And the Takers have it

The Bear Spiral

The Bear Spiral

If I were to boil down all of the issues I see in the world today it would come down to the taker mentality. This is a pervasive and total infection in the human band of awareness. Though I have written about this before, it bears repeating.

Initially introduced to this in a work by Daniel Quinn, Ishmael, along with My Ishmael and The Story of B… Daniel managed to nail down an historical theme which underlays the whole of civilization.   The taker mentality is the mentality of ownership. It is the, “this is mine and not yours” energy which sits within our being. While initially human bands gave up their roaming ways and chose to farm in a single area because it produced more garneted food, the problem became one of environmental adjustments and imbedded mythologies around control of the seeds of production.

Scarcity is the key to all economic systems. You can’t charge for air, cause you can’t control it. Initially we could not charge for water, but now we can because it must be cleansed and transported. But the first scarce thing we could charge for was food. The seeds of production created farming. Hunting was given up for animal husbandry, or control of the animals. As we learned and grew our mythology we completely forgot any other way to live. Lost in the mire of imagination along the lineages of the mad the hunter-gatherers were cursed for their lack of culture and civilization.

The program is simple. Convince people that they do not have enough. Does not matter what Not-Enough they don’t have. Just get them to buy into it. This program is instilled in us at the earliest of age and it surrounds feeding our babies, and then saying “no.” The educational system is there to maintain the program. We study, not what we love, what we can creatively participate in the world with, but what we need to survive. And worse, we are pushed away from entering the system of economics long after we could survive on our own. We could survive in our teens, have children and work. But the system needs us to create deeper scarcity and dependency on the system until we are so trapped there is no other choice at 23 to 25 but to submit.

Along the road we give up our illusions (often a deeper truth) for the story of being a taker. Being successful in this world is being a taker. The best takers make the most money. They justify the position of their assemblage points by pointing to their families or their church, or their community and say, “I give to the poor; my family survives; and I am a member of my church.” And they feel good about this. The money flows in in all directions, and around, and supports our food needs, which is a scarcity. If you build a better mouse trap, people demand it, and suddenly you get to make even more. Scarcity built on scarcity.

What we forgot were the leavers. The leavers were the ones who when things were scarce moved to another place where it was not. If there was not a way to move, then the old or the young died off, the strongest survived and they moved. At Mesa Verde, the people farmed their mountain top for 500 years. They lived, farmed, hunted and celebrated on this vast open area. They communicated with each other and lived in harmony. But extra food led to population growth until they were suffering and the nutrients of the soil were exhausted. Suddenly they move over the sides in great cliff dwellings whose original purpose was to store food in a cool dry place. Now they suffered as their young died sooner and their old became insane with lack of proteins. The shaman of the time saw like superb seers into the nagual. They saw that their people were loosing the stories and forgetting and famine was causing inter-cultural strife. People will chose all sorts of nasty behavior before they confront the fact that they are dying. Suddenly, they left… lock stock and barrel (or clay pot in this case)… they went down and settled next to rivers and chose something different. They were leavers.

But the takers came eventually. They came like fire on the prairies. You see there is no good response to the taker mentality in the mind of the leaver but to leave. But when you are surrounded, you become fully infected because there is nowhere to go. The takers have the whole world. Their mentality is to possess, sell, own and trade all they way down to the last resource. Little do they know that it is their fundamental way of life, which is inevitably killing them off.

What do we do as Toltecs with this knowledge. This lineal awareness of the truth of the predator now seated within the mold of man, squarely dominating his daily life. There is no where to go, we have conquered the whole planet. We must begin to make a stand for our lives. We must begin to leave some things alone. Think about what is free, what is part of the circle of life. Align with death as the advisor. Leave things alone. Look to the roots of the energy of carbon dominion. The takers have it. The leavers are making better choices within the system. The takers dominate our food. The leavers are doing something different. The takers make us afraid of our bodies, our health, force us to consume toxic medicines. The leavers are choosing health in the form of something so simple, our own bodies, our food, and our breath.

Think about it. The takers will consume, like a virus, and call it civilization. The leavers will survive and know the lineage of humans is more adaptable than that. The leavers will share. The takers will steal, for in stress, that is the sign of the takers dying. Look at our social immune systems, the army, the police, the courts, and the jails. Overwhelmed they are by the takers. But the real takers never end up there… they end up in the mirror.

Time to choose something different. Breathe fresh air of mother earth. Respect the water. Leave well enough alone.


4 thoughts on “And the Takers have it

  1. Yup!

    “The world of people goes up and down and people go up and down with their world; warriors have no business following the ups and downs of their fellow men.” ~Carlos Castaneda

    • Awareness, is not engagement. Talking about it, is learning different positions. What do you do in the face of the takers, the predator. Let’s move beyond just quoting CC and into our current age. Carpe Diem!

  2. I sat on the shoreline of the Sea of Cortez this morning, gazing out across this rich and beautiful expanse of water. Listening to the small surf crash and the subtle sound of shells and pebbles and sand being pulled out by the receding tide which lulled me into a time long ago and a time to come. With my back to the rest of the world I realized that while everything does change, the sea and the earth herself remains consistent and for that I am grateful. And then I jumped in and danced the watery dance of fluidity!!! 🙂

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