Character Development

Character Development

What is a warrior’s humility? For Don Juan the universe is full of unfathomable mystery. The warrior’s commitment is to unravel that mystery as best he can knowing that he will never be able to completely do so. In making such a commitment, the warrior sets himself up not as less than nor greater than everything around, but rather equal to everything for everything is ultimately unfathomable mystery. Humility is equality.

The foundation of a humble life is silence. As warriors not of conquest or conflict but rather awareness, freedom and knowledge we practice the same principles that any warrior does. We discipline our beings. We eliminate that which is unnecessary. We wait for the perfect moment. We know that a second can change the direction of history. We gather energy and personal power. But none of these disciplines is as great as the practice of silence. For the first and foremost intense battle is within and before anything can or will occur in the universe at large.

When we practice silence, we hear. Humility is the willingness to be wrong all the time. It is the tenderness and gentleness of an eagle’s down feather as well as its durability and its stamina. This is often the error that the average person makes. The average fighter becomes hard and harsh, winning at all costs. The warrior becomes soft and flexible winning with the cost of full awareness. The battle often complete before it begins. When the warrior has silenced his inner battle, he also sees a pathway through and even avoids conflict altogether. His tenderness is his strength, his gentleness his guide.

The warrior builds awareness as he builds his body. Many practices involve the practices of the body. But it is not a goal. There is no goal; there is no success for the warrior. There is only the moment knowing awareness is what it is. This humbles any action of the warrior, especially with his body. He knows the limits of form and the mystery of the formless. And these are nothing special. A warrior practices daily walking the way with his full form.

Warriors are not lost in their heads, nor separated from the body. There is an old saying; I am a spiritual being having a physical experience, not a physical being having a spiritual one. This is a flawed idea to the warrior of awareness. There is no separation. Mystery flows everywhere into the mind, heart, body and soul whatever we choose to define these to be. A warrior’s humility shows that he is all of these things and none of them. Awareness arises from every direction and place at once. To deny the physical is to deny that the universe is unfathomable mystery. We live in the totality of being aware, not in part to part.

This is why a warrior’s humility is so grounded in the act of just being. Knowing that all things, people, animals, plants, planets and stars are all grounded in the same act. And everything is constantly changing and impermanent. A warrior’s humility is grounded on the acceptance that this too shall pass away. Death the advisor is a constant companion, gratitude the only response to any moment.

A warrior’s humility is in the ultimate equality of all things. And this is the only thing that makes the warrior different from the average man. Utter and complete acceptance of this… a completely un-exceptional thing, for it can be attained by anyone.


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