Prophecy and the Shadowy Eye

Constellation of the Whale SMIt is very easy to look around and participate in the prophesies of doom. Why not? The earth is a disaster, which was brought on by human machinations, global warming, constant drilling, fracking… the list goes on. Almost every faith, religion, system, mythology all has stories of the end times.   Why such obsessions in the human band? Simple, we have experienced it before. It’s in our bones. It’s in our memories. We are born, live and die, so too must the whole shebang. And yet, humans survived some pretty nasty stuff.

If we take a closer look, what we feed is what we get. If we keep feeding doom, we get gloom and doom. Amazingly brain scientists have proven that when we constantly repeat these patterns, our neuro-plasticity becomes stable and we can no longer help but see the world through shit colored glasses. Depression feeds itself in a downward spiral.

But as a warrior, we cry fowl. There are more possibilities. When we recapitulate the energy behind prophesy, we remember that those that wrote these things down, even if they were seers, were dealing only with the sum total of what they knew as the present. The pattern in the present and the conclusions made from that present. At any moment other choices are possible, which can change the present. Every time we interact with time, we change the future. Freedom is inherent in the system.

So, when the Hopi noted in prophecy that the sun would touch the earth and bring about a new world, the original interpretation could be that atomic weapons would destroy the planet. That was the 1950’s. While we still live in a world with nuclear threats, that original view of the prophecy no long stands; we have made other choices as a race, which stand against that Armageddon. Okay, what about solar flairs. They happen all the time, but a big one destroying all life is statistically so rare as to be negligible. Now it is global warming. That could be how the sun touches the earth. There it is… well… on and on…

What if the prophecy was about something positive happening? What if the sun touching the earth is about humans shifting their energy resources from carbon systems to solar systems. Suddenly the sun touching the earth is not so daunting. In fact it becomes a goal. When the sun touches the earth and humans wake up to this limitless power source, we have a new age dawning.

Seers are like everyone else; they only see the now. When we look deep into the future, we have to be careful. What we feed will be what we get. Carful what prophecies you feed. The more open a system and viewpoint, the more potential there is for freedom and awareness to advance. It is important as we mature as warriors that we also mature as humans and make better choices about what we will share with the world at large. Feed the right fire and everything becomes illuminated.




4 thoughts on “Prophecy and the Shadowy Eye

  1. yeah and passing through the galactic photo band doesn’t allow us to form the shadows of our leisure, we seers are getting a crash course in attuning to the universe.peace

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