Death as the Advisor and the Nine Types

EnneagramChartOnlyA warrior seeks out knowledge, even information, to understand the mold of man. Yet warriors cannot get trapped by the fixation that systems of knowledge and information present us with. Rather we treat these structures as insight into the mold of man and they represent a possibility to recapitulate at a deep level. We talk about recapitulation and stories or lines can be recapitulated all the time, but there are a few amazing systems which offer the warrior access to a structure and method of recapitulating that can be extremely helpful when we start the process.

When I noted that death, the awareness of our contract with death, hits us, there is a strange and powerful response. First of all the self becomes aware of the self in a reflective process of knowing that it knows it will lose form eventually. This self reflective hall of mirrors is sometimes called the mind at its beginning. But more interestingly it is self importance at its critical emergence or emergency. This hall of mirrors is frightening to the spark of pure intent that we are within. If we take a few minutes and practice taking responsibility for our death then link with silence, there is a seed, a moment that we can all recall when the story of our lives began – the existential moment of terror. Often it is buried under years of stories, default behaviors and denials which cover the source of our original moment of self awareness.

This moment is the moment a warrior can drive towards and from that start a recapitulation which can free volumes of energy. The ego (self-importance) runs the show from this moment unless we recapitulate. It creates a pattern of distraction. And everyone, yes every human alive, has a default pattern that he or she adopts to escape the constant awareness of it. One of the most brilliant systems of default mechanism and patterns is the Enneagram. Essentially nine types or default states of being, this system offers a brilliant method of inventorying our energetic mold and liberating energy from within.

It is a complex system that was developed over millennia by mystics, shaman and nagauals. Each of the nine types is not a fixed pattern, but rather it is a flexible system of default responses to our world. We actually adopt all nine defaults into our being, but there are dominant traits which emerge and become primary default patterns for each individual. What I appreciate about the Enneagram is the fact that its essence begins with the first existentially terrifying memory of our death and our response to that first moment. The foundation of which creates a negative default patterns, often called sins by the mystics in the west or a karma bonds to those in the east.

Here is a brief list of the types and their default negative pattern:

  • One – perfection and anger, if the world is perfected or pushed into perfection, then I can avoid all the pitfalls of death and destruction… so I find fault (anger) with many things, and constantly want to change everything to make it better.
  • Two – unworthiness or martyrdom – by making myself available and help others all the time, then I will avoid the darkness that surrounds me. I give so that I will get peace and get even when I am not recognized for my gifts (which I hide for fear someone will know)
  • Three – the actor or liar – I figured out that it is not how it is, but how it looks that is important so I wear as many faces as possible to trick my way through. Lies are in service to my greater good of avoiding the pain.
  • Four – the artist or the drama queen – I think about death every day, often every moment. I create big dramatic no-win situations so I can win, which gives me a false sense of power over death.
  • Five – the librarian or the spy – Listening carefully to others, I catalog everyone else’s faults, behaviors and actions. I am aloof and distant, protected. I use this information against people in time of my own need.
  • Six – Friend of fear constant battles – I seek out frightening situations or run from them. I like to battle fear or hide from it in extreme. I can be a great friend, but also terrible one.
  • Seven – Sensuality, the glutton – I run from all situations which make me uncomfortable. I chose a careless attitude and try everything because I will get everything I can out of life. But I never commit to anything.
  • Eight – the boss or power monger – I am all about being in charge, on top of everything. I throw my weight around, demand others follow and search out places where I can have total control, this way I don’t have to admit weakness.
  • Nine –peacemaker or sloth – I go wherever the wind says. I agree to whatever anyone else wants cause its easier. Rarely take care of myself, others are my focus but only so no one will bother me or really get to know me.

These are rough guidelines to the types. The advantage that the system has is it is not static and it is not permanent. We are not one number, but a blend of all of them. Often depending on the situation, we can be any of these default traits. But and be careful for the battle starts with our own inner voice, there is one default set of statements that we say to ourselves every day and throughout the day. The voice in our heads has a dominant vocabulary that defines our most imbedded type, the one connected to that existential moment of terror. As one studies the Enneagram, one can discover what this default vocabulary is. In all cases the vocabulary or things we say to ourselves debilitates us and allows for the foreign mind, the mind of the predator, to dominate our responses and our actions.

To recapitulate the voice in our heads, silence is key. But so is inventorying our reactions and reasons for reactions. We find that we have a dominant voice, like the 4, but we also have wings (3,5) which can pulse through our being as we interact with the world. We also have opposites and coordinating defaults that rear their ugly heads across from our dominant mode. Thus the system is a circle with interconnecting lines between all nine types. It is in many ways the program, the foreign installation. It is the way the predator distracts us and feeds off of our lowest emotional state, fear. This makes for a constantly shifting and adapting system to a world of desire, pain and suffering, but more deeply a world running from the fact we know we are going to die.

This system also has an evolutionary process. As one recapitulates the default voice in our heads, which is trying to distract us from the contract with death, there are positive sides of each type that comes forward. As one liberates more and more negative and more and more stories, the sins become gifts a

s the sinner becomes a saint. The monster of karmic desire becomes the bodhisattvas of pure energy.

  • One = the reformer, making the world a better place
  • Two = the giver, helping those in need
  • Three = the coach, inspiring others to be themselves
  • Four = the artist, creating beauty and thinking outside the box
  • Five = the teacher, sharing knowledge and awareness
  • Six = the friend, to help everyone through
  • Seven = the fun lover, inspiring others to be their best
  • Eight = the leader, willing to do it first and helping others to as well
  • Nine = the negotiator, finding a way between all opposition

Again, these are typical and not the full range of the positive aspects of each type. But from this evolved state, we get out of our own way, the ego self importance, and can make truly free choices that impact the world in a good way.

Birth of an Idea smallThe system is remarkably fluid, which is why I recommend it to the serious warrior who wants to recapitulate the mold of man. From here one can leap into possibilities as energy is gathered up and stored for better usage.



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