Mountain Meditation, Ink on paper original, framed

Mountain Meditation, Ink on paper original, framed

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We sit quietly at the edge of the nothing.  And stare deeply into the nothing.  In awe we notice the utter simplicity and beauty of every moment.  We cry a deep a noble cry within this beauty.  It moves us to words, it moves us to silence, it moves us to paint, it moves us to do something.  Nothing seems so awesome in the face of the intent of the universe then to constantly create, co-create and spiral from and to infinity.

As warriors of awareness this edge point is where we live, on the verge, in the moment ready to leap into….  We gather strength where the average person cowers in terror at the awesomeness and wonder.  We gather a love of all that far surpasses the trivialities of vain glorious desires.  We gather momentum to turn around and return to the village where things seem so destined for self destruction.

The artist of awareness must stumble, must fall, must endure hardships in the face of infinity.  This strengthens our resolve.  This does not harden our edge points, but rather softens them to a state of plasmic fluidity to burn with the essence of life.  We have with this energy choices beyond the norm.  We have the courage to face the dying of the light.  We have the energy because we hold on to nothing but infinity and the freedom to choose something new, something better.

It has been the warriors who make changes to first attention, with thoughts, images, words and deeds.  Warriors that don’t capitulate to the dominant matrix mind.  Warriors that throw everything they have at the world, for it is just this one life that is worth living in infinite freedom and beauty.  Take the words of Howard Zinn.

Who cannot in the face of such words not want to be an activist?  Who would not care to round up the revolution in the face of all that is?  Who would not lay down ones life for the chance to make a difference in this world?  Especially after being in the desert, in the forest, on the edge ready to leap into the abyss.

We struggle so hard to recapitulate, to gather our energies for the definitive journey.  Yet while we are resting, we can also make a difference.  And we can shift this band of awareness into something….. awesome!

4 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. I love my boy Don……Awesome piece. As always, spot on. Gold, Gold Gold…..The way of the Warrior is a brotherhood……and you my good friend are my kinfolk. I sincerely appreciate you just being alive and……here.

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