Everyone is Everyone Else


Everyone wants to be superior. The pursuit of excellence is defined as being the being with everything. This is the result of common education. This sameness, which we all must have shoved down our minds to all be the same, developed for one reason, our complete subservience to the co-modification of everything around us. Everything can be bought and sold, everything can be known by everyone. The dark side of this is the sacrifice of our uniqueness to the alter of Walmart.

We see this in the not-enough-ness which drives our faulty economic methods. We are all seeking that new thing, never realizing it is the repetition of a repetition. We seek out knowledge yet all we gain is information shared along the common band of sameness. We used to value difference. We valued that there were some with this or that skill. We shared in community the honoring of our differences because it strengthens the whole along the trajectory of being human, the value of uniqueness necessary for our real survival in the face of earth’s awesome wonder and beauty.

We sought out significant emotional events, like questing, to come to know our selves. And when known, we knew what we were not as much as what we were. We were honored as amazing in these ceremonies of uniqueness. The hunter was not the healer, the black smith not the carver… and the community grew because no one had more or less than any other. Today our differences are valued along a financial ruler where we judge those who fail as humans in terms of their pocket books. We search out the famous and the rich and terrorize them with our curiosity, our envy, our need to be them because we have obviously failed. Then we are surprised when those icons fall with addiction to the depths of human drama… when did we honor ourselves for uniqueness.

Its too easy to be everyone else. It is the hardest journey the warrior can make to be himself in the face of this culture of sameness, to stand against the torrent of messages bombarding the position of our assemblage points. But worse than that, to find none who honor uniqueness with support, value, financial security. It is no wonder that the seers of the past, in their extreme awareness retreat from the world never to be seen again. We killed Carlos Casteneda with fame and fortune… and missed the message hidden beneath the words.

It is time to stand up as warriors and be our selves. It is time for us to link intention and bring our awareness out into the world and affect change through unique creativity, that which we are truly dialed into… our selves. We have an opportunity to be different than everyone else, and our humility is in recognizing that uniqueness among our fellows and not become them, but become what spirit intends, co-creators in a great dance of life.



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