Power Spots and the Warrior of Awareness

The earth has within its band of awareness locations of intense energy. Like our own bodies, there are places where she is sensitive, where she produces greater heat or where she has peace and calm. She is as active and changing as our own selves. We are a reflection of these mechanics of energy for our physical form emerged in relation to her.

As part of a recent walk, we hiked up to what looked like a great place to view a vast red valley. we found a location nestled between two red rock outcroppings offered us a respite from our week. We sat just beneath an ancient line of white that marked the boundary between an ancient ocean’s surface, the rocks above being ancient islands, and the edge of the valley being the shore.

Sitting in silence the position of our assemblage points returned to silence in alignment with the earth. Across the valley points we had visited before were illuminated with vibrating energy. This could easily be seen in a restful stance. In essence dreaming into this place allowed us to “see” connections between places. Lines of power connected various places.

Often power spots are aligned with water or the flow of water across areas. For the desert these places reveal themselves with more pulsing than in other environments due to the efficiency the desert has with water. The desert allows the warrior to become sensitive and aware better than any other environment. Beneath and around these are lines of water where energy courses more freely because it is constantly being fed by the natural life blood of the earth, water.

From this point, we returned down the ridge to an open place just slightly above the desert floor. Because our bodies had aligned through silence and our awareness was shifted into a place of seeing, there below us, almost directly to the south was a very large medicine wheel. This place could not be seen by us as we ascended the trail. We were too full. As we descended to the floor of the valley, we walked over to this amazing beauty. Here hidden to ordinary perception was a perfect circle of rocks with spokes radiating outward in each of the cardinal directions. It hid in plain sight integrated with the curves of the land. The creators had been very aware of the lay of the land. The center of the wheel included four massive boulders which it was obvious were not placed there by human hands. The creators of this wheel had listened to the lay of the land and created this edifice around these whiter rocks amidst the red floor of the desert.

Pits existed on these white rocks, and shapes were carved into them. Water had etched these rocks leaving holes curves and gentle pools of water. At one time these were underwater or part of a stream. These rocks were the essence of the ancient lake or ocean that had covered this area. As we stood in amazement of the beauty here, looking up, we could see the ring around the valley where the water had carved its edge as it filled the valley. These white rock beings had fallen from that edge this point of the desert floor. And even more miraculous was the moss growing on the north side of the rocks. Not just a little flake, but a full bundles of moss in patches like the ones you would see in a rain forest.

This is earth power. This is paying attention in silence to the land. This is how the pulse of the earth can teach us to walk in this life. Awareness, is about becoming silent and hearing, tasting, feeling, sensing – all part of seeing as a warrior of awareness does when he walks the world. While this was an act done with the intention of walking on the earth, we can do this at any time, in any place…. we can do this when driving, working in our jobs or just making diner. Power spots boost us to see. Power spots help us recapitulate our walk. Power spots grant us access to the earth’s natural wonder. But we can be in a constant state of power, when we gather energy and practice silence.

This is the gift the earth grants us freely as being in the womb of her creation. As we walk, we become aware of her, we become aware of ourselves, we become free to really see.

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