The Modern Seer and the Challenge of the Infiite

The last century brought the human race in direct conflict with its own existence. Through trial and tribulation humans found ways to create death and destruction in more vast and convoluted ways than they ever had in their brief existence. Culminating in an obsession with the atom, humans now wake up every day knowing that they could blast themselves out of physical existence. Add to that the advancements in all areas of science, our spirituality and religions can barely keep up with our need for a moral compass which is shifting rapidly.

Modern seers have been confronted with the fact that secret societies and lineages no longer work to preserve knowledge and disciplines. The secrets are all out in some form or another. Whether blasted into the daylight by authors like Carlos Casteneda, or revealed in the diaspora of Tibetan Buddhism, or the migration of all spiritual paths around the world through the internet and travel. The world is a smaller place. We have a hodge-podge of delicacies to try on and try out. The individual can blend anything, or with discipline find the inherent links and connections in all pathways, know the behind of the behind. The modern seer is responding right now to this rapid acceleration towards reproducing human awareness in the silicon chip.

Meanwhile, we as a species, the alpha predator of our physical world, have reached armegedo with our expansion of population, use of resources and dare we say, rapid climate shifts. This band of awareness is not sustainable as it exists in its present form. We are rapidly approaching a cliff and the accelerator is stuck in overdrive.

The modern seer is encapsulating the totality of what it means to be a warrior in human form while stuck in a holding pattern of “what next?” Many have retreated to the self-absorbed stasis of resting and perfecting their own path to freedom. Others are sharing and shedding light on the possibilities of manuevers of the assemblage point with anyone who will listen. Still others are doing their best to be part of the change, inventors of technologies that will allow humans to slip sideways and miss the bullet which is on its way.

The modern seer has much to be aware of. … Anger and frustration an easy trap…. Suspicion and scorn a further obsession or even worse fall prey to the constant negativities of criticism so easy to become when seers see. Prophets of doom these beings are. Another repeated story that will do no better to shift the assemblage point of man. No new religion required, a direct look at the way things are.

Modern seers can look deep into the fixation of the assemblage point of man, the mold, and encourage a radical change. What if we became fully human, fully silicon, and fully connected to each other. What energy and awareness could the race bundle up together for a possible leap into the unknown. The seers of the past created parties which leapt into freedom and soared into a universe of possibilities. What if we could interlink every aspect of the human drama into a singularity which can reach other sentience without the limits of the physical form attached to the earth any longer? It is a sobering possibility and one clearly possible.

So the modern seers have to ask, what form will our freedom take? What avenues of awareness do we really want to explore. With the infinite as possible through the technologies of shifting the assemblage point and awareness of our being, there is too much to consider. Do we say no to the matrix or do we meld with it for deeper freedom and broader potentials? Can we confront the mental predator and escape that bondage while preserving and leaping into the universe? We can’t explore the stars in the form we currently hold fast to. That form is the earth’s co-creation with us. The formless has been the traditional goal of our lineages… the goal of freedom is just limited to freedom from this bondage mold… what happened next to our ancient brothers… we really don’t know do we?  Where did they go when the folded space and leapt into the infinite?

Thus the new seers obsession with the formless, the burning with the fire from within, in bands of warriors, secret societies and hidden traditions has been torn down, leaving the modern seer to question what to do now… look deep brothers and sisters. Knowing our past is crucial to recapitulating ourselves for freedom. But the current movements are interesting to consider. Are we to become nothing more than another form of a secret society? Where is our noble purpose? What do we owe for this amazing awareness in form we call human? And what of our the next generation of warriors and seers??? Even freedom can become a self important and absorbed myth……



6 thoughts on “The Modern Seer and the Challenge of the Infiite

  1. The ancients had no self reflection, only a now and a tribe. The old seers got lost in doubling their reflection. The new seers in shifting and keeping secrets… what will the modern seers leave as their legacy? Self-importance is always an enemy to the now.

  2. Not all myths are false, rather the truth lies deep with the energetic structure to which words attempt to define. Our definitions can free us or they can trap us… depends on how attached we are to the….. The eagle, even to Don Juan was not so much an eagle with respect to form but rather the four views of what the eagle is doing to awareness.

    “The power that governs the destiny of all living beings is called the Eagle, not because it is an
    eagle or has anything to do with an eagle, but because it appears to the seer as an immeasurable
    jet-black eagle, standing erect as an eagle stands, its height reaching to infinity. As the seer gazes
    on the blackness that the Eagle is, four blazes of light reveal what the Eagle is like. The first
    blaze, which is like a bolt of lightning, helps the seer make out the contours of the Eagle’s body.
    There are patches of whiteness that look like an eagle’s feathers and talons. A second blaze of
    lightning reveals the flapping, wind-creating blackness that looks like an eagle’s wings. With the
    third blaze of lightning the seer beholds a piercing, inhuman eye. And the fourth and last blaze
    discloses what the Eagle is doing.” – the rule of the nagual – The Eagle’s Gift – CC Pg 88

    The first is the eagle constructed of awareness to which it is constantly morphing and creating life. The second is the rolling force which is constantly buffeting our luminescent shell. The third is pure seeing into awareness and the emanations, the forth is its constant hunting awareness, like we are being stalked by the talons ready to rip us apart. The majority sleep in a shell which fixates and nurtures them into the simplest form of awareness, our immediate feelings of love, hate, fear, comfort. The warrior cuts through this “homogenization” – the cooking of milk to rid it of freedom… the affect of the warrior’s path is to become distasteful to the eagle/predator and thereby become free of the recycling of energy back into the matrix of the mind.

    We look in sadness upon the host who never “see” the truth of energy and get lost in the myths which feed the fires of refining the sugars for the eagle’s need. Is there more? We dedicate our energies to these maneuvers and seek a path beyond, connecting with the active side of infinity where the deep sea of awareness is more vast than the illusionary eagle mythology.

  3. We need to find a way to speak to everyone, on a deep level. We must learn to articulate knowledge in a simple manner, in terms that people all over the Earth will understand. Maybe we need to present it as raw as it is, a possible next step in our evolution.

    • I agree, the raw direct experience of seeing. This might be the best way to work through the words… which are always secondary and more abstract than we ever understand without seeing.

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