Doubling Our Perceptions

Raven Steals Fire, Ink on hand made Paper original, Framed.

Raven Steals Fire, Ink on hand made Paper original, Framed.

If the definition of intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing or conflicting ideas in one’s head without making a decision or losing it, then the definition of fluidity to a warrior of awareness should be the ability to hold two positions of the assemblage point at one time without going completely mad.

Of course everything is perception and we know as warriors of awareness that reality is truly constructed on our perceptual framework. In other words the energy drives the manifestation of reality. Yet there is a healthy argument that the universe has a basic structure, albeit fluid and flexible, which is stable and maintains certain rules. (Even Chaos theory supports this.)

When we incarnate into this form, our energy sought out this position of the assemblage point in participation with the universal gravitational field of these patterns of awareness. Through our practice we discover that this reality is not as fixated as we are led to believe. And we can shift our perception, our assemblage points and recreate reality. It is magic. Yet there is an overwhelming amount of back pressure from the universe, the earth, this band of awareness not to reshape itself to our selfish needs or perceptions or something way outside the common band of awareness.

For instance, yes while driving the car a seer can perceive constantly shifting assemblages around himself. Yet if he chooses to speed into a gully, the likelihood, with great probability, is that damage will occur to the physical world, the car and potentially himself. While we could gather energy and actually change the outcome of that through shifting our assemblage point, the universe and the combined assemblage points etc…. The combined perception and patterns of the earth and physical reality is working pretty hard to maintain the accident along easy lines of probability. The crash occurs despite our training in advance assemblage point shifting.

Thus it is with everything. We must take into consideration more than one position of the assemblage point(s) when we are working with intent. It reminds me of two Catholic schools playing a football game. Both are focusing their intent (prayer) on winning, but in the end it is the physical universe and the training and skill of the players and the cheering and prayer which has already developed patterns of intention that determine the outcome of the game… not just our pressure to bend or shift it to our intent with prayer. God really does not decide.

Thus when considering any situation where intent is involved and our skills of shifting our assemblage point is involved, recall that the masters took into account many positions of the assemblage point to weave their way through reality. Thus from an outside perspective, there could actually, within a given event, be multiple reasons for the event and multiple experiences of the event by those around, and multiple outcomes of an event. Yes, maddening!

Mastery depends on maintaining our fluidity, constantly recapitulating in the moment and dancing on the edge of infinity with finesse…




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