Erasing Personal History

Here is the extreme challenge of all warriors. For as we grow, as we know, we create patterns. Patterns are there to help our lives become simpler. The brain uses less energy when it creates easier pathways to manage information, knowledge and history. But likewise, the simpler, the more assumptions and the easier it is to be trapped by the very patterns which we have become accustomed to living.

Human relationships are the biggest pattern producing system within our brains. The neocortex and most of the upper brain is dedicated to sensate information gathered over long periods of time. Memories and patterns become fixated and this influences the central brain where feeling is generated. The hard part is, what if those patterns are no longer viable? What if our very patterns are keeping us addicted to emotions which are in and of themselves debilitating.

Carlos Casteneda was challenged by Don Juan to release all relations as an act of ultimate recapitulation. Erasing personal history is accomplished for one single purpose… it is our personal relationships, especially with family and old friends that pulls us backwards into those very patterns we are recapitulating. For some reason the predator loves to make sure we feel obligated to stay connected to family and friends. The program downloaded practically from birth, is a social one to make sure we love out of obligation. Many cultures note that we can never repay our parents for the love that they gave us. Little understand that the best parents do not require this obligation, and the worst simply demand that we reproduce to maintain the contract… yes the contract… with the predator and its mind.

Thus familial love is not the love of a warrior. It is the love of the sacrificial lamb to slaughter. Harsh words, I know. While Carlos created groups and circles of people throughout his life founded on the warrior’s principles, often these groups were interpreted as cults with the challenge of erasing personal history. This is an extreme version of recapitulation and worthy of much consideration. But not necessary. The warrior of freedom can maintain links to family and friends. But be aware, many of these links with time become less and less energetic because family and friends may not evolve towards freedom as our path does. We cannot make anyone do or believe anything. But we can maintain the values that the path offers in the face of those patterns.

I do not recommend getting rid of anyone from our lives. This would not be freedom. But I do recommend recapitulating in such a way that we understand our relationships and begin to chose them not out of obligation but from a source of energy often not shared with the very people we are in relationship with. We dance carefully. Some friends and even family will and must fall away. The patterns are too entrenched to allow them into our lives any longer. But it is not the warrior who can judge. We can only act.

The action is detachment and choices with clarity. We release those that pull us back into energetic patterns that no longer serve freedom. We detach from those we chose to allow to stay in our lives, and forgive them for they know not what they do. By not reacting much changes in these relationships. But even more importantly, we love for no reason at all. And having no reason, no one can hook us with their attention, no one can link us with their logic, no one can link us with their patterns of behavior.

We dance in freedom between all the patterns, erasing personal history and living in the now.


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