The Myth of Perfection

Marine Buddha

Marine Buddha

“Warriors have no life of their own. From the moment they understand the nature of awareness, they cease to be persons and the human condition is no longer part of their view. You have your duty as a warrior and nothing else is important. So do your best. ….. The challenge of a warrior is to arrive at a very subtle balance of positive and negative forces. This challenge does not mean that a warrior should strive to have everything under control, but that a warrior should strive to meet any conceivable situation, the expected and the unexpected, with equal efficiency. To be perfect under perfect circumstances is to be a paper warrior.” (The Eagle’s Gift)

God is all powerful, all knowing, and perfect. Ah the agony of the all, to be placed on such a low pedestal of manipulation of the masses! But then again, if our perception of perfection is not beyond our grasp, then what are gods for? To encourage us to grow, become more, better… Whatever….

The universe (s) are more interesting than that. The organizing principles and laws of its workings are more about things happening and connecting randomly into an order that just simply works… aka if it works do it. Humans are messy, insane, flawed, fantastic bundles of untapped potential. Often to connect to that untapped potential we must break down our perceptions. We must wander away from the village of our preconceived notions and venture into the random, imperfect, disorganized edges of the world to grasp greater potentials than are held in our mythologies of our gods whatever we define them to be.

Ideologies trap us in the past. Their purpose is to sustain only the limited point of view of a self-justifying assemblage point. We become trapped by our preconceived ideas and the systems (logos) of their assembly. What any scientist or warrior traveler does to understand something greater is to experiment, throw out the ideas, and link with the intent of the universe to see if there are deeper and broader ways or organizing bands of awareness beyond our ideas of them. The default mode of the mold of man or the human condition is to not question but rather submit to the ideologs and bare the burden of a life we have no power over or power with.

Thus the warrior’s life is insane in the fact that the warrior challenges the sanity of culture for a broader view. We are insane because we dare to look under every rock and challenge every assumption. As an artist this is key in the studio. It is not a perfectly organized unit of well planned processes. Processes are challenged, a mistake a gift, reaching deeper into the potentials that creation has for us creating through us. A warrior traveler is an artist covered in paint and wandering through the woods… is it not true that to enter the woods mythologically we have no idea what we will confront there?

So it is with deep commitment, of a warrior, that we need to recapitulate perfection and all expectations of its deeply held assumptions. We dream and do what works to stabilize new bands of awareness. We align the emanations at large with those within. Listen carefully to anyone who is insane, they are often seeing from a direction we just don’t perceive possible. Our insane and craziest members should be a gift, they are the bell-weather of our times. They are ringing with voices in their heads. The tribal and ancients held these few in highest regard. They made them a part of the mysticism of the tribal unit as a whole… they had a voice. Today we make these few powerless by shunting them away in the same manner we shun death on a daily basis. How much are we loosing…

Do what works, the universe does. Align with intent and ask questions. But don’t think that you can maintain the same perceptions in a universe that is always seeking new and interesting ways to handle information, knowledge and awareness in all its potential forms. We are not perfect, we are aligning… and as Don Juan says we simply learn by experience to do so more efficiently with time. But we never close the doors to the possible even in the face of the probable.





5 thoughts on “The Myth of Perfection

  1. What a gorgeous Marine Buddha… Swimming in the Earth and floating on the infinite Sea/See of Awareness. The painting and words shiver me timbers and rock my world, like a drill boring straight into nothingness. Thank you for your continuing expressions of freedom.

  2. Thanks nice post,we must in an understanding of Creation,and certainly this level,see the beauty in imperfection,in that it gives us things to work on.Is the Universe imperfect or are are filters of perception imperfect untill we develop them?

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