Questions and Answers

Thought and Memory

Thought and Memory

The modern trend is towards answers. Everyone has this great need to know everything, to be anything, to be everything. The net gives us access to information, thus we all know everything because we are constantly plugged into the common (miss)perception of the dominant position of the assemblage point. We have become people of answers. We all know it all.

The result is that the universe, the world, is boring. All we believe or know is the 5 second delay between posts we read everyday in social media, news and the approved Wikipedia post. What is truly important is lost in the detritus of the overwhelming input no one can handle. Like the old renaissance English saying about politics, “a whirlwind lasts only nine days”, today it lasts only as long as we can click the “like button” and move on.

Thus the general attitude among people is to be either knowing it all or keeping silent in the background of life. All of this is the result of raising children who have constant access to the answers even if they are completely wrong.

We are beings of perception. We are beings of questions. Questions create; answers defeat. Questions help us stay fluid, open, and flexible to the possibilities. All pathways, all traditions are becoming even more fixated in their damaging perceptions because those that believe know the answers, know it all… there are no questions, especially for beliefs. Thus tradition is no longer really traditional for it can no longer adapt to the now… it is always looking over its shoulder to the judge and jury of the times.

To know that we do not know is the beginning of true knowledge as Socrates, the gadfly of questioning, challenged us. He placed before us the discipline of the ration in service to the greater good by questioning, by being a skeptic about all things. This kind of ration is in direct service to the assemblage point’s fluidity and ability to shift to greater bands of awareness reaching into the unknown and unknowable.

Those that say they know it will impose it on the world. They are power players in the predator’s game to keep us down and stable because we must all have the same answers. The darkest side of this is the ancient lineages of the earth as held by the naguals, masters, beings of awareness can’t be passed to the next generation because no one is asking any questions any more. No seekers, means nothing can be found. We are all our own masters, know-it-alls in a global consumption of information and marketing.

Ultimately the creative conversations cannot occur when we do not remain open to the questions. When we want to be constantly right, when we need to constantly correct those around us, we are deep in the foreign installed ration of the power predator sweetening its prey for inevitable collapse and consumption by our own dead weight of dead knowledge.

Become soft, become open, become warriors of questions. Every conversation is an opportunity to create something new. Seek out those silent masters who do not want your submission to the answers, but rather your willing participation in a dream of fluid creation, with the questions… a partnership with awe… the road to awe… the road to infinity.

Beware of those who collapse the world with answers. Be open to the old ones and the teachers who are dedicated to freedom, disciplining their ration with skepticism… with questions. Be open, be tender, be free and you will know the lineages of knowledge that connect to the dawn of time.


One thought on “Questions and Answers

  1. It appears that people have forgot how to utilize their powers of creation, intuition, and seeing. Too wrapped up in trying desperately to fit in or “know” what everyone else claims to know has eliminated use of dream and imagination. Think of the child in school being accused of “day-dreaming”. We are taught young how to renounce that part of ourselves.

    Thanks for a thoughtful perspective. Hopefully people will pay attention.

    Keep dancing!

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