What Does War Got To Do With It

Center Figure

Center Figure, Mescalito Spirals

As a Toltec, we use the term warrior to define the path that we are on daily. The warrior’s way, the spiritual warrior, the warrior of intent, these are some of the qualifiers that are present to soften the term warrior. The term in English goes back to a time of great conflict in Europe between tribes. Warriors were active participants in the act of war, conflict, and aggression. In the east, the term for warrior actually meant to serve or attend to a leader. The term from many indigenous tribes meant to provide and is more in kind with hunter. So how does this stack up with the Toltec path?

After years of walking the path, there is just no better term for the process of becoming a Toltec. A person passes from childhood, a time of receiving the programming of our culture, to adulthood with a significant emotional event. The pain of that event ties the individual to their path, their purpose. For many traditions, this time of passage was related to a quest. The individual looks carefully at the sum total of what they have received and choses what they are going to become. So often the purpose of this passage is to diminish the self-importance typical in childhood and train the attention to commit to something greater than the self.

This is why it is painful. Who we are as singular individual is not enough. For all that we know or can do, there is always more. There is a purpose behind the purpose. The hunter learns to provide, the person of knowledge understands the patterns, the one who dreams creates for the tribe new possibilities, and the list goes on. The point is, we diminish our self-absorbed control and commit to something worthwhile.

Thus it is a struggle. And thus the struggle is one of inner dimensions. The warrior comes to review and know that struggle from within. The warrior eliminates (recapitulates) what is no longer necessary and enters the next moment (the battle) free of constraints. The warrior learns to trust in the magic of the universe, that it will provide information and a path, if we pay attention to the signs. The warrior retreats in the fact of overwhelming conflict to rest, even for a second to the way becomes clear. The warrior gathers knowledge, which is not information, knowledge that is not restricted by the self so as to see the potentials. The warrior becomes, through practice, at ease with all things. But ultimately the warrior chooses battles wisely.

The universe is in constant struggle and cooperation over energy. The warrior’s way is a practice, which maintains the fulcrum between all possibilities and chooses not the easy way, but the best way to move forward. There are numerous traditions around becoming a warrior. But the essential method and way is to realize the first battle is within the self and the second is unimportant by comparison. The warrior does not want to do battle. And the best battles are won before they begin.  The warrior knows the predator in all its forms.  The warrior makes death the advisor and no longer fears it because they align with something greater.

This is why the Toltec path is founded on the way of the warrior. For the way is the best discipline for opening one to the infinite. The best way to destroy that which gets in the way of seeing pure energy. The warrior makes the battle not about things or territory, but about awareness. And thus the warrior’s way is one of the best methods for us to practice the Toltec path.

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