Tis the Season

Bear's Dreaming

Bear’s Dreaming

Between the shortest day of the year and the perihelion of the sun, January 3rd, there is a period of intense silence and connection that can be attained by the warrior of freedom.  This period, the dark days, mark a time when the light of day is short for the northern hemisphere.  If we sit in silence, we can hear the pulse of the earth in the subtle ways that she speaks to us.

We have to disentangle the pulse of the earth from the rolling force.  The rolling force is the force of constant change and is deeply connected to death.  Not that the warrior of freedom should ignore this, but at this time of the year for the north, the pulse lies under the rolling force.  It sleeps deep within our bones and speaks to our imagination.  We are linking to the creative generative force that sleeps in the winter.  That force can, if we are patient, guide us to ever newer possibilities for our next steps into the new year.

Watching the sun rise each morning from December 21st to January 3rd is a way to connect to this deep river.  She shouts, our earth, to our inner ear.  She calls us to consider how we will plant the new year and grow into something.  We can align with her force as we move through these times and like a battery recharge our personal power.

Of course, this is the season when everyone has an agenda.  There is a family agenda, a religious agenda, an economic agenda, a tax agenda, etc the list goes on.  If we are careful and see this for what it is, the rolling force aligned with the predator, we can skirt these agendas and see clearly into the not-doing of this time.  It is important to realize that the general movement of mother culture is to consume as much as it can during these dark days when people rationalize that there is not enough.  People consume in a frantic frenzy up to certain dates and then make false commitments to a new year with or for less.  This cycle is all the more distracting with images of want and need being displayed everywhere.

But as warriors we too can make commitments when we do so not in the extremis of the times, but rather the silence of our integrity.  Come into wholeness with the sun and the earth, with the cold and the dark, with the peace that lies under these vast attempts of mother culture to consume to her dying breath our last wobbly bits.

We have as warriors an opportunity to deeply recapitulate, carefully dance in controlled folly through these days, and align even more clearly with the path of freedom.  We do not, as a general rule, follow the rituals of these times, but rather use the excess energy, which is available during these times.  As a feeling we can become… become more and more aware, conscious of alignments and free to shift into ever-increasing possibilities.


3 thoughts on “Tis the Season

  1. Absolutely in agreement – the period of intense silence and connection is very real right now. Hiking through fresh snow a few days ago, I was pulled by the telluric currents into deep awareness and a profound sense of Peace on Earth. Thank you Don for your insightful articulations.

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