Celebrate the Tonal

Flower of Life

Flower of Life

“Tonal” as a word is amazingly beautiful. The root of the word in Nauhatl language comes from “tonalli” which means daylight or bright energy. Yet the synchronicity of the word’s alignment with music is just as amazing.

Tonal music is ancient music where composers created lines of rising and falling, (arsis and thesis) which intersect each other. When you have four voices or lines, occasionally they align and harmonize. This creates a resonance, which sings in the body and space in which the work is being performed. But between those moments of alignment are progressions, disharmonies, which “push” the work towards resolution or harmonic convergences. Thus tonal music is always falling forward or has a sense of moving forward towards….

When combined with “tonalli” which means daytime or bright light, Toltec seers are pointing a nuanced finger at the structure of the world as it is, its underlying physical manifestation. But more than this…. They are hinting at the construction of the world as it is. Vibrations, literally waves of intent (dare we say light or wavicles) crisscross and as they intersect with each other, and there is where form is manifest. Thus the structure of form is literally a harmonic convergence of lines of intent or commands of spirit .

There are within the tonal great symphonies of sound and light, which ignite and flash giving us this amazing world we know as first attention. These bands intersect so tightly that movement becomes harder and harder as the world becomes more and more solid. This harmony is accented with discordant elements, which “push” form forward into new stable alignments. These actions create a sense of time passing as we are always falling forward into….

To the seer, direct perception of the tonal from outside its structure is like seeing a city with brilliant lights and patterns off in the distance. The closer we get to the city, the more we are drawn into its gravitational pull and the lights become complex and overwhelming. The patterns are maintained by the constant motion forward and the elements of harmonic convergences resonating and huming throughout its structure.

What the Toltec path of the warrior initially is an unraveling and understanding of the structure of the tonal. This bright “daylight” energy sings with many assumptions to which we become aligned with both consciously and unconsciously. The warrior unravels these patterns through recapitulation to see beyond the harmony into something amazing. The something is that we can affectively change the song, write a different one as we become song writers or masters of handling lines of intent, the building blocks of the tonal, the commands of spirit.

We learn to sift through the tonal, clean up the discordant and harmonies to understand the structure as we recapitulate the energy which drives the tonal forward towards… The result is the ability to assemble different bands of awareness… or simply put, there is more than one focal point where the harmonies can be heard. Thus the fantastical stories found within Carlos’s work where he literally comes to understand that there are other alignments, which construct other “tonalli” or other energetic light places within the deep sea of awareness that is human being.

We must be careful. We must celebrate mechanics of the tonal. The tonal is not bad. There is no judgement in our universe, only creativity. Variation is celebrated as the tonalli rolls forward through time. To perceive the tonal as bad and other places as good is morbid in the extreme. The old seers got caught in this trap when they attempted to assemble other tonals, (cities of the dead/ inorganic beings worlds) to which they could then escape because they were attempting to defeat the contract with death.

We as modern seers have the task of understanding in our current paradigm of words and stories the structure of the tonal as it is being explored by scientists, artists and philosophers of our age. We have a duty to recognize that the tonal is a highly fluid system, not fixed one. Physicists are certainly bringing us into this awareness. And thus we have the task of recognizing knowledge coming not just from the spiritual, but from all aspects of the tonal. We have the task of celebrating the tonal.

Through our celebrations, we become free. Because we begin to understand the contracts, liens and mortgages that we have become ensnared in and how to un-write, but better yet, write a better tonal. This tonal has integrity, or wholeness and unity, singing the song of our selves with beauty and awe. And thus we can roll forward with a boost towards…..


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