Cancer – The Predator in our Times

Without a doubt, we live in magical, interesting, and amazing times. At no point in the history of humans on this planet have we had more access to information, awareness and communication across our globe. We have cracked so many mysteries of our universe scientifically. We have linked our spirituality to reveal the inner workings of our belief systems in a network of being that criscrosses our globe every day. In an instant anyone can look up, learn and connect to just about anything. But along with all the good, we have released the anger, frustration and darkness from the depths of our planet. We have released toxins into our food system, produced energy that is changing our weather, and invented chemistry to sustain a level of economic growth unprecedented in this globe’s history. Medicine has come up with solutions to almost every part of our bodies. And throughout this process we hum along no different than the people of the Roman age, blind to the energies we are surrounded by and create with.

From deep within this amazing time, the predator, who plays on our fears and emotions to distract us from freedom and awareness, has created the ultimate bottom feeder, cancer. Cancer is the penultimate warrior’s challenge.   It forces us to clearly admit the utter physicality of our spiritual path. That we are since conception a part of a drama to which we, no matter how much we recapitulate and free, are immersed within the belly of the beast. We do and can create anything as warriors, for this is what our path is all about… shifting our assemblage points dramatically and drastically to not become food for the predator up to and including the final maneuver. But the cancer is everywhere present at the base of the life pyramid.

We are complex cooperative beings. We hold awareness in form and rely on 90% of our physical bodies to function along with a host of organisms, bacteria and viruses. Thus we created this form with our 10% of genetic material holding the seeds of consciousness we come to call ourselves. Cancer is literally the smallest method of attack on our physical being.   Something goes wrong at the cellular level and starts to spiral out of control. One may not even know when or how the original attack occurred. It occurs all the time.

The statistics around cancer in the human band of awareness is outrageous. One in two men and one in three women will have cancer of some form at some point in their lives.   It is too easy to get rolled up in our path of freedom to think that we are perfectly protected from our inevitable loss of form. It is hubris in the extreme to not consider that cancer, the best predator for our times, will not affect our being or friends or family.

What is essential as warriors of awareness, beings of freedom, dancers on the edge of infinity is how do we battle this predator when it is fundamental to the global imbalance which is currently sustaining the human race?   Of course we recapitulate. But even more crucially we need to take stock of absolutely everything in our lives, our awareness, our consumptions, our patterns that are not in alignment with freedom and awareness. Everything is medicine that we allow into our bodies. We must return to this basic awareness of living. There is good medicine and there is bad…

This warrior has walked the path for almost 40 years.   Choosing a lifetime path of eating well, meditation, reiki, lodges, ceremonies of freedom, pathways of creativity while the predator nips at his heels every day. Despite all that one can and has walked on the path to freedom, cancer is a part of this life’s walk.   The ultimate challenge and hubris on a path of freedom is thinking that we are better than the form we exist in and better than the world around us which inundates us with its toxic pulses.

I noted that there are two fundamental energies that are always bombarding our being. First is the pulse of the earth, which from her heart (literally fire-green nickel spinning at the center of the earth) is essential to the creation of all life on this planet. In combination with the pulse of the moon, and the radiation from the sun, we have a perfect storm to create forms of life in abundance. But there is also the rolling force which hits us every second. That force shocks our system into patterns which over time simplify and simplify to create the easy way towards simplified happiness… and of course as we harden it creates our death, for the rolling force will flatten out our energy and consume the left over bits.

We align with the pulse of the earth as warriors to boost our beings and in the end dart past the rolling force free to shift with the active side of infinity, the final maneuver.   Yet the rolling force becomes more and more efficient daily at keeping us from that maneuver. It feeds the simplest energies, the drive towards pleasure over pain, of easy over complexity. It drives us towards a cliff for it cracks all patterns in the world that are out of balance with the pulse of the earth.

Thus we live in a world where even the best of us must deal with the constant toxic environment created by the unaware and the uninitiated on the path of freedom. It is what it is. And this is why cancer is the emperor of all maladies, conqueror of the strongest, defender of a world out of balance and the perfect predator in our times.

This warrior’s current challenge has been to look deep at this emperor and find out how to strip it down to its essentials and lay it naked in the light of the true path of freedom. It is the penultimate loss of form for him at this time.   Spirit, mind, and heart have had to journey through body and form in the ultimate dark night of the soul. Recalling at every step that we are always free, always aware, always dancing on the edge of infinity. There is just no other way to be.

So readers for a while this Toltec artist, warrior of freedom, is working through this path and battling the ultimate predator of our times. The ultimate test of the path is not how we walk when everything runs smoothly, but when we are challenged to our core to be exactly what we are – free!

3 thoughts on “Cancer – The Predator in our Times

  1. The predator consistently works to subdue our source given creativity in order to disable us from being the whole and regenerative beings that we are. Because fear is so strong, people are prone to buy more readily into prescribed maladies and disease, turning over their own decision making authority to a false god-head that claims to hold power over all things. People who are otherwise healthy, balanced, and spiritual become victims when they fail to remember and recognize that they have the means and power to regenerate themselves energetically.

    When we are able to cut all cords, erase personal history, and release the layers of fear that have been instilled into us from our earliest days in human form by utilizing the deepest levels of the practice of recapitulation to take back our personal power and original life force essence, we can then move into states of love with true forgiveness and utter detachment. It is then that our creative energies kick into gear causing this form, through which we have manifested ourselves, to recreate itself wholly from the cellular level. Some call this blind faith, others call it intent.

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