Its all so important…. Not really…..

Evidence of Intent - 6x10 ink on paper original, unframed

Evidence of Intent – 6×10 ink on paper original, unframed

We are programmed to care. We are programmed to think that things, issues, policies, products are essential. The deepest programming comes from our parents in the form of values. Most of those values are swallowed with baby’s milk and breast fed into us. Unless we have a significant emotional event, most humans never consider even for a second that what they believe to be true is other than it is, true. And the worst kind of truth is that which has been repeated over and over ad infinatum. Yummy chocolate milk of mother culture… Mother culture is not the friend of the warrior of freedom.

This is why humans become worked up over an offense… which is actually just another viewpoint or value than their own. Humans become worked up over politics because we are trained, inculcated, and programmed to do so. And humans get worked up over religion because its programming is so deep that it shatters our bones to have it challenged.

Humans are gifted with amazing minds and thoughts, which if really trained can actually free them if and only if the mind is in service to freedom. Otherwise, every thought is the realm of the predator’s mind and thoughts. Humans are subjects in a drama with a director they imagine they understand and yet do not. The flier’s mind (the predator’s airy pulse in the brain) is so deeply imbedded in the nuero systems that it takes a hurculian effort to eject the program. And once ejected to survive the onslaught of survival that it takes to stand up in the constant wind of illusion that is always right there.

This is why we are challenged as warriors to listen to the sounds, the deep sounds of the world at large and begin to discern through recapitulation, the only way to get our personal power back from the programming, and to hear the real sounds of creation pulsing right in the now.

When the ancients said that everything was an illusion, that its all a dream, they were pointing to the problem… we created this illusion together as humans with a healthy push from the predator that is keeping us down, keeping us as food for the factory farm of our tasty simplified sugary energy. That sugar is fear and doubt, anger and self-righteousness in combination with self importance.

So few see over the edge and survive to be able to walk through the city of the blind without a cane. And by cane, I mean sword. It is too easy to take up the sword and brandish it with a sense of correctness in the face of that journey. What the sages knew, was you can’t change a thing. It is all a dream. And the sword is a part of the illusions that must be passed through to real freedom.

The nagual takes care of appearances. Hunters hunt power, not personality or justification. Hunters align with freedom and slip sideways away from the distractions towards an avenue of beauty and awe. This is why the ancients said the pathway is wide, but the passage is the width of the eye of a needle.

What are humans fighting for? This is the essential question. And to this war we either become caught in the illusion and the program, or we walk away… peace is tough… but the rewards are many.


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