Barely Human


The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point

When we see the mold of man, the common assemblage point of humanity, we see a structure that looks like a complex onion, though don’t get caught in the allusion. Layers upon layers built up over a lifetime. Stabilizing beliefs, concepts, ideas and opinions. Most of these are not actually ones we choose but are chosen for us to fit in with this band of awareness known as life. But the universe is so much more interesting. And the fixation of our perceptions through layers of repetition, constrain our ability to actually see the universe for what it is…. Energy manifesting form. Knowledge, information, awareness criss-crossed with lines of vibrating strings and warping fields.

It is a brilliant system, this convoluted onion. It has sub circles and structures within and through its form that glow with great intensity. Often the sub structures are in direct conflict with other sub-structures, the whole more distractingly beautiful than the flawed pieces. We have, as beings of awareness, come to accept the inherent conflict between the parts, like religion versus science or sanctity of life with the death penalty. We have become so good at compartmentalizing these fixations that few human truly understand the deep stabilizing conflicts within the structure. And most subtle, humans have chosen to stand fixedly staring at the world through these conflicting structures and maintained a self-absorbed belief of our centrality in the schemata of things. There is no other like us that we have found… ain’t it grand!

There are constant reminders that we are not the center, a disaster here or there, a strange anomaly like serial killers or schizophrenia, unexplained phenomena, but disregard these for the amazing beauty of the overwhelming awesome wonder of human culture becomes its own reward. Like staring into a mirror, we never see the dark side of our own womb/tomb. We are being gestated for something….

The path, defined broadly, is one of unraveling this onion matrix. It is pulling down the structures and asking if the energy used on maintaining these perceptions and structures is worth the lack of true movement and awesome beauty beyond the mirrored mind. Not for the faint of heart, the path is about recapitulating the path. Not destroying, recapitulating, dropping the sham beliefs, perceptions, contracts, view points that were never our own to begin with and possibly no longer necessary.

A commercial came out years ago… man sitting before a computer screen where the screen suddenly flashes, “You have come to the end of the internet! There is no more.” We laugh, because the dark truth is, the assemblage point of the mold of man is not a line, nor a destination. We laugh because it is a vicious circle within circles where each point is tied some how to another in a never-ending web, a Möbius strip where we never leave the surface but are always twisted around to see another thing we think we have never seen before.

Mystics and madmen have pointed to solutions. Discipline has demanded we shun all illusionary perceptions… but it is the heaping up of these very illusions that have created such solidity in our framework. What happens when all is recapitulated? The warrior asks this. Recapitulating even recapitulation, he gazes into the void that is left with energy in abundance.

And here comes the ultimate task of the warrior. What to create? Knowing that any creation can call one down the rabbit hole to another vortex of unanticipated consequences. It becomes a stasis point upon which the warrior gazes into the human band of heaped up karmas and convoluted concepts. This is where the Buddhas say true compassion begins. This is where the hanged god cries out, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” This is where the Sufi spins in ecstatic dancing around an empty nothing.

We become, on this path, barely human. We become interactions of silly walks and funny words. Knowing all words and walks are just energy manifest in a fixated perception. It is easier for the warrior to become the necessities of the moment, slipping sideways after that moment to another, than it is to become trapped in the drama of the human problem. We become socio-pathological, but not in a dark way so as to fill some darkly dreaming dexterous demon, but rather in the manner of becoming water flowing around the rocks of the human world knowing it is the real pathology of illusions.

We paint smiles on our faces and share beauty in all things. We rest in the knowledge that the point was only fixated because the infinite bands we really hold as humans is not only awesome, but frightening within the vast sea of awareness we truly encompass. We practice sifting and shifting through bands, commands of the universe, and explore possibilities vast and interesting. We become travelers on a bus of non-form. Abstract energies become more real than the solid state of the human drama.

Barely human, the warrior just sees. And seeing the warrior changes nothing. They know not… so its best to just let them go. Life is more interesting than that. And when humans consume all the energy to feed their delusions, the universe will consume that band and transform it into something else. All things fade away that do not respect the energy and the framework in which it lives. When completely out of balance that is when another predator sneaks up, while we are staring at our form in the mirror, and digests us into new material.

Barely human, just see. It is amazing in its raw and naked beauty. It is sadness in the extreme that sobers the warrior for the ultimate journey.

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