The Necessity of the Predator…. But…

UnknownThe problem with the human tribe in these times is the lack of a physical predator. We evolved because of the predators around us. This constant threat to our existence demanded cooperation in the extreme. We evolved complex social structures and communication in response to the predators so as to advance our genetic inheritance and our awareness. But something shifted dramatically when we became the alpha predator, a beast with no predator (except disease which we could not see for millennia).

Thus the human matrix began to create for itself, for it is genetically encoded in our bodies, a predator of another kind, type and structure. We became open to a deeply subtle predator that attacks within the position of our assemblage points, the default mode of perceiving the universe.

It comes as no surprise that the social historians grabbed onto the least of Darwin’s ideas, survival of the fittest and adaption to the battleground of life. These social Darwinists felt the predator within their deepest fears and created a concept for us to follow. Thus they perceived that the most successful of us can adapt to an economic war and social system filled with conflict, which weeds out the weak and favors the strong… but this is the most subtle of predators and it created an opportunity for petty tyranny to reign over human affairs.

It is not surprising that these 19th century social manipulators grossly missed the greater point of Darwin’s evolutionary theory. The law of the minimum, the predator, within his writing was pushed to the forefront over a more deeply important part of the theory of evolution – cooperation. Darwin spent more of his time documenting how species become interdependent and through cooperation evolution can develop more interesting adaptations in nature. This is even truer of the human tribe. We became interdependent and worked together for something greater… like towns, cities and countries… but we also stopped recognizing the interdependency with other species, which fosters deeper potential for adaptation and cooperation. This is the myopic flaw of the logic of the alpha predator. It sees only its own dominion over rather than the process that moved it towards higher awareness and potential for evolution.

Thus we need a predator. Thus we create the predators to hone our awareness and to advance our sense of evolution in the face of all odds. A false sense of advancement grew from this pattern.  But the predatory nature of the social animal and the limitations of the ego self on our perceptual field has allowed the foreign predator to walk into our homes, our towns and our culture such that humans are feeding on each other with only one result. Something is feeding on us!  The lineal abuse that humans have created one on the other is the predator and a minimal one at that. We need to recapitulate and reject this low level predator for it is feeding on the core of our humanity. Then maybe we can see a more interesting predator to hone our awareness in cooperation with. One whose purpose is to make sure we are advancing awareness and freedom in all forms.

Do not underestimate the necessity of the predator-prey relationship. As one evolves the other does. This evolutionary ping-pong process has brought forth awareness on this planet in way that is surely unique, though not special at all. For if we are to actually leap into greater potential then we need to stop acting as prey to each other feeding on the excess energies of our lives and move towards even broader perception and potentials.

We have worm-holed into a place where we think we are alone as a human tribe. And nothing could be more faulty in our awareness than that. We are in constant cooperation with every being on this blue planet. We are in constant cooperation with the earth, even if we do not perceive her to be a being of awareness. She is! We are constantly looking outward into the depths of infinity finding planets and places that could be just like our own.

But woe to the universe that allows us to leap into the abyss of its infinity if we do not evolve beyond our current obsession with this limited predator, the human band of awareness. We are zombies attacking zombies feeding on the diterus of our lives lived with a lack of impeccability. Search around and see how this limited predator can be defeated by deeper cooperation with the other beings in our band of awareness. Search out and see how we can rebalance the equation with the earth and stop feeding on her limited resources for a short-term gain. Reject the social Darwinists who believe that is the only battle for the evolution of the human tribe. We are so much more potential than that.



2 thoughts on “The Necessity of the Predator…. But…

  1. Very interesting, the timing of the content of this posting. Whereas previously it would have been utterly inconceivable, let alone absolutely unsavory, to consider the thought of some kind of interdependence or cooperation with the predator: it has now become conceivable. But this is part of the point of being a warrior: breaking the barriers or perception and preconceived notions of impossibility. Thus the impossible becomes possible somehow. The previous notions of separation from The All are further smashed to oblivion. How wonder-full!

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