Lucy Part II and the Selfie

Gatinho_Thats_niceDon Juan cautioned Carlos that he needed to break the mirror of self-reflection.  This obsession with me, me, me creates constant limits to our perceptual field and traps our awareness on the least common denominator, our selves.  This does not mean we should not have a self nor a point of central perception while in form.  But rather that we need to be careful that everything is not constantly being filtered through our own singularity of focus.  This trap causes everything to become personal.  The universe, as said before, is more interesting than that.

While sitting in the theater about to watch Lucy, as always we were assaulted with commercials and previews of coming movies.  Almost 2 to 1 the commercials were about either a phone or selfies.  The personal device was being pushed over and over again because it took the best selfies.  The announcer kept reiterating that of course you are the best you and you are the best person at taking pictures of you.  You are the center of the world… stay there, look pretty and smile.  How nice.  You rock, amazing… Well after 15 minutes this got very boring, as we can all imagine.

What occurred next was an amazing movie about expanding awareness beyond the obsession of our fixated assemblage points… Lucy.  While the advertisements misstated what the movie was really about, it caught our attention and we went.  Lucy moves through awareness and expands way beyond the common human band of awareness.  She becomes as she increases her awareness, more and more detached.  She notes that we are so obsessed with ourselves, our concepts, our limited view.  We resist learning more than our selves.  All we have learned is 1+1 is 2…

At one point her roommate and friend comes into the picture.  This woman jabbers on about herself and her reality.  Lucy just looks at her with compassion and a detached eye of seeing.  Lucy then moves off to gather necessary knowledge on line.  Suddenly the roommate asks how Lucy and Steve are as a couple.  Lucy notes that he is dead (not a big spoiler for the movie) and the roommate just laughs and says, “that’s nice, you guys are so funny together.”  And away she goes back to her self-absorbed routine.  She was the pinnacle of the selfie generation.

What shook us was the incredible irony of this reality that the movie’s goal is to expand our awareness and all we have to give up is our self-centered, self-absorbed lives in the name of real knowing, yet it was paid for by a commercial about being self-absorbed…. The selfie.  How nice.

We are surrounded from age 0 with one constant message, that we are important, that we are the center of our world.  The selfie is the current culture’s religious experience, its church of me, its spirituality of go-to-sleep… which is exactly what the predator mind wants us to feel.  Dummied down, without the possibility of expansion and awareness beyond our noses, we are sheep headed for slaughter.

So go see Lucy, it rocks… and pay no attention to the selfie behind that curtain for it is the illusions with which we are so obsessed.


One thought on “Lucy Part II and the Selfie

  1. I was quite impressed to read the first part of your “Lucy” post. Guess what? It was a real surprise with the second part.

    So, I decided to take a look on this *Lucy* *story* to just burst into laughter. Well, my findings were just… how to say it? normal, I guess. We are talking about a Luc Besson’s movie, one of the more *American* French filmakers. So what could I expect from that? An *American movie* full of actions/violences and, more importantly, with a poor scenario.

    So, I’ve just said to myself, after seeing the trailer, I may have a chance to see it in the futur, meaning: there is no fucking way I’m going to pay for that ***t. (I may, obviously, be wrong on this! Should I write it down? Done.)

    The only thing I’ve ever seen which use Toltec concepts is *Kino no Tabi – The Beautiful World* (Check out on

    To be honest I did not know what I was watching on my first watch. I do remember of liking it, nothing more. I’ve just decided to get rid of a few things a few days ago and decided to take a look on my old likings/dislikings. God, what a surprise! It’s just… continual lessons about (human) journey(s). Who the hell did produce and write such a thing?! (Well the director already left this world and writer is… known only for this. No suprise here.)

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