and freedom is recapitulation. But it is time to share the idea with warriors of freedom around the globe.

Lodge has become a beautiful obsession, a shared wonder, and an awesome practice. Lodge is a space within which silence is cultivated. Lodge is a space where recapitulation can be done with increased focus. Lodge is a space where warriors can celebrate who and what they are and the path we share together. Lodge is a space where we throw down the gauntlet at the predator and say, NO! Lodge is a space where we can heal, knowing healing comes from within our own being. Lodge is a space of creation and creativity for creators. Lodge is a space of darkness that swirls with energy and light that focuses our intention. Lodge is a space where we become INTENT.

Throughout the past 35,000 years lodge has passed down generations. Lodge has been done throughout the world in every corner. Lodge did at one time save humans from the brink of extinction during the ice ages, but it went on to become part of almost every culture and civilization on the planet. Lodge was corrupted with the completing religions and manipulated through local and global intent into temples and churches. Lodge thus stopped being lodge and became the place of the predator creating pray… but those spaces are no longer lodge. Lodge survived all of that.

Lodge is intimate. First it is intimate because we come to know ourselves, our own being. Second it is intimate because, when approached with integrity and honesty, it brings people together. It is intimate because while it can grow into a large size, it really can never actually hold more than the intimate connections that can be made… Humans require intimacy to express itself in quantities between 2-18 thus more than that and lodge is no longer lodge.  Lodges interconnect with each other in great circles within circles within the circle of the earth. Lodge is a structure, an idea, a quantity and a quality. Lodge is a conversation, and thus it must remain intimate and sacred.

For those of us who practice lodge, what is written here is not new. We know that warrior’s groups have gathered for generations and practiced the principles of freedom. Lodge is that space and place. When we connect to the center of lodge, we connect to the pulse of the earth and to the boost which will become our final boost for darting past the eagle to be free. Lodge facilitates this intent and is rooted in our hearts, if we chose to look beyond.

Lodge is a gift. It is not required for the warrior of freedom to share in the ultimate work we are here to do, but it is a beautiful expression of what it really means to be a warrior…. A seer… a wanderer on this sacred life of awe…. It is the road to awe…. Peace! fellow warriors, may you find your lodge and share it with integrity and beauty!



2 thoughts on “Lodge of Freedom

  1. Beautiful post. My experience in Lodge has provided me with the ability to connect with the center of consciousness within, to be able to shed all of the extraneous and ephemeral aspects of “being human” so that we can return to the knowing that lies in the stillness at the center of of pure conscious awareness. To awaken from this “dream” knowing that we have the ability to create and co-create our reality in whatever manner we would like. Each emergence from the lodge (or womb), a rebirth into the magic of what it truly means to have manifested ourselves from a mere spec of conscious awareness in the cosmos into human form upon this playground that we call Earth.

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