The Constant Demand for Feedback

It must be me…. Traveling around the countryside visiting numerous establishments, the increase in the “customer service survey” is notable. Everywhere one turns some clerk wants an opinion about the experience that one has had at an establishment. This request come in the form of a very long receipt, a request from the service agent with a smile (often faked) and incentives like win such and such or so and so. For filling out the on line survey one is added to a drawing and in the largest case the top prize winner at Home Depot gets a 5000 dollar gift certificate from a random drawing.

This bizarre development on the part of corporations is a new push to constantly trap our attention. One result is we are increasing our critical mind during any interaction with a service industry. What about automatic gratitude? This alone should be a warning to any Toltec warrior. What a trap to be constantly on guard such that my opinion is a necessary process to having a burrito.

There is immediate fallout for the waiter/waitress experience in any restaurant. Used to be the tip says it all. A person serving you either changes their mood and response or they get lower tips overall… direct, simple and effective. Denny’s required a long receipt with necessary information that had to be trapped on line which leads, of course, to deeper traps of our attention.. this happens over and over now. Starbucks, Safeway, Fries, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy,….. one can not walk into any place without some request for a digital response to service being given. And the competition for the prize – I am the best CSR, I got the most to respond to the survey with positives!!

If we spent as much time as all these places want us to on line responding to service, we would never be able to go out. This is the result of us being so tied to the digital leash and to the immediate response time of everything that we can’t see the dark side of this whole process. Do we not understand this traps us in false consumerism and a stalemate of demanding the world bend to our wants without ever recognizing that the best customer service experience is one when we leave satisfied with the moment and forget about it two seconds later??? Being in the moment fluidly should be the greatest reward… This whole process pulls us away from the now into constant self-reflection. Or worse sets us up for constant conflict where we are subject to a victim mentality… AH!! if I have a bad time, I can get you back on the survey when we are not talking to each other. Screw you! What we focus on we create… if we constantly focus on reflecting on what just happened, we are nothing but a reflection, no longer real.

This whole movement by the immediacy of the digital age is not only victim driven, it is passive aggressive and pathetic. Ah the sweet gift of the internet, a dummying down of our basic ability to communicate with each other in the moment and resolve conflict in the now. Let’s hold on to everything till some future unknown date…. when we can blog about it!!!! LOL!!!



5 thoughts on “The Constant Demand for Feedback

  1. No they dont understand or care anymore,their culture is insane because the minds insane,maybe Stiener was right and were looking at the descent of Ahriman?people are too inert to see whats going on around them,live essence,
    the planet we live on…their stuck in an externalised virtual madness they cant see…didnt Castaneda say it the warriors path or extinction?mmm

  2. Yes you see that when you travel,still a small minority though,not too many warriors where i live,lol,all New Age light griders,burping butterflys and farting rainbows…more illusions…anyway thanks for these articles,very insightfull
    musings on consiousness,not to mention the great art.

  3. Nice angle, seeing this as a trap for our awareness. I also HATE those “you’ve been in touch with one of our operators lately – are you happy with her/his telephoning?”-eMails; it’s all designed to destroy normal, natural, human communication. Awareness allows me to see through the whole thing (or so I believe), but it still leaves me quite sad.
    Btw, your “Marine Buddha” is quite mindblowing (literally 🙂

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