Nagual Man, Nagual Woman… self important readings

The Nagual Man

The Nagual Man

In correlation with the previous post on the nagual and tonal, one of my favorite quotes comes from the Heart Sutra. “Form is emptiness; emptiness is form.” Emptiness does not mean nothing, it means absence of structure and solidity. We need this to create that (form)… And vice versa. There is no actual duality in the totality of the universe. It is a constantly changing, constant pattern making system. Order emerges (form) and it becomes self-regulating through a constant link with the nagual. This is probably one of my favorite ways to speak of the relationship between the nagual and the tonal.

But there is a distinct confusion that arises in the works of Casteneda with respect to the Nagual. In this instance, Don Juan uses the term for an individual who, having connected totally with more than just the tonal and can shift their assemblage points, they reach a point where they can shift other assemblage points as well. They are in essence constantly connected to the nagual. Therefore the term, Nagual in honor of a person thus evolved.

At times Don Juan is the Nagual. At times Genaro is refered to as the Nagual. And at times others people are called Naguals, especially with respect to apprenticeship. In this usage, the term is referring to the teacher. A Nagual is a teacher who brings someone into deeper connection to freedom and the nagual. The Nagual could thus be anyone. In some cultures, the term shaman is a term of respect used for a person who knows. The root of the term s’aman is “to know”. But the term is not self referential in a classical sense. One never said, “I am a s’aman.” Rather others called one this for the knowledge and gifts that one possesses in relationship to the moment.

It is the great struggle of self-importance that we go through that makes these terms difficult to use in any sense. The Buddhist arhats and advanced beings would not call themselves Buddha. The list goes on and on. And as we know in the Toltec path, the greatest struggle is with self-importance for its purpose is to maintain the pattern, the tonal, the fixation of the assemblage point. The nagual has no personality, it has no agenda, it has nothing but purest energy to which we can dip into if we remove the obstacles to the link.

The purpose of making the term Nagual so confusing is in the energy behind the words that Carlos uses. He is attempting through words to shift us out of a rational, definitive, precise use of a term whose purpose is to be more all encompassing. Then we get to the idea of a nagual man and a nagual woman being necessary…

Necessity is a matter of recapitulating all that our human band of awareness offers. And neither a male nor a female hold the entire scope of the human band of awareness. When we balance and come to accept this mystery, we come into balance within. Through relationships in balance and creativity, then there are greater potentials for shifting out of the human band of awareness. Carlos is pointing to an ancient technique of the seers of working the two rings of power, male and female, to create magnificent maneuvers of freedom.

But the nagual is more interesting than the tradition that Carlos shares. The nagual expresses itself and the necessity of freedom in all aspects of creation, in many forms and contents. Yes, there are 2 part, 3 part, 4 part and more naguals… He further goes on to use the term Double Being which becomes even more convoluted when you think about it… everyone is double for we all have the tonal and the nagual… but not everyone is a Double Being (trumpets blaring in the background)… and we must laugh at ourselves for these terms get in the way of something so simple.

The road to awe is full of many side-tracks. When we link to infinity, all expressions of the tonal are manifestations of the nagual, all expressions of the nagual lead us inexorably to the tonal. It is a most magnificent maneuver when we can shift beyond this and that and not get caught up in the necessities of anything.



4 thoughts on “Nagual Man, Nagual Woman… self important readings

  1. The nagual, the tonal – two folds of the same beautiful cloth.

    It reminds one of the casual statement one can make in saying, “Oh, I know (that person, stating their name).” When in reality you only know that person through their actions, by some semblance of a flavor of their medicine through what they do. When in reality you know nothing of them at all, for they are merely a diamond-facet, window pane, a doorway that opens and leads you to the infinity behind.

    On the one hand, you have the small doorway whereby you perceive yourself (or the friend you think you know), and the infinity that you behold when you walk through the doorway that is your limited perception of that person – only still to find the infinity beyond awaits you anyway.

    The light that glows within the doorway. Or the darkness within the void you behold when, upon stepping through, you only find yourself flying off into infinity beyond.

    Like the darkness of a silent countryside night, with a swath of stars for its own illumination. Beautiful…

  2. Recapitulate it all!!! When every story and pattern and concept is recapitulated, the ego becomes displaced by the sheer mystery of pure consciousness unfolding. It is within this mystery, this pulse of consciousness, that one begins to touch upon the fabric of universal existence as pure energy.

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