Mandala of the World

Mandala of the World

We do not need a new president to rally our hearts in false promises and hopes. We do not need more politicians to grandstand on each side of the issues. We do not need a new religious leader, guru or savior to tell us what has already been said. We do not need a new movement, party or organization promising a new tomorrow. We do not need new technologies that can make our days different. We do not need new thoughts, philosophies or systems of knowledge to satisfy our ration. We do not need a new star in the heavens to guide our way. We do not need a new justice system or regulator force to keep the status quo.

We need peacemakers. We need them in every aspect and walk of life. We need them in our hearts and minds. We need to stop the conflict, the overpowering need to be right, defended and on top. We need to listen to the peace within the depths and take action to stand up against the violence of our words and deeds with non-violent action. We need peacemakers in our towns, our cities our country sides in every corner of the world. We need the peacemakers to awaken and stand against all extremes that would bring us low. We need them in the secret organizations and all public places. We need the peacemakers to awaken now.

No election, movement, drama, conflict, battle, church or temple is necessary for the peacemakers. They are next to us, in us and all around us at all times. Peacemakers create the possibilities of real promise. Peacemakers commit to the fundamental right of human freedom and awareness in the world. Peacemakers walk away, leave and shun the conflicts for they will consume themselves by their own weight and energy.

We need peacemakers…. We need you, me, all of us to wake up to real peace.


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